Sunday, March 2, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Family Date Night)

Well this week was as close to a normal week as we've had in a long time.  It of course started with sickness, me and Zak were both sick.  But after Monday things went pretty normal.

Tuesday Daniel and AJ finished up ice skating for this session.  They both worked really hard this session and have improved a ton.  AJ really wants start taking hockey class and he worked really hard to master the skills from his Basic 2 class and get OK-ed to start hockey next session.  He did pass all of the skills and his teacher said he can do hockey!!  They have a week off between session but he will start next session learning how to play.  Daniel did a great job in Stinger 2 class but has decided to take some time off from ice skating.  He likes going with me and AJ on Saturday mornings (they have a special student & family skate time) but doesn't love the classes.

Since we missed a few classes this session due to the weather, we had 4 free passes to an open skate.  We decided to go as a family one Friday night when a friend could watch Zak for us.  We went this past Friday and it was a disaster.  Who knew that ice skating was the thing to do when you're a teenager?  AJ had a blast & was zipping around the ice with everyone.  Adrian could barely keep up with him!  Daniel hated every minute of it...loud music, darkness, too many people, etc.  Adrian & I took turns hanging out off ice with Dan and after about an hour AJ was thankfully done.  We went out for frozen yogurt to salvage the night.
Selfie at Menchie's!
Zak has a new favorite place to hang out...upstairs.  We tend to be downstairs most of the time since we have the living room and play room down there and very few toys upstairs.  But for some reason, Zak is obsessed with playing upstairs & watching TV in our room.  The problem is we can't really leave him up there, too much for him to get into.  The good news is I'm getting a lot of exercise running up and down the stairs. 

Zak has also become more independent about what he wants to eat.  The other day he made his lunch: went to the freezer took out chicken nuggets, put them on a plate, put them in the microwave and carried them to the table.  He then yelled "DIP!" and I gave him some Ranch, then his lunch was ready.  All with very little assistance from me.  It's so cool to see him grow up and learn all these things!
Zak helping himself to a snack
Now we are waiting to see what the weather brings over night and if we will have school in the morning or not.  I'm preparing for a snow it will probably be nothing.  :-)

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