Thursday, March 6, 2014

Keeping Up With...Workouts (2/19 - 3/4)

So I skipped this post last week.  Not because it was a bad week, it actually was a pretty great week workout wise.  But because on Thursday 2/20 my gym of the past 3 years abruptly closed.  It was a total shock and I'm honestly still trying to process my feelings on the whole thing. 

I'm feeling pretty much every emotion possible about this.  I'm angry that they closed and didn't give us any notice.  I'm sad that the place I went almost every day isn't there anymore.  I'm anxious about where I will work now.  I'm annoyed that there was no notice and lots of us didn't get to say goodbye.  I'm concerned because Zak has only ever stayed in their daycare and now he's freaking out every time I bring him to the temporary gym.  I'm uncertain about where and if my next gym will be.  The list goes on and on.

But above all of those negative emotions, I am also thankful.  I walked into that place 3 years ago a different person.  I was overweight & out of shape.  I never felt judged or made fun of by the members or staff there.  The group fitness instructors were amazing and kept me coming back.  I walked out of there for the last time in possibly the best shape of my life.  I have new friends family and a new career.  I will always be grateful to them for that.

So what now?  Well, I'm still figuring it out.  I'm using the free membership at AussieFit (they bought out our memberships) for now.  I like it there, but it's very big & overwhelming, for both me and Zak.  Plus it's very expensive.  I will audition for them but if they don't hire me, I won't be staying there.  I really like South Beach Fitness in Gahanna and am trying to get on teaching there in the mornings.  Hope to know more about that very soon.  And I have a lot of leads for other gyms in the area that may be hiring.  I'm also trying new things, like a Hot Barre class & CrossFit.  I'm enjoying doing new things and taking different classes.  And my muscles are sore again so that's a good thing.  I miss teaching though.  I really hope to be back to 3 or 4 classes a week by the end of this month.

Now on to my workouts for the past 2 weeks.  All things considered, they have been pretty good.  I've missed a few days, possibly more than I would have if this all hadn't happened.  I had a great walk on Saturday for my half marathon training, finishing 8 strong miles.  The first 5 of those counted as race #4 for the year as part of the 5 by the 5th Virtual Series.  It was a great morning for a walk!

Wednesday, 2/19  - Taught a 60 minute Zumba class, Did 25 minutes of Beth's TBC class
Thursday, 2/20 - Taught my last class at KeepFit10 for about 90 minutes (am), cried a lot, pulled it together and taught another 60 minute class at the other gym (pm)
Friday, 2/21 - Did 35 minutes on the elliptical
Saturday, 2/22 - rest day due to stomach bug
Sunday, 2/23 - rest day due to stomach bug
Monday, 2/24  - Took a 60 minute Zumba class (am), Did 25 minutes on the elliptical (pm)
Tuesday, 2/25 - Took a 60 minute Body Pump class
Wednesday, 2/26 - Took a 60 minute Zumba class (am), Took a 60 minute Cardio Dance class (pm) at a different gym
Thursday, 2/27 - PlyoFit class (am), Taught a 60 minute Zumba class (pm)
Friday, 2/28 - Rest Day since Zak freaked out in the parking lot of the gym
Saturday, 3/1 - Walked 8 miles, Did a 20 minute Zumba audition
Sunday, 3/2 - Rest day :)
Monday, 3/3 - Practiced my play list for 30 minutes, played Dance Central with AJ for 20 minutes
Tuesday, 3/4 - Did the elliptical for 35 minutes, rode the bike for 20 minutes and taught a 20 minute Zumba class to my friend's Daisy troop

Weigh in:
2/19 weight - 215
3/5 weight - 211
Change - down 4 lbs

Yay!  I'm proud that thru all this stress I didn't overeat too much.   Still moving towards one-derland, really hoping to hit it this month, but I have a retreat & a birthday so it's not looking good.  :-)

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