Sunday, March 23, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Milestones!)

Wow, this has been a pretty big week for all of us around here!  Four of us hit pretty big milestones this week.

AJ had two exciting things happen this week.  He started hockey two weeks ago and played in his first scrimmage this past week.  He came home and told me "Mom, I love it!!"  He is so excited to play.  We are so broke happy for him.  Then later that night we went to brush our teeth and noticed that sometime after school AJ had lost his first tooth!  We don't know what happened to the tooth, but thankfully the tooth fairy still came and left AJ a $5 bill for his first tooth.
Missing his first tooth
Zachary has hit a milestone and is no longer using his bottles.  He was only getting one each day to go to sleep at night.  It was a rough time Fri putting him to sleep but by the end of the weekend he was doing fine.  I packed up all the bottles today to donate.  I am a little sad, but am also happy to see him grow and change.

And Adrian & I hit a milestone of sorts...we paid off one of the two mini vans!  It is so nice not to have that one bill anymore.  Now we can pay off the work we had to do to that van right before Christmas.  Thankful for 6 months same as cash!!  It's also very nice that the payment is exactly what I was making at my Zumba job that I no longer have.  Although it's looking like I will be back to at least 4 classes per week very soon.

Daniel had a pretty status quo week, no major milestones for him.  He did have a great week in school and was one of the only few who managed to stay on green for his behavior in class on Friday.  He also continues to be popular with his classmates and has tons of play dates.  He is looking forward to playing with his best friend, AJ, this whole week while they are on spring break.
Happy Spring Break!
Happy St Patrick's Day!!
This last picture reminded me of one more story.  The boys both had visits from leprechauns in their class rooms this year.  One visited Daniel's class the Friday before St Patrick's Day & made a "giant mess!"  The class cleaned it up and left a note for the leprechauns that if they did that again, there would be a trap set up.  The leprechauns came back to play over the weekend & left the room clean & an apology note.  Then they visited AJ's class room that same weekend and left a mess and a treasure hunt for the class.  AJ had to do math problems to travel to the main office, the teacher's work room and the library only to find out that the treasure was hidden in his classroom all along.  The kids got to enjoy the Rolos that the leprechauns left.  Such fun!! 

Looking forward to a relaxing week for spring break this week and a visit from my mom later this week.  Also expanding our family with my newest niece arriving within the next few days.  Exciting stuff!!

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