Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Teacher Conferences)

I'm late with this week's update because I lost the whole weekend to a stomach virus, ugh!  And then yesterday Zak's pink eye came back.  I seriously feel like one of the five of us has been sick every day this year.  I'm so over it.

But I don't want to dwell on that.  In between all of that, last week was pretty great.  I had a conference with Daniel's teacher & we are both super proud of how well he is doing.  Academically he is either at the level he should be or above it.  His writing and cutting need some help, but other than that he is doing great and is right on track for Kindergarten next fall. 

She does have some concerns about his confidence and social skills, as do I, but we're both seeing huge progress.  He had two different play dates last week and is talking more in class.  He is also telling me more about his day and who is playing with and what they are doing.  And on Friday he tried a center that he didn't want to (because you had to yell) and he ended up having a great time doing it and told me he would try more centers now.
Daniel being silly at bedtime

I also got a note from AJ's teacher that it is time for parent teacher conferences but she doesn't feel she needs to meet with me because we are already in pretty good contact.  She gives me an update every month when I'm in the class.  So grateful for that opportunity!!  We got AJ's interim report for the 3rd(!) quarter of school and he is also either at his level or above it.  Super proud of both boys!!
AJ after bath

We also had a super fun weekend!  On Saturday it was close to 60 degrees so the boys and Adrian played outside for over three hours!  They had a blast swinging, playing baseball, walking around the block and taking turns on their new scooter.  Then on Sunday we had another birthday party, this time for one of AJ's friends.  It was a roller skating party, a first for the boys.  AJ took a little while to get used to it, then did pretty good.  Daniel skated for about 30 minutes, then he was done.  Zak even got to skate for about 15 minutes.  We all had a fun time!  The boys said they enjoyed it, but prefer ice skating.
Zak's first time on skates!

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