Sunday, March 9, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Pennies, Parties and Phantom)

This has been another fun and exciting week for us...and no one was sick all week!!  I'm really hoping this is the turning point and we will be back to our normal routine.  Of course now we have daylight savings to deal with and I'm going out of town this weekend.  OK, maybe next week.

Our week was mostly normal with school, the gym and soccer for everyone.  We had the week off from ice skating before we start up with hockey again next week.  We also had a bunch of play dates this week.  We had friends over Wednesday and Thursday and Zak and Daniel had a blast.  Daniel has become quite popular at school, we have a play date set up with another friend next week and a few more in the works.  I'm so proud of him for making so many friends!

Friday was Dad's Day at Daniel's school.  He had so much fun with Dad there for the party.  I'm going to do a separate post about that, so stay tuned.  When they got home, they took Zak and went outside to play and I headed to AJ's school to volunteer.  We did another popcorn party for the blue hallway and I got to make popcorn with Batman.

Why was Batman at AJ's school?  Well it was superhero day of course!  The school has been fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society all week thru their Pennies for Patients program.  The school has raised close to $12,000 in the week and we had the weekend to add to that.  AJ's class is about $100 away from their goal.  If they raise that over the weekend, they will get 30 minutes on an inflatable obstacle course!

My superheroes on their way to school on Friday!
After a weekend off, we returned to our partying ways.  We had two parties this week.  We celebrated Daniel's friend Mason turning 5 at World of Bounce in Grove City.  The boys had a blast on the inflatables, bouncy balls and hula hooping.  They also enjoyed pizza, chips and cake.  We all went home exhausted.  And AJ went to another classmate's 7th birthday party today.  He got to go bowling and play video games at Rule 3.  He had a blast and didn't want to stop bowling.  Good thing he has another bowling party next weekend.

Adrian and I also got to sneak in some fun this weekend.  We went to see "Phantom of the Opera" Friday night.  It was the second time for both of us, but it's been 15-20 years since we last saw it.  It was SO good!  I was exhausted going into it, but that didn't matter once the music started.  I'm so grateful that Columbus brings so many Broadway shows here and that they are top quality.  We are blessed to see 5-7 different shows each year. 

Then on Saturday night I hosted my first ever Zumba-thon.  I will blog about that on my Wednesday workout post.  But for now I will just say, it was awesome.  And I am tired and sore.

Daniel took Fox & Knox to pick up AJ one day this week
Zak having breakfast...and that melon container doubles as a foot rest.
AJ on silly hat day with his dollar for LLS

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