Monday, June 18, 2018

Keeping Up With...Food (Meal Plan for June 17 - June 23)

Last week was busy with VBS each night but we did really well sticking to our meal plan.  I accidentally bought the wrong type of salmon for the one recipe so that got bumped to this week and we just had more leftovers that night instead.  Adrian and I also didn't feel like cooking on Saturday night since our weekend was super busy so we just ate the Jets pizza with the kids and then bumped that meal to this week.  At least we didn't spend any additional money last week and we're in pretty good shape grocery wise going into this week.

This week is another full week with the boys at Math camp all week in the afternoon and lots of fun activities around that.  We were planning to go camping this weekend but it's supposed to rain and honestly Adrian and I are exhausted and don't feel like going thru everything to get ready and do that.  Plus it's his busiest week of work this week so he will have a lot of late nights.  So we decided to cancel the camping trip and do a few local things instead.  It should still be a great weekend!

Here's what we're eating this week:
Sunday - Picking up something after Origins all day
Monday - Taco Stuffed Sweat Potatoes
Tuesday - Leftovers/sandwiches - we're meeting my brother and his family for a picnic dinner and Adrian will be working late.
Wednesday - Chicken & Chick Pea Stew
Thursday - Salmon Tortellini
Friday - Cheddar Parmesan Pork Chops & Green Beans
Saturday - Loaded Potato Soup

Water Flavor - Strawberry.  I'm so impressed with how long my fresh picked strawberries lasted in my Tupperware!  They were almost three weeks old and I just used up the rest in this water & then froze a few.  I only had to throw out about a handful which is not too bad since they are so old.

Overnight Oats - I got these set up today.  I had some leftover from last week and very little time so I just made two double batches this week.  I did one with the flavored international delight creamer yogurt that I have and one banana chocolate chip to use up a few bananas that needed to be used.

Lunches - Most of my lunches are on the go this week so I'm planning a lot of salads.  I also have one more serving of sausage leftovers that I need to use up so I plan to eat that over zoodles if I am home any day this week.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 6/8 - 6/14)

Friday (6/8) Last day of Sports and Arts camp!  We all slept great again last night and slept in a little this morning before getting up and getting ready to head to camp.  After I dropped the boys off, I came back home and did a few things around the house before heading to the Harcum Center to sub my second yoga class of the week.  It was a gentle flow class that I really enjoyed!  I felt very relaxed and stretched out after class.  Unfortunately while I was teaching a storm blew in and I got a text from AJ asking me to please come pick them up since it was raining.  So I packed up quickly and headed to pick them up and bring them home.  They still had an amazing time at camp again this year and are bummed that it's over.  We'll be back again next year for sure!
After we got home, the boys played and relaxed for a while and I got some stuff done around the house.  Then after a quick dinner, we got set up for family movie night.  It was Daniel's pick and he wanted to watch "Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom."  But he wanted to start early since he was tired and wanted to watch the whole thing.  The boys loved the movie, although they were a little grossed out by a few parts.  I'm hoping they can all sleep tonight!!  After the movie, we got them to bed, finished cleaning up and settled down with our snacks for a few shows before heading to bed.

Saturday (6/9) We all got a good night of rest and then started our morning with sleeping in and relaxing.  Then I got ready because I had a full day of dancing ahead of me.  I started out with my friend Nikki's last Zumba class at the Y before her family moves to Colorado in a few weeks.  We all had a blast dancing with her and will miss her when she's gone!  I headed home after class to do a quick change and grab a quick lunch before heading to Menchie's with the family for some frozen yogurt.  This was Zak's activity of the week and we had a nice time enjoying an afternoon treat together.
After Menchie's I headed back to the Y for a Zumba jam session, my 6th one this year.  I've been trying to get to one per month and so far I am on track for that.  We learned choreo to 4 fun songs and I will be using 2 or 3 of the songs in my classes.  It was such a fun day of dancing with friends, although I was exhausted when we were done.  While I was there, the boys played in our back yard pool and hung out at home with Adrian.  He cooked us all dinner and it was great for it to be ready when I got home.  We finished up dinner, did a quick clean up and settled in for our second family movie night of the week.  We watched "Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade."  Once again, everyone enjoyed it.  I'm glad these Indiana Jones movies have been a success for our family movie nights!  After the movie, we put the boys to bed and barely made it thru two comedies on our DVR before heading to bed ourselves. 
Sunday (6/10) I got a full 10 hours of sleep last night and I feel amazing!  Everyone else slept in today too, although not as late as I did.  Since we had a late start and a lazy morning, we decided to go to second service at church as a family.  It was promotion Sunday so AJ moved into the older class room with the junior and senior high kids and Daniel moved up to the 4th/5th grade classroom.  They both love their new classes and we are thankful for that.  I taught the large group for K-3rd grade so I got to have Zak in my class and said I was an amazing teacher.  When service was over, I found a gift for me from my Secret Sister.  I came home to open it and found a delicious smelling candle and yummy candy.  It was a nice surprise this morning!
After a quick lunch, the boys headed upstairs to play video games while Adrian and I worked on our to do lists.  We got a lot accomplished in a short amount of time and feel ready to head into this week.  Then we got the boys ready for Martial Arts class and I took them to that tonight while Adrian stayed home to grill our dinner.  The boys did great in class and seem ready for their belt test in two weeks.  When we got home we had dinner, finished up a few things on our to do lists and got ready for bed.  We have a busy week ahead so we all need some good rest tonight to be ready for it!

Monday (6/11) We all slept in and had a lazy start to our morning, well everyone except Adrian who left for work early as usual.  When we got up and moving, we headed downtown for Daniel's pick of the week - a trip to COSI.  We had a blast down there for the day!  We did the Energy, Ancient Egypt, Dinosaur, Space and Gadget exhibits.  The boys are at a great age to go to COSI and we had a great balance of both fun and learning.  We also did the Gadget Cafe for the first time and did three different experiments - shining a penny, playing brain games and making our own flubber.  We were there for just over 4 hours and we could have done more but we decided to come home and rest for a while before VBS tonight.

The boys headed upstairs to play video games and play with their new Five Nights at Freddie's plushies while I got a few things done and got our dinner together.  Adrian came home a little early and we all had dinner together before heading to our church for Amped VBS.  The boys had a great time in their classes while Adrian and I had fun volunteering and running the games for the preschool kids.  We have a short volunteer slot so we had some time when we were done and the boys were still there so we split up and ran a few errands.  When we all got home, the boys had a quick snack and show before heading up to bed.  Then Adrian and I came down, finished cleaning up and watched another episode of "The Good Doctor" before heading to bed too.  It was a great Monday!!

Tuesday (6/12) We had a rough night of sleep with both Daniel and Zak waking up but we still got up and moving on time this morning.  Adrian headed to work while I got the boys ready and headed to Harcum to teach my two Silver Sneakers classes.  When class was over, we ran quickly to Dollar Tree and Aldi and then came home for a relaxing day at home.  I'm trying to have at least one day down each week over the summer so we aren't worn out every week.  The boys played while I got some stuff done around the house.  Then we had a quick dinner of tacos and all headed back to church for the second night of VBS.  Once again, the boys had a blast!  Adrian and I had a rough time trying to play games inside since it rained all night, but we made due.  We also finished early enough for a quick trip to Meijer to finish my grocery shopping for the week.  When we all got home, the boys had a snack & headed to bed.  We finished cleaning up, watched a few comedies and headed to bed too.  Hoping for better weather tomorrow!

Wednesday (6/13) Today was up in the air based on the weather and we decided to have a (mostly) stay at home day.  Zak had a dentist appointment to have two cavities filled so I took him there first thing in the morning.  AJ and Daniel asked me if they could stay home and after some convincing, I let them stay home.  All three boys did great and I am very proud of them - and of me!
After we got home, the boys played and I got a bunch of stuff done around the house.  I also changed my pick for the week from a park outing to a game with each boy.  Today Zak and I played our DC deck building game and he narrowly beat me by 2 points.  We had a fun and relaxing day at home and it was just what we all needed.  Then we had a quick dinner and headed to church for the third night of Amped VBS.  We again all had a blast, and all got to wear fun hats since it was hat night.  When we all got home after VBS, the boys watched a quick show and headed to bed and then Adrian and I watched a few episodes of "Superstore" and also headed to bed.  Perfect midweek day!
Thursday (6/14) Everyone was dragging today and no one wanted to get up and go where we needed to go.  Adrian managed to drag himself out the door on time and I barely got the rest of us out the door and to the Harcum Center for my two Silver Sneakers classes.  We had two great classes but unfortunately my kids were super loud and disruptive in the lobby.  I'm hoping it was a one time thing or we may need to make some changes to my schedule for the rest of this summer.  After the classes, we headed to a new to us park and splash pad in Westerville.  We went to Hanby Park for the afternoon.  Zak loved playing in the splash pads, he had a blast.  AJ and Daniel got a little bored after a while, there wasn't a lot for them to do there.  But they did a good job of playing for as long as Zak wanted to stay.  It was a fun afternoon!
After we were done at the park, we headed home to relax a little.  The boys checked out their new Beanboozled game and mostly enjoyed eating the mystery beans and the recorded themselves eating them.  You can check out their video on YouTube here, and be sure to subscribe to their channels.  I got a few things done around the house and then got our dinner together before we headed up to the church for the last night of VBS.  When we got there, I had to walk someone in during the opening part and AJ saw me and asked me to stay and worship with him.  My answer was obviously yes!  After worship, I headed back to run the preschool games with Adrian.  We enjoyed playing with the parachute with the kids, they had a good time too. 
After we finished up with games, Adrian and I headed home for a bit since the boys still have time left in VBS.  We got a few things done around the house and then Adrian headed back to pick up the boys.  We were thrilled and proud to find out that both AJ and Daniel scored the highest in their classes for points this week by memorizing all 5 Bible verses this week.  They earned really cool prizes - an Emoji hacky sack and a pack of ice pops.  When we finally got them down, they had a snack while watching a show and then we got them to bed.  We came back down and made our snack and watched a few shows and headed to bed too.  It was a great week at VBS but boy are we all exhausted!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Keeping Up With...2018 Goals (May Recap & June Goals)

So just like last month, I'm late to get this update up.  May was a crazy whirlwind of a month with tons of soccer, work, fun, end of school and a camping trip.  Plus we celebrated Mother's Day, Adrian's birthday, our anniversary and got ready for AJ's early June birthday.  We were so busy the whole month I was barely keeping my head above water.  Now that it's June and we have some time to breathe, I am slowing catching up on things around the house and I'm getting back to focusing on my goals.  I considered grouping two months together since it's summer, but decided to stick with the month goals and posts.  Now, on to how I did last month and what I'm doing this month.  Same as I did in April, I will talk a little about how I did with each of the 10 goals this month and then talk about my plans for June to stay on track. 

1. Lose 50 pounds (Lost 5 pounds this year, Grade for May: F!!)
  • Meal plan each Sunday - 3 weeks done and then I skipped the week after we went camping because we mostly ate leftovers that week.
  • Count calories for 15 days - I counted calories for 6 days this month.  It was pretty ugly.
  • Go to at least two classes this month that I am not teaching - I didn't get to any classes I wasn't teaching.  Again, we were super busy and I just honestly didn't have a lot of free time.
  • Maintain current weight - Not even close.  I gained 10 pounds this month.  Like I said, it was ugly.  Almost all of that can be attributed to horrible eating, although limited exercise didn't help either.
2. Read 20 books again (Read 8 books this year, Grade for May: A+)
  • Finish 2 books - Done!  I finished both "The One & Only" and"Americanah" this month.  I was up and down on "Americanah."  I liked some of it and though some dragged.  I wish it was shorter, I probably would have enjoyed it more.
  • Make progress on "Americanah" (read at least 5%) - Done! I actually finished the book this month since I had time.
3. Watch 25 movies (Watched 16 movies this year, Grade for May: A+)
  • Watch 2 movies - We actually watched three movies this month - "Thor: Ragnorok," "Spiderman: Homecoming" and "Black Panther" to get ready for the new Avengers movie.  All three were great!!
4. Go on 12 dates with Adrian (5 dates this year, Grade for May: A+)
  • Go on a lunch date for our anniversary while the boys are at school - We went to Super Chefs for breakfast while the boys were at school one morning before we went in to volunteer in AJ's school.  The food was amazing and we had a nice relaxing morning together!
5. Pay off 1 credit card and my student loans (Grade for May: C)
  • Sub at least twice each week - I managed to get 7 days which is slightly less than twice each week but I'm still happy about all of that time.
  • Help Adrian work at least 3 hours of OT each week - He had about 5 hours this month.  We were derailed by days off and sick days so just about each week he had a day off which means no overtime that week.
  • Spend as little as possible - We spent a little more celebrating Adrian's birthday and Mother's Day than we were planning, but we had fun so we're OK with it.
6. Finish my CEUs for my YMCA certification new requirements for Silver Sneakers training for water aerobics (Grade for May: A)
  • Talk to Brooke about hosting Aqua Zumba the YMCA - Done!  We can't host it there but I'm hoping someone else is successful.  I will do the online course first so I can start thinking about subbing soon.
7. Clean out the house (Grade for May: A+)
  • Finish turning the loft into the game room - Done!  We worked really hard for a few weekends this month and finished the room up.  It looks amazing and the boys are thrilled!
8. Keep up an active blog (Grade for May: A)
  • Meal plan posts every Sunday - 3 posts for this month
  • Week in review posts every Friday - 4 post for this month
  • Monthly goal posts the last day of the month - done!
9. Play more board game (Grade for May: F)
  • Have one family board game night - Again we failed on this one.  But in our defense we were super busy and have very little time for anything else.  We will be better this summer for sure!
10. Improve my classes (Grade for May: F)
  • Attend one Zumba jam session - I was signed up for one but Adrian had a stomach bug that weekend so I had to take the boys to their soccer games instead.  I'm bummed that I missed it but it was the right decision.  I'm still at 5 so far this year and am hoping to get to 12.
June will be somewhat more calm than May was however we have no set schedule since the boys are out of school.  That usually means more chaos around here.  I'm taking a break from my training for my classes but will be adding an additional family goal to have an amazing summer!  Here are my goals for this month:

1. Lose 50 pounds
  • Meal plan each Sunday
  • Count calories for 6 of 7 days each week
  • Go to one class each week that I am not teaching
  • Lose the 10 pounds I gained last month - this is a lofty goal for this month but I am going to put it out there anyway.
2. Read 20 books again
  • Finish 2 books - "A Wrinkle in Time" and one more
  • Start on the next book from my list - "The Beauty Myth"
3. Watch 25 movies
  • Watch 4 movies
4. Go on 12 dates with Adrian
  • Book our babysitter for a night so we can go out
5. Pay off 1 credit card and my student loans
  • Help Adrian work at least 3 hours of OT each week
  • Spend as little as possible
6. Finish my CEUs for my YMCA certification new requirements for Silver Sneakers training for water aerobics
  • I'm taking the summer off from this goal, it will be back on in September
7. Clean out the house
  • Clean out the laundry room and boys' art supplies
8. Keep up an active blog
  • Meal plan posts every Sunday
  • Week in review posts every Friday
  • Monthly goal posts the last day of the month
9. Play more board game
  • Have one family board game night
10. Improve my classes
  • Attend one Zumba jam session
  • Switch out the weights portion of my Silver Sneakers class
11.  Have an amazing summer!
  • Do one activity each week that each person picks (5 activities per week)
  • Get the boys to all of their camps - Sports & Arts camp, VBS, Math Plus camp (2 weeks)
  • Go on one family camping trip

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Keeping Up With...Food (Meal Plan for June 10 - June 16)

We survived our first official full week of summer break last week and did great about sticking to our meal plan for the week.  We did bump one meal to this week since Adrian got stuck at work late one night last week so we all just had leftovers.  We actually decided that starting this week we will have leftovers every Wednesday night.  That way we have one day built in to use up what we have.  Hopefully nothing will ever be more than a week old!  This will also help me to clean out the fridge and see what we actually have.  If we ever have a Wednesday where we don't have a lot of food leftover, we will plan to have salads and/or sandwiches.

This is a busy week for us since we have VBS at our church all week.  All three boys are going and Adrian and I are volunteering.  So we have to be at our church by 5:30 each night.  We also have a busy weekend ahead with Origins in town, AJ's birthday party and Father's Day.  Most of our meals this week are quick and easy and things that I know the kids will eat with us so I only have to cook one meal.

Here's what we're eating this week:
Sunday - Grilled Chicken and Eggplant Risotto
Monday - Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Kielbasa
Tuesday - Taco Tuesday!
Wednesday - Leftovers
Thursday - Salmon Tortellini
Friday - Ravioli (it's just me and the boys tonight, Adrian will be at Origins)
Saturday - AJ's birthday party - Jets Pizza and lots of snacks for the kids.  Taco Stuffed Sweat Potatoes for Adrian and I so we can try to stay on the healthy eating track.

Water Flavor - Strawberry.  We still have strawberries that we picked left so I'm trying to use them up while they are still fresh.  As soon as they look like they are starting to turn I will freeze whatever is left.

Overnight Oats - I used up a bunch of the flavored yogurts that I have including peanut butter cup, caramel pretzel and honey pretzel this week.  I have been cutting fresh strawberries into my oats each morning and then topping them with a tablespoon of chocolate chips.  They are delicious and super filling!!

Lunches - I am still trying to use up a bunch of lunch meat that we have so I've been putting ham in my salads each day instead of a hard boiled egg.  This week I plan to continue to do that, either having salad or a sandwich each day.  Most of my lunches will be on the go since we have a busy but fun week planned!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 6/1 - 6/7)

Friday (6/1) We finally had a day to sleep in this summer!  We had a lazy morning and then got ready to head up to Zoombeezi Bay for the first time this summer.  The weather wasn't great and there was a strong chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon, but we decided to chance it and boy are we glad we did!  We got Zak's season pass processed and then headed into the park.  The place was empty so we were able to do all of the big slides. We rode Sound Surfer, Big Boa Falls, Python Plunge and Dolphin Dash multiple times. Plus we played in the wave pool, lazy river and Baboon Lagoon.  We all had a blast and got back to the car about 5 minutes before the rain started.
We ate our lunch in the car and then drove back home.  On the way home we stopped at Krispy Kreme to celebrate Donut Day with free donuts.  The boys were super excited to get donuts!  When we finally got home, we relaxed for a bit before I got ready to host some of my Zumba instructor friends for a potluck.  We had a going away party for our friend Nikki who is moving to Colorado later this month.  It was a great night with them with lots of great food, good conversation and lots of laughs!  When they left, Adrian and I did a little clean up and prep work for tomorrow and then headed to bed for the night.
Saturday (6/2) Happy 11th Birthday AJ!!  We had such a great day celebrating today!  We started by sleeping in a little then getting up and getting moving right away so we could go see "Avengers: Infinity War" finally.  We went to the theater with the big reclining seats, no one wants to see movies in any other theater anymore.  The movie was great, lots of action!  We all really enjoyed it and can't wait for the next one.  After the movie, we stopped by Jets Pizza to pick up our lunch and then headed home.

After pizza for lunch, the boys had some video game time while Adrian and I prepped for our family dinner tonight.  We got a bunch done before his parents and my brother and his family all arrived.  We opened presents and AJ was thrilled to get exactly what he asked for...his own cell phone.  He really needs it for when he is home alone and he has proven he can be responsible by taking tablets back and forth from school all year so we think he's ready for this responsibility.  He was super excited to get texts and calls from family and friends all day for his birthday!
After presents, we had dinner and then the kids played while the adults chatted.  We enjoyed a delicious Oreo ice cream cake and some S'mores rice krispy treats for dessert.  Then the kids played a little more before my brother and his family headed home for the night.  The boys played a little more, specifically on AJ's new phone and then we finally got them upstairs and to bed.  Adrian and I finished up some clean up and then headed to bed.  It was a fun but exhausting day!

Sunday (6/3) Our day started with a slow and lazy Sunday morning since we didn't have any commitments this morning.  Then Adrian and I hit the ground running to get stuff done around the house.  The boys played all day while we worked around the house.  We got a ton done which was much needed around here.  Adrian took the boys to Martial Arts tonight where they continued to get ready for their belt test in a few weeks.

When everyone got home, we had a quick dinner of leftovers and then finished cleaning up the house.  Then we finished up our first week of the summer with Adrian's pick for the week - family game night.  We played a few pages in "Stuffed Fables" and then played the DC deck building game. It was a fun and relaxing way to finish up a super busy week.  When we were finished playing the games, we got the boys to bed and then got ourselves some wine and some leftover ice cream cake and settled in to watch a few shows from our DVR before heading to bed for the night.  We're ready to start another amazing week!
Monday (6/4) Today is the only day this week the boys don't have Sports and Arts Camp.  We were going to go to COSI but we all slept in and had very little time to get ready before I had to get to the Y to sub a Barre fitness class.  So we decided to have a calmer day close to home instead.  We went to the Y for my class where I had an awesome time getting back in the groove of teaching.  Then we went to Krispy Kreme to get the boys free donuts for their report cards.  We finished up with a trip to Target to get new water bottles, a new pool and a few toys to spend some of AJ's birthday money.  It was a productive morning and I was glad we switched our plans.
When we got home, we had lunch and then the boys played for a little while I got a few things done.  Then we set up our new pool in the back yard and Daniel and Zak played in it for a while.  We had a relaxing day at home enjoying the nice weather in the yard and playing video games in the house.  Adrian got home from work in time for dinner and then took AJ to Boy Scouts.  They went swimming tonight at one of the leader's houses.  AJ did a great job of swimming the whole length of the pool and also jumping in to the deep end (9 feet deep!)  We're very proud of him since he's never done either of those things before!  

While Adrian and AJ were there, I hung out at home with Daniel and Zak.  We played in the back yard pool for a little while and then they played video games while I cleaned up from dinner.  I also started getting their stuff together for camp tomorrow morning.  When everyone was home, we tried to do a reasonable bed time (we've been bad with this since it's summer break) and then Adrian and I watched "The Good Doctor" from our DVR.  It's a really great show and we're hoping it's getting a second season!

Tuesday (6/5) Today started early after a rough night of sleep for almost all of us.  I had to wake everyone up to be ready in time for Sports and Arts camp.  My friend picked them up since her son is also going we are sharing driving responsibilities this week.  When they were on their way, I finished getting ready and headed to teach my two Silver Sneakers classes.  My first class was sold out and we had to turn away a bunch of students.  We had a great time in both classes and I think we're all going to be sore from the new weight exercises I added today.

During my second class, I got a text that they were letting camp out early due to very bad rain.  Cara went to pick up the boys and I met everyone at the house.  They were disappointed to only have half a day at camp but at least they had some fun while they were there.  AJ did music, Daniel did baseball and Zak did art.  They will do those each morning this week and then all do soccer in the afternoons.  Since they were home, my plans of running errands were not able to happen so instead I got some stuff done around the house while they played.  It was an unexpected relaxing day at home.

Adrian got home in time for dinner and after we all ate, we had another family game night.  We played a few more pages of "Stuffed Fables" and then played a family game of "Magic Maze."  We didn't do well with our "Stuffed Fables" story, but we kicked butt at the maze.  Zak loved playing that game so we will probably play more this summer.  When we were done with game night, we put the boys to bed and sat down for a few DVR shows before heading to bed ourselves.  We were exhausted after a long day!
Wednesday (6/6) Today was another rough start after another rough night of sleep.  I'm not sure why the boys aren't sleeping well, maybe it's the change of going from the school year to summer.  I'm hoping it stops soon!  Zak came in and woke up both of us so Adrian took him to the spare room so I could be a little more comfortable in our bed.  But soon after Daniel came in and woke me up.  Then Adrian's alarm went off and finally my alarm was going off.  Yawn.  At least it was a fairly easy morning of getting ready and getting everyone to Sports and Arts camp on time.

While the boys had a blast at camp all day, I ran a few errands, including having a meeting with a guidance counselor at the middle school to start to develop a plan for AJ for next year.  Then I came home and waited for a plumber to fix our leaking shower and kitchen sink.  I'm glad he was able to do both things very quickly and affordably!  He took a little longer than expected so thankfully my friend Cara was able to go pick up the boys from camp.  They came home and we rested for a bit before heading out to the Y so I could sub a Zumba class this afternoon.

When class was over, we headed to Family Video and Marco's Pizza for some report card freebies.  Family Video gives up to 5 free rentals (one per A) to be used in the month of June and Marco's does a free small pizza.  So we were set with dinner and entertainment for the night!  Adrian had Bible study so he was there for the night so it was nice to have an easy plan for me and the boys.  After dinner, they played their rented video games while I got a few things done around the house.  Adrian got home in time to help with bed time and then we watched a few shows and headed to bed too.  Crossing my fingers everyone sleeps thru the night!!
Thursday (6/7) Finally everyone slept thru the night!  It was hard to get up this morning but at least we were all well rested.  Everyone got up and moving and out to sports and arts camp.  Thankfully Adrian went in to work a little late and my friend drove the boys to camp again so I was able to go teach my two Silver Sneakers classes.  After my two regular classes, I ran a few errands and then headed back to the Harcum Center to sub a chair yoga class.  It was my first time teaching yoga and I had a really great time!  It went really well and we all got a full body stretch.
After class, I went and picked up all of the boys from camp.  All four were super tired after a long day in the sun and it was a quiet ride home.  We dropped Braxton off and then came home and had a relaxing night at home.  The boys played a card game, some video games and watched a cartoon "Batman vs Dracula."  I cooked an awesome pasta dish for dinner and then headed to the monthly Cub Scout Committee meeting.  We had a great meeting and are all super excited about our plans for the upcoming school year.  When I got home, Adrian and I were both exhausted so we got our snacks, watched two comedies and headed to bed.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Keeping Up With...Food (Meal Plan for June 3 - June 9)

I'm back to meal planning after an unintentional week off.  We had a great time camping Memorial Day weekend and then when we got home I was so tired I didn't feel like thinking about planning meals.  We also had a ton of leftover food from camping, a few meals I didn't make before we left and three parties last week.  So all of those things factored into a lazy week meal plan wise.  We mostly ate leftovers and junk food all week.

But this week I am ready to focus on healthy eating and try to find a little bit of a schedule for the summer.  I always struggle in the summer since we don't have a schedule to follow so I tend to get lazy with both cooking and exercising.  I'm trying really hard not to let that happen this summer.  I'm not teaching as many classes so I'm hoping to get to a few classes for a workout myself.  And the boys are a little older and more self sufficient so they are OK in childcare once in a while.  We'll see how the summer goes, but for now my plan for June is looking good.

Here's what we're eating this week:
Sunday - Leftovers (yeah, we still have some so we're sticking with it tonight)
Monday - Chicken Gnocchi Soup
Tuesday - Beef Stew
Wednesday - Cajun Chicken Pasta
Thursday - Shrimp and Crab Enchiladas
Friday - Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Kielbasa
Saturday - Mac and Cheese and Salad

Water Flavor - Orange Strawberry.  We had a few oranges left over from soccer snacks this season so I used those up.  And we went strawberry picking last week so I have a ton of those!  I put some in my water, froze a bunch for smoothies and left some out for snacks for the week.

Overnight Oats - I went to set these up for the week and realized that I only had one cup of oats.  So I used my normal recipe to make enough for two mornings with some blueberry flavored yogurt.  I will be going shopping either tomorrow or Tuesday to get more oats and will set them up Tuesday night for the rest of the week.  I'm planning on using up the flavored yogurts that I have including peanut butter cup, caramel pretzel and honey peanut butter cup.

Use It Up - This is almost exclusively how I planned my meals for this week since I probably can't get to the store until at least Tuesday.  I have all of the ingredients for the meals for Monday and Tuesday, some of the veggies are ready to turn though, so I'm making them ASAP.  I'm using up open enchilada sauce and evaporated milk in two of the meals.  Then I finished the week out with a little variety.  I'm also using up a bunch of yogurt in my overnight oats this week.

Lunches - I will actually be eating most of my lunches on the go this week so I'll be making sandwiches just about every day.  This is also a "use it up" exercise because I have a ton of turkey and ham opened from the camping trip so I will be trying to use that up too.  If I'm home a day or two I will have leftovers and I may make a salad a day or two and cut up some lunch meat in it.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 5/18 - 5/24)

Friday (5/18) Today did not start as planned when Adrian came upstairs to let me know that he had been up sick all night and would be going back to bed and calling out of work.  So I got AJ up and out to school and then got the other three of us ready for work and school.  I was subbing a full day so I went in with the other boys for the day.  We were a little late but we did OK and I had a great class to start the day.  After a long and tiring day at school, we came home to check on Adrian and see what our plan for the weekend was.

Adrian was still not feeling well.  AJ decided he wouldn't go on his Boy Scout camp out this weekend since Adrian couldn't go with him.  So we settled in for a relaxing Friday night at home.  They boys played video games and watched the new "Teen Titans Go!" and didn't do a whole lot else.  I tried to catch up on stuff from the week while taking care of everyone and also trying to relax a little.  Adrian has been resting a lot today so I am hoping he feels better in the morning.  After everyone was in bed for the night, I treated myself to a dessert of cheesecake and wine because it has been that kind of week around here!
Saturday (5/19) We slept in a little this morning and let Adrian sleep in late since he's still not feeling well.  The boys and I got ready to head to the soccer fields for a long day of soccer games.  Daniel started first with his first tournament game.  Thankfully Adrian was feeling OK to keep the other boys home with him so I went with just Daniel to the field.  After two delays for thunder and overtime, Daniel's team won their first game of the season!!  We were all SO excited for them!  They will play one more game for the championship later this week.
During Daniel's nearly three hour long game, Zak's team played their last game of the season.  They were able to sneak in about half of the game before it was called due to the weather.  The kids were just as happy to get their snacks and medals.  Zak joined me in cheering on Daniel's team to his win after his game was called.  Then Adrian came to pick up Zak and Daniel while I went to check in on AJ's team.  They played to a 1-1 tie in their first tournament game.  When his game was over, we had a slight break until his team plays again so we came home to eat, rest and re-hydrate.
After our brief rest, we headed back to the fields for the last game of the day.  AJ's team suffered a tough loss at the hands of a great looking team!  We got his game in just in time because two minutes after they shook hands, the sky opened up.  We got drenched running back to our car!  But we had fun and laughed about it because you just have to.  When we got home, I was exhausted from the long day.  I got a few things done but mostly relaxed and rested.  Adrian is still not feeling well so he was doing the same.  The boys had a lot of video game time while we chilled.  When the boys went to bed, we binge watched the last 3 episodes of "This is Us" from last season.  I cried a lot and loved everything about it!  It was a nice relaxing night after a super hectic day.
Sunday (5/20) We got to sleep in again today.  Adrian is feeling better but is still not 100%.  We decided to skip everything that wasn't essential for the day and relax as much as possible.  So we had a relaxing morning at home and then got AJ ready for his last soccer game of the season.  Adrian decided to take him since he missed all of the soccer yesterday.  They lost in a super close game and AJ played the best game of his two seasons of soccer.  He almost scored twice and he came home a sweaty mess from playing so hard.  He's also super excited to play again in the fall because he feels like he's getting better with the practice!
After soccer, Adrian rested while the boys played and I got stuff done around the house.  Then it was time for Martial Arts so I took the boys there.  They went thru everything they need to know for their belt test in a few weeks.  The boys are very excited to test for their next level!  They did a great job practicing and listening to the Sensai.  When we got home we enjoyed a delicious dinner of chocolate chip pancakes together and then the boys played while Adrian and I finished up a few things around the house.  Thankfully he's feeling better and we should be able to be back to our regular schedule starting tomorrow.  After we got the boys down for the night, we watched a few comedies and then headed to bed for the night.  It was an exhausting weekend!!

Monday (5/21) 5 more days of school!!  I was dragging after a horrible night of sleep but we got up and got AJ up and out to the bus on time.  Then Adrian headed to work and I got the other two boys ready for school.  After I dropped them off, I got a few things done around the house and then headed to the Y for my last Silver Sneakers class before we take a break for the summer.  After class I ran out to a market research meeting I had and did a quick study for a very nice compensation.

I came home after that and did a few things around the house and got dinner ready for tonight.  Then I picked up all of the boys from the bus and school.  Zak was super excited when I picked him up from school today.  He had his 4th quarter awards assembly today and he earned the character reward for his class for being responsible, respectful and safe this quarter.  We are very proud of him!!  He also got perfect attendance which is really an award for me for getting him there on time every day!!  And he told me that when they got back from special, the "pizza fairy" had visited and left them Marcos pizza and cheesy bread.  He said it was his best day ever!!

After school, we headed to the Y for my Zumba class.  We had a sweaty fun time dancing together as always.  Then we headed home to have dinner and get AJ ready for Boy Scouts.  He and Adrian headed to the park for their meeting tonight where they worked on maps and compasses.  While they were there, I stayed home with the other two boys and they played fantastically together in the play room while I got some stuff done.  It was a pretty great night!  When AJ got home, we got everyone ready for bed and then Adrian and I watched a few comedies and headed to bed.

Tuesday (5/22) 4 more days of school!! We got everyone up and out the door to school and work on time.  After I dropped everyone off to school, I headed to the Harcum Center to teach my two Silver Sneakers classes.  Then I ran a few errands and headed to the new spa up the street for the pedicure that Adrian bought me for Mother's Day.  It was very relaxing to sit and be pampered and my toes look awesome!  Thanks to Adrian for the gift and the staff at Moxie Day Spa!
Unfortunately my pedicure took longer than I thought it would so I didn't have time to get anything else done before it was time to get everyone from school.  I came home to wait for AJ and the bus and then walked up to pick up the other boys.  For the first time in weeks (maybe months) we had nothing to do tonight and no homework or anything!  The boys relaxed, watched TV, played video games and played together.  I got a few things done around the house and also took some time to relax.  Adrian worked late and got home just in time to help with bedtime.  Then we watched a few comedies and headed to bed.

Wednesday (5/23) Three more days of school!!  Adrian was off this morning since it's Zak's kindergarten graduation so we got to sleep in a little bit.  He drive AJ to school and I was going to get the other two boys ready for school.  But Daniel woke up with pink eye.  So I got Zak ready, put Dan on the couch and got a call in to the doctor for the first available appointment today.  I dropped Zak off to school and then Adrian and I headed up to school for the graduation.

While it is not my favorite tradition, the program was very cute.  The kids all walked in with their class, sang three songs together and then got their certificate.  The songs were super cute and Zak did a great job and singing and doing all of the hand movements.  After the ceremony, we went back to his classroom for a few quick pictures and then we ran home because I wanted to check on Daniel.  He was fine while we were gone, just sat on the couch watching TV.

We all had a quick lunch and then headed to the doctor for Daniel's eyes.  He was officially diagnosed with pink eye and we went right to Meijer with his prescription for eye drops.  Then we ran to Aldi and Kroger to do our shopping for our upcoming camping trip.  I forgot how hard it is to shop with the boys and will definitely be limiting how often I do it this summer!  We quickly ran home to unload our groceries, pick up AJ, change our clothes and head out again to the Y for my Zumba class since I wasn't able to get a sub.

Daniel sat in my classroom so he didn't infect anyone else at the Y during my Zumba class.  I was dragging but we got thru the class and had a ton of fun as always.  When class was over, I felt like I could finally breathe since we were done for the day.  Adrian had Bible study so I was on my own with the boys.  They begged to play with water in the yard so I got them set up to do that while I cooked dinner and relaxed.  They had a blast playing in the hose and even insisted on eating dinner on the deck so they could play more after dinner.  Adrian got home in time for bed time and finishing clean up in the kitchen.  We started watching the "Survivor" finale but were just too tired to watch the whole thing tonight.

Thursday (5/24) Two more days of school!!  It was AJ's last morning on the bus and we nearly missed it when the bus showed up five minutes early.  But thankfully we made it and he got off to school on time.  Adrian headed out to work and I got the rest of us ready for our day.  I dropped the other boys off at school and headed to the Harcum Center for my two Silver Sneakers classes.  My students are amazing and they had me laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt by the end of the two classes.

After class, I headed back into the school for my last half day of subbing for the school year.  I was the gym teacher and the first two classes were scheduled to go out for their free Kona ice for the end of the school year.  So we took them out and I got to enjoy a Kona ice as well.  It was a pretty easy last day of subbing and I'm so excited to be back in the school starting again in the fall.  When the day was over I picked up Daniel and Zak and we headed home to meet up with AJ.  Everyone had a great, fun day at school!!
We all relaxed for a bit and then got ready for Daniel's championship soccer game.  We all headed to the field where we met Adrian after work.  It was a long, tough game that required an overtime and ended in a tough loss in a shoot out.  Daniel didn't play much but he said he was excited to just be on the sidelines cheering on his team.  It was an exciting game, I just wish it ended a little differently.  When we all got home, we took some time to relax and then put the boys to bed for their last day of school.  Adrian and I stayed up too late watching the "Survivor" finale.  We are excited that Wendall won but also think Dom should have won.  It was an exciting season and we enjoyed it!  We still have the reunion to watch, it was just too late for us to keep going.