Sunday, June 25, 2017

Keeping Up With...Food (Meal Plan for June 26 - July 2)

Wow, this past week flew by!  We were super busy with Minecraft camp, swim lessons and me teaching 10 classes.  I fell behind on blogging but will be getting caught up this week for sure.  I did a pretty good job sticking to my plan last week until yesterday when I was craving a BLT sandwich.  We had some bacon that I needed to use up anyway so we had salads and sandwiches for dinner.  It was delicious and hit the spot!

I'm still struggling to find time to grocery shop alone or the patience to shop with all three kids.  This past week was a little easier since AJ and Daniel were busy every afternoon so Zak and I did a bunch of shopping while they were at camp.  This week they all have VBS every night so I'm hoping to do my shopping while they are there.  I am planning thru 4th of July so I hopefully don't have to worry about shopping over the holiday weekend.

Speaking of the holiday, how is it already July?  This year is flying by!  We're not really sure what we're doing next weekend, a lot depends on how Adrian's week at work goes this week.  If Congress gets the budget done by Thurs, we'll have an awesome 4 day weekend.  If not, I'm not sure what our weekend will look like.  We're planning as if they will finish by Thurs and we can do lots of fun things this weekend.  If that changes, my meal plan may change as well.

Here's what we're eating this week:
Monday - Pakistani Kimi
Tuesday - Meatball subs for the kids, meatballs over zoodles for the adults
Wednesday - Chicken & Sweet Potato Buddha Bowls
Thursday - Leftovers - because there is always one day each week that I don't want to cook
Friday - Shake & Bake Chicken, hopefully we'll be at Zoombeezi Bay as a family for the evening
Saturday - BBQ of brats, burgers and hot dogs with our favorite potato salad
Sunday - Steak or chicken on the grill with leftover potato salad and whatever veggies we don't use this week

Water Flavor - Mango - I got 2 on sale on Friday at Meijer and I can't wait to make this water

Overnight Oats - I will be starting the week with the old standby favorites of Banana Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Apple Cinnamon.  I will also try a new to us flavor Pumpkin Pie.  I'm excited to try the new flavor!

Clean it out challenge - I will continue to use up the wheat germ in the overnight oats and I'll also be using up a can of pumpkin for the new flavor of oats.  I'm also using up some potatoes and sour cream that I need to use for the potato salad.  And I bought a lot of veggies last week so I'll be using those up this week before they turn.  I'm also using up some frozen rolls for the boys meatball subs, they love them on little rolls.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 6/9 - 6/15 - Part 2)

Since this week was jam packed with fun, I split it into three parts.  You can read part 1 here if you missed what we did over the weekend.  Come back later this week for part 3!

Monday (6/12) was the first day of Cub Scout Day Camp.  We got up super early to be at the meeting place by 7:15am and Daniel came into our room with his eye crusted shut.  I knew it was pink eye.  Thankfully Adrian was able to take the day off (and work some from home) so AJ, Zak and I could still go to camp.  We arrived early and I was a little overwhelmed with all of the activity, but also excited for the day.  I dropped Zak off at the sibling circle and then walked with AJ's den for the day.
The morning had a bunch of short activities, some of them were needed for the rest of the week.  We designed our den flag, came up with our chant, weighed and measured each boy, identified some tracks and took our den picture.  We finished up the morning with a presentation from COSI on wheels.  We all enjoyed the demonstrations, especially them firing rockets into the air.  After that, I picked up Zak from sibling circle and we all had lunch together.  Zak also got to watch the COSI presentation and he loved it.  He spent the rest of his morning playing in dirt, sand and with the toys in the sibling circle.

After lunch, we dropped Zak back off and I did my first hike down the hill.  We stayed on the trail (Foxfire) instead of the road (Cardiac Hill) since it was super hot and sunny!  We got down to the bottom and went creeking.  This was the one thing I did not want to do, but I didn't have a choice when AJ asked me to go in with him.  It was actually kind of fun, unless I thought about the fact that there were animals in the water with me.  AJ didn't catch anything, but his den caught a bunch of fish and crawfish.  It was nice and cool in the water as well so that was nice in the heat of the day.  After creeking, we headed to the lake for some fishing.  AJ got to make his own fishing pole and then fish with it.  Again, he didn't catch anything (no one really did) but he had fun.
We finished up at the lake and did our first hike up the hill, Foxfire again.  It was hard.  Not as bad as I was expecting, but we were all hot and tired.  But I was proud that all of the boys made it with very little complaining.  I picked up Zak from sibling circle to find out he went on a nature hike, saw some animals and went in a creek.  He loved his first day!!  We got back to the car and were very happy for cold water and air conditioning!

We got home and Daniel was doing much better.  He had been given the OK to go to camp the next day.  He did have his last baseball game of the season that night, but he missed it to rest and let his eye recover.  We had an easy dinner of leftovers, restocked our packs and headed up for an early bedtime.  It was an amazing but exhausting day!!

Tuesday (6/13) We got up early again for day 2 of day camp and Daniel's eye was just about back to normal so he got to join us for the day.  I decided to walk with his den the whole day just to keep an eye on him and his eye (plus he had a fun schedule for the day!)  We got to camp, dropped Zak off at the sibling circle, dropped AJ off to his den and got settled in with Daniel's den for the day.  Unfortunately the day started with a severe thunderstorm coming thru the area so we had to seek shelter for about 30 minutes until the all clear was given.

When we finally got started, we headed to wood crafting.  We had a great time making a penny hockey table together.  My fingers took a little bit of a beating, but it was worth it.  When we finished up there, we headed to the archery range, the thing Daniel was looking most forward to.  We had a little more lightening so we had to stay inside for a history and safety lesson before getting out to shoot.  Daniel had a blast using the bow and arrow and did pretty well once he got started, finishing up with two bulls eyes!


After archery, we ran back and grabbed Zak from sibling circle for lunch.  We asked AJ to join us, but he wanted to stay with his friends.  We had a nice lunch in the shade and found out that Zak had been playing with toys, blocks and sand all morning and was looking forward to his afternoon at the creek.  We split up again after lunch and Daniel and I headed down cardiac hill for our STEM lessons.  We made fingerprints using cocoa powder, explosions using Alka-Seltzer, name bracelets in Morse code and identified different powders.  It was pretty neat and was in the shade which was awesome.
When we finished up with STEM, we headed to the lake for our rowing session.  On our way there we saw Zak and the other siblings heading towards us to go to the creek.  Daniel and I had a great time rowing around the lake.  Well, he and the other scouts rowed around the lake.  I sat in the back of the boat and enjoyed myself.  We saw Zak again when he was done in the creek and he was so excited to see Daniel and I in a boat.  When we finished up rowing, we headed back up the hill on Foxfire trail for the closing ceremony which was super quick because there was another thunderstorm headed our way and they wanted us on the road before it hit the area.

We got in the car and heard all about AJ and Zak's days.  Zak loved hiking up and down the hill and being in the creek.  He said it was the best time walking in the water and catching fish.  AJ told us about what he did all day.  He started at geocaching which didn't really work that well because the satellites were down.  But he's super interested in learning more about it and hoping he can go caching with Dad soon.  After that, they learned how to make a tent/shelter which he enjoyed and told me all about.  After lunch, he had a troop meeting, which was basically introducing them to how a Boy Scout meet runs and what they will be doing as a Boy Scout.  They also learned how to start a fire in this meeting, which was the highlight of AJ's day, especially since he made fire with flint and steel!
We hightailed it out of the park and didn't actually get too much rain.  We stopped to pick up pizza for dinner since it was a fundraiser for our church and I knew I would be too exhausted to cook.  We got home, ate pizza, restocked our packs for tomorrow and headed to bed.  Daniel was especially exhausted, probably because he's still fighting off the infection from pink eye.  He was falling asleep on the couch at like 7:30!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 6/9 - 6/15 - Part 1)

Friday (6/9) was the last day of sports and arts camp for AJ and Daniel.  Jodi drove them to the park and they were able to get into art for the day.  They also all wore their swim suits so they could play on the slip and slide.  They had a great week at the camp - I am so thankful for this mission in our town!  While they were at camp, Zak and I ran a few errands and then went to the Garver Y so I could observe a class I will be teaching a few times in the next few months.  I had a great time doing Zumba with some friends and he enjoyed the "new" childcare room.
After class, Zak and I had a quick lunch in the car and then headed to the Gahanna Y for his make up swim lessons that were cancelled yesterday.  He swam for a little bit by himself before class, did a great job in class and then swam with me in the outside pool for about an hour.  We had so much fun!!  Jodi picked up the other boys from camp and brought them to her house to play for a while.  I picked them up and we headed home to get ready for the pizza party celebration for camp.
We had a great family night at the celebration.  We had free Jets pizza for dinner and enjoyed seeing a lot of our friends at the church.  Then we watched a fun video of the week and learned a little more about what the teens all did during the week of service.  After the celebration we headed to a new to us ice cream place, The Dairy Hut.  It was delicious, we all gave it 2 thumbs up!!  I enjoyed checking out a local place instead of the chains we normally go to.  By the time we got home, we were all exhausted so we got the boys to bed and followed very soon after them.

Saturday (6/10) started with all of us sleeping in after a busy week!  Then we all got started on our busy weekend.  Adrian took Daniel to his baseball game where they won again.  Daniel played pitcher in the last inning and made a great play to get a batter out at first.  I took AJ and Zak to Zak's last soccer class for this session.  It again was parent participation so I played with him.  It was a fun start to our morning.

After all of our morning sports were done, we came home to start working around the house.  I had to finish up some shopping so I ran out to do that while Adrian took the boys to play mini golf at Magic Mountain.  They had a great time and Zak got a hole in one!!  They played a few video games while they were there as well and then came home so we could grill out steak for dinner.  We finished up a few chores and had a relaxing night at home.  We did have a little excitement when we caught the ice cream man on our street - we all enjoyed our ice cream!!  And after the boys went to bed, Adrian and I had some wine and movie night since we were too tired to do it last night.  We watched "Dr. Strange" which was awesome!  It's not one of my favorite Marvel movies, it was very cerebral, but it was still really cool and great effects!

Sunday (6/11) We all slept in again, it's becoming a regular Sunday occurrence.  We got a few things done around the house, then headed out to church together.  The boys are loving being in service together in the children's ministry, especially when I'm back there with them.  After church, we came home for a quick lunch and then headed to the movie theater to finally see "Captain Underpants."  The boys loved every minute of it, although AJ did say the book was better.  Adrian and I thought it was just OK, not as clever as some of the other kids movies we've seen recently.
After the movie, we came home and started prepping for a very busy week.  I cooked a whole chicken so we have it ready to eat all week.  I also packed up our back packs for Cub Scout camp and got our lunchboxes and water bottles ready to go in the morning.  We finished up the last of our chores, had meatball subs for dinner and relaxed a little before heading up to bed as early as possible.  We have five early mornings ahead of us so we are trying to get to sleep as early as possible this week!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Keeping Up With...Food (Meal Plan for June 19 - June 25)

Happy Father's Day!!  Hope all of you Dads are enjoying your day today!

Last week went mostly to plan, even though the plan was super easy.  We did order pizza one night because it was a fundraiser for our church's VBS program.  So I didn't make one dinner which will be pushed to this week.  Also as I'm typing this, I'm unsure if we will get to BBQ for Father's day tonight or not.  Daniel has a baseball tournament and depending on how his team does, we may end up at the field all night.

This week is another busy week for us with VBS for Zak, Minecraft camp for AJ and Daniel and lots of extra classes that I am subbing.  Plus Adrian will probably be working some overtime.  I'm trying to keep meals healthy, simple and also have leftovers for lunches for Adrian.  It was not easy to plan the menu this week.  There is a good chance I will either have to cook something else during the week for his lunches or he will have to eat out at least one day.  My lunches will all be on the run as well so I'm stocking up on stuff for salads and sandwiches.

Here's what we're eating this week:
Monday - Chicken Salad - I made this last week but we didn't eat it all and since I'll be out most of the night, it's a good time to finish it up
Tuesday - Taco Tuesday!
Wednesday - Skillet Beef and Celery - carry over from last week
Thursday - Thai Chicken Salad
Friday - Pakistani Kimi
Saturday - Summer Shrimp over Zoodles
Sunday - Grilled steaks with potatoes and veggies - I'm out all day at Zumba events so I'll arrive home hungry and tired.  Easy dinner for Adrian to make while here with the boys.

Water Flavor - Orange since I still have some leftover from the bag my mother in law gave me for free

Overnight oats - I have 2 days worth set up already that are leftover from last week.  They are Banana Chocolate Chip.  I need to restock all of my ingredients and will set more up either Mon or Tues night for the rest of the week.  I'll be setting up Original, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Apple Cinnamon.  Next weekend when I have a little more time to breathe and plan, I will be looking for at least one new flavor to try.

Clean it out challenge - This week I didn't focus a lot of this since again I didn't have a lot of time to breathe or plan the past few days.  I'm using up a bunch of celery that needs to be used on Weds and some frozen sugar snap peas on Friday.  I'm using up the open bottle of wheat germ in our overnight oats since I used up all of our flaxseed.  Next weekend I will take an inventory of our fridges and start there to use things up.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Keeping Up With...Food (Meal Plan for June 12 - June 18)

We had a pretty good week last week of sticking to our plan.  We did change our plans for Wednesday night so I didn't end up cooking that night.  Instead I made large salads for Adrian and I for dinner, mine was a Greek salad and his was Caesar.  They were delicious!  I also didn't cook on Friday night because we were invited to a pizza party for the end of sports and arts camp for AJ and Daniel.  And free Jets pizza trumps anything I would make any day!  I'll be bumping those meals to this week instead.

This week the boys and I are at Cub Scout day camp all day every day.  Thankfully we only have additional plans on Monday evening - a baseball game for Daniel.  I have a feeling I am going to be really tired after camp so I am making super easy meals all week.  I feel like we are going to be ready to crash when we get home - and also be super hungry.  I'm hoping having easy meals will help us avoid the drive thru on the way home.

Here's what we're eating this week:
Monday - Roast Chicken - I'm actually roasting this today and we will have it with veggies tomorrow
Tuesday - Ribs that will cook in the slow cooker all day
Wednesday - Pasta
Thursday - Chicken Salad with the leftover chicken from Monday
Friday - Skillet Beef and Celery - carry over from last week.  We will be home early so I'm hoping to get some energy to cook tonight.  If not, I'll flip this with Saturday's plan
Saturday - Leftovers since we will be out all day, Adrian, AJ & Daniel at the Origins conference and Zak and I at Storybook Village
Sunday - BBQ for Father's Day - burgers, dogs & brats on the grill!

I also bought 2 bags of Caesar salad so we can just throw that together and throw some chicken in it if I'm really feeling lazy.  Or have as a side with a sandwich or some leftovers.  The meals I'm making on Monday and Tuesday will yield a lot of food so we'll have plenty leftover for the week.

Water Flavor - Mango

Overnight Oats - We have Monday covered again with leftovers from last week so I don't need to do that many for this week.  I'll be making Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana Chocolate Chip because I want the extra protein in the mornings before I hike 4-5 miles every day.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 6/2 - 6/8)

Friday (6/2) Happy 10th Birthday AJ!!  Our day started early since we had to drop the van off for some body work.  Then we headed to Krispy Kreme since it was also national donut day.  We enjoyed our free donuts and then headed off to Zoombezi Bay for the day.  We spent most of our time in the wave pool since it's AJ's favorite.  We also all from the new Sound Surfer slide that we never got to ride last season, played at Baboon Lagoon and rode the Lazy River.  It was a great day with more beautiful weather!!
We hit a traffic jam from an accident on the way home so by the time we got home we were all exhausted and hungry.  We grabbed quick snacks and everyone just sat down to relax, most of us with an electronic device.  After some downtime I cooked AJ's requested dinner - tacos and we finally opened up his presents.  He got a new 2DS from us and 2 new games from Zak and Daniel.  We also bought him a digital watch because he has been asking for one.  My brother sent him the new Star Wars movie and my parents got him an outfit and Dancing Groot - which we are all loving!  After presents, we had family movie night and watched AJ's pick of Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed.  We paused about halfway thru for Oreo ice cream cake and then after the movie everyone went quickly to bed.  Adrian and I did a quick clean up and made the ice cream cakes for the upcoming parties this weekend before collapsing into bed ourselves!
Saturday (6/3) Birthday Party Day!!  We got moving pretty quickly this morning to get set up for two different birthday parties for AJ today.  Then Adrian took the boys to soccer this morning, Zak had his regular class and AJ and Daniel had a make up class.  I stayed home to finish party set up and get a few things done around the house.  They came home after soccer, we ate a quick lunch and then our party guests started arriving!

We had a great party for AJ with eight boys here to play.  They traded Pokemon cards, had a water gun fight, played in our pool and slip n' slide, had a water balloon fight, played chess, played video games, ate lots of snacks and cake and all gave AJ new Pokemon cards for his birthday.  We had a great group of boys here and I'm very thankful AJ has such great friends.  When the parents started arriving to pick them up, no one wanted to leave.  I believe that is a sign of a good party!
 After the kids were picked up, Carl, Sarah, Isabelle and Vinnie came over for party number two of the day.  We had Jets pizza and more ice cream cake.  The kids played in the yard with the water more and the adults had some down time to catch up.  Vinnie really enjoyed our new dancing Groot doll, he was dancing for all of us most of the night.  When they left, we were all exhausted so we had a little down time watching TV and then all headed to bed.  It was a great day celebrating AJ!

Sunday (6/4) started with all of us going to church together since we only have one car.  It was move up Sunday so Zak moved to the elementary school class.  So now all three boys are in large group together for the next year.  And they are in the class that I volunteer in so all four of us were together this morning.  It was a great start to our Sunday!!
After church, we came home to get a few things done around the house then moved on to party number 3 for AJ with Adrian's parents, sister and nephew.  We made homemade pizza and had more ice cream cake.  AJ got a Creeper hoodie and a new fishing pole, both of which he declared "no fun."  We finished up our time with them with a game of Bang! The Dice Game and some puzzles.  When they left we were all pretty tired so we finished up a few things, got the kids to bed and sat down with a glass of sangria and some DVR time to celebrate surviving another birthday weekend!

Monday (6/5) The boys and I were home all day without a car since the van was still in the shop.  We did a whole lot of nothing and it was fantastic!  We started with our summer schedule of doing a little bit of work each day (reading, creative, math, riding bikes, learning to tie shoes, etc).  I also got caught up on a bunch of stuff I didn't get done over the weekend.  The boys played a lot of video games and watched a lot of TV.  We won't have many days like this over the summer but when we have them, I'm going to enjoy them!  Daniel did have a baseball game tonight.  Thankfully Adrian got home in time to take him to the game.  His team lost for the first time all season.  It was a defensive battle, they lost 2-1.  Daniel didn't get a hit but made a few plays in the field.

Tuesday (6/6) was the first day of sports and arts camp for AJ and Daniel.  Thankfully my friend was able to drop them off this morning because I had to work at the same time.  They had a great time at camp, AJ played baseball & soccer and Daniel played baseball and did art.  While they were there, Zak and I went to my Silver Sneakers class, then Giant Eagle to pick up a few things and then to the Y for some swimming.  We swam with friends for about an hour and a half and then he had swim lessons.  We had a fun afternoon!

After that full afternoon, we came home and I cooked a quick taco dinner for us.  Daniel and I ate and then ran out to baseball practice.  Adrian fed the other boys and did a few things around the house with them.  Then he and I headed out to use our free tickets to see the musical "Beautiful" about Carole King.  It was such a great show!!  We were really glad we had the opportunity to go and see it and get a night out in a pretty busy week for us.
Wednesday (6/7) AJ and Daniel had sports and arts camp again.  I dropped them and their friend Keaton off to play baseball and soccer while Zak and I headed to the Y so I could take an Aqua Zumba class.  Unfortunately I got there only to find out that the class was cancelled because the pool was closed.  I was frustrated that I went out there and couldn't work out but Zak and I did a few errands and then came home to get some stuff done around the house.  We went back to pick up the boys from camp and then headed back to the Y so I could teach my Zumba class.
After class, we ran home to have a quick dinner and then headed to soccer for AJ and Daniel's last class.  It was parent participation week which turned into family participation when we all played.  The five of us had a ton of fun playing battleship, 4 corners and of course scrimmage.  We were all sweaty messes when we left.  AJ and I made a quick stop at the library to pick up a few reserved items and then we all went home to head to bed as early as we could for another busy day tomorrow.
Thursday (6/8) started pretty much the same as yesterday - dropping off AJ, Daniel and Keaton at sports and arts camp and then heading to the Y.  It was slime day for the art group so we got there very early - and we still didn't make the cut for art class.  I promised the boys we would make slime one day this summer here at home.  I took two classes at the Y - Zumba and Boom Muscle and then found out that Zak's swimming lesson for the afternoon was cancelled because both pools were closed.  Again, I was very frustrated - especially since no one called me and I only knew because I was there.  Zak was also very upset because he really wanted to go swimming.  We took advantage of the extra time to come home and get a few things done around the house.

We went and picked the boys up from camp and rushed home because they had a playdate with their friends Brooks, Simon and Yared.  The six boys played video games for about two hours while I ran out to teach a Zumba class and Adrian worked from home.  It was a crazy few hours but everyone had a great time so that's what matters.  We had a quick dinner of gnocchi and tortellini before Adrian, AJ and Daniel headed out on a Pokemon Go adventure at Blacklick Woods.  Zak didn't want to go and I was honestly exhausted so I was pretty happy to stay home.  They had a fun time taking turns playing Pokemon Go and playing with our new fidget spinner.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Keeping Up With...Fitness Goals (May Recap & June Goals)

As I stated in my family goals recap, May was a great month for me personally.  Fitness wise, not so much.  We had a lot of celebrations and I just kept eating badly.  I also didn't get as much exercise as I wanted because as my free time ticked away as the end of school approached, I chose to get things done rather than exercise.  It is what it is, but I am still noticing the same pattern.  I'm hoping to see an increase in exercise now that it's summer and the boys and I tend to be very active.  The downside to that is that we have very little schedule so it can be hard to get to classes, other than the ones that I'm teaching.  I'll keep you posted!

Here's how I did last month:
1.  Lose 8 lbs this month, which is 2 lbs per week - So I started eating really well about the middle of April and I lost 8 lbs in 10 days.  Unfortunately that is where I stayed the entire month of May.  I'm actually thrilled that I didn't go up at all because I ate a lot.  There was lots of ice cream, cake and chips this month!
2.  Do measurements at the end of the month & lose 1 inch total from my body (1 inch for 2 months) - I didn't do measurements again this month but I'm assuming I didn't lose anything.  I was really busy celebrating AJ around the beginning of the month and just never got around to measuring.  I will do it at the beginning of July for sure!
3.  Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes all 31 days this month (31 days for the month) - I ended up exercising 25 of the 31 days this month.  I'm pretty happy with this, I did a lot of moving this month and that is always a good thing!
4.  Go to one class that I'm not teaching each week (4 classes for the month) -Yet again, this didn't happen.  I did sub a few classes that I would have gone to someone else's class if I didn't sub.  But I always pick subbing (earning money) over exercising.
5.  Learn 2 new songs to add to my Zumba classes (2 songs for the month) - I only learned one this month "Boogie, Boogie."  That's pretty pathetic, I thought I learned more.  I did revive a few oldies that I needed to practice which took some of my time.  And I had to make sure I could teach a toning class for the first time in a few months.  So I guess that's where most of my practice time went.  But still, I feel bad for my students, I need to mix up the songs more!
6.  Switch up some of the weight exercises for my Silver Sneakers class - I did this with great results.  We are all feeling the new dumbbell exercises that we are doing every Tuesday and Thursday.  I'm very happy with these changes!
Since it's summer I have cut back to only teaching 5 classes each week and in early July that goes down to only 4 classes each week.  I wanted to have a little more freedom with the boys for these three months.  Of course I have already picked up some subbing in June and July so I'm still teaching a bunch of classes.  I'm hoping to do lots of swimming and walking with the boys this summer plus finally getting to some other classes!

Here are my goals for this month:
1.  Lose 4 lbs this month, which is 1 lb per week
2.  Do measurements at the end of the month & lose 1 inch total from my body (1 inch for 3 months) 3.  Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes all 30 days this month (30 days for the month)
4.  Go to one class that I'm not teaching each week (4 classes for the month)
5.  Learn 3 new songs to add to my Zumba classes (3 songs for the month)
6.  Go to two Aqua Zumba classes at the Y this month (2 classes for the month)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Keeping Up With...Family Goals (May Recap & June Goals)

May was a pretty great month around here!  We had a lot of fun, did a lot of celebrating and also got a lot accomplished.  We are trying really hard to not spend the whole weekend "working" around the house while the kids are pretty much on their own.  Our goal is to have one day where we work and the other day while we play.  We will try to do this at least thru the fall, hopefully even longer.
My goals were also pretty spot on for the month, some of them I actually exceeded.  I feel like these goals are really helping me focus my energy around the house and around the family.  A lot of the ongoing goals have become a habit for all of us including reading every day, watching movies every Fri and having a conversation starter every Sunday.  It's been a nice shift in our priorities - from all over the place to focusing on our family unit.

Here's how I did with my May goals:
 1.  Finish "Hungry Heart" and "We're All Damaged" (2 of my 14 books for the year) - I finished "We're All Damaged" and about 60% of "Hungry Heart" before I had to return it to the library.  So I took out "Shopaholic to the Rescue" and finished that in about a week.  It was a super fun and light read and I couldn't put it down!  I can't believe I finished two books this month.  I'm well on my way to crushing my goal of 14 books this year.
2.  Have family dinner every Sunday night and use AJ's conversation starters during in (4 dinners for the month) - We did this every weekend in May, we moved a few to other nights because of commitments on Sundays.  We talked about one thing we would change about the day, what we liked about the weekend (celebrating Mother's Day & Adrian's birthday), headline news about our week and best part about the previous school year & what we're looking forward to this summer.
3.  Continue doing my week in review blog (4 posts for the month) - I actually published 7 for the month of May because I was behind a week in April that I split into two weeks.  And I also split the last week of May because there was so much going on!
4.  Continue taking one picture each day and posting on Facebook (31 pictures for the month) - 31 for the month, on track for the year.
5.  Watch a movie every Friday night (4 movies for the month) - We saw Guardians of the Galaxy, Piglet's Big Movie, and American Hustle for our at home movie nights.  We missed a Friday because Adrian & I went to the NKOTB concert.  But we did see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 in the theater so I'm still counting this as a completed goal.
6.  Have one family board game night (1 special night for the month) - We did this a few times this month.  We played a ton of board games both Mother's Day weekend and Memorial Day weekend.  And threw a few in on other nights this month.  It was a board game extravaganza over here!!
7.  Have fun during our family camping trip in Hocking Hills - We ended up cancelling this due to cold weather and sickness.  We decided not to camp only to hike early in the week when we saw how cold it would be.  Then that morning we got up and Daniel had a stomach bug so he stayed home with Zak and I while Adrian and AJ went hiking.  They had a great time and took a ton of pictures.  I'm a little bummed I still haven't been to Hocking Hills.
I pretty much crushed every goal this month and I'm proud of myself!!  Now that it's summer I've been debating if my goals should increase or decrease.  The thing about these goals is that they are fun so I think I'll add a few more for the summer months.  I'm so excited to have nearly 3 months off with the boys!!

Here are my goals for June:
1.  Finish "Hungry Heart" and "The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland" (2 of my 14 books for the year)
2.  Have family dinner every Sunday night and use AJ's conversation starters during it (4 dinners for the month)
3.  Continue doing my week in review blog (5 posts for the month)
4.  Continue taking one picture each day and posting on Facebook (30 pictures for the month)
5.  Watch a movie every Friday night (5 movies for the month)
6.  Have one family board game night (1 special night for the month)
7.  Do one activity each week that AJ picks (4 special activities)
8.  Do one activity each week that Daniel picks (4 special activities)
9.  Do one activity each week that Zak picks (4 special activities)
10.  See Captain Underpants as a family in the theater