Friday, June 29, 2018

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 6/22 - 6/28)

Friday (6/22) We all got to sleep in this morning since we had nothing on the calendar for the morning.  Adrian was working from home since we're down a car for the day so he got up and got started working.  AJ and Zak got up early and came downstairs to watch video games while Daniel and I slept in.  When we all got up and moving we had a relaxing morning of TV, a few chores and then an early lunch before heading to Math Plus for the last day of camp this week.

After I dropped the boys off, I headed over to my friend's school for her to cut my hair.  She did a great job as always and it was nice to catch up with her.  Then I ran to Meijer to finish up my grocery shopping for the week and then headed back to Math Plus.  Since it was the last day, the kids did a presentation of what they did all week.  AJ and Daniel presented the houses they built during Minecraft camp and Zak presented a roaring giant that he built in Lego Robotics camp.  It was really interesting seeing what they learned all week.

When their presentations were done, we stopped by Family Video to rent a few video games for the weekend and then headed home.  Unfortunately my car had a Freon leak and needs to have a part replaced.  Since they don't have it in stock, we are a one car family all weekend.  We came home, showed Dad the videos of the presentations and had some relaxing down time.  Then we all had dinner and settled in for AJ's pick of the week, family movie night watching "A Wrinkle in Time."  We all enjoyed it!  Zak is getting better about sitting thru movies, although he still gets up and runs around a lot.  AJ and I agreed that the book was better but this was still a really good movie.  After the movie, we got the boys to bed, watched another episode of "The Good Doctor" and headed to bed.  It was a great start to our relaxing weekend!
Saturday (6/23) We all slept in again.  We woke up and had a lazy morning of TV, video games and a few chores.  Late morning Adrian took AJ and Daniel to see "The Neverending Story" for free thru the library's summer movie program.  They enjoyed the movie and were there early enough to get a free shirt from the program.  I'm glad they were able to go!  I stayed home with Zak since he still doesn't love going to the movies so we're trying to minimize how often we force him to go.
When they got home, the boys played video games and played outside together while Adrian and I worked around the house.  We have been horrible about keeping up with stuff around the house this summer so these next two weekends we are really buckling down and getting stuff done.  I want us to be caught up by the start of July and hopefully stay caught up that month since it's not nearly as busy.  After a productive afternoon, we had dinner and then did Adrian's pick for the week of a family game night.  We played three new to us games tonight - Formula D, Dixit and Good Cop, Bad Cop.  They were all really fun, although Formula D took a lot longer than we were expecting.  The boys hit the wall around 2 hours so we need to try to limit game nights to that length.  After we finished playing, the boys had a snack and a show and headed to bed.  Adrian and I finished up a few things and then watched another episode of "The Good Doctor" before heading to bed too.  It was a good mix of a fun and productive day.

Sunday (6/24) Today started very late because everyone slept in today.  In fact, Adrian and I were the first two people up and that never happens!  It didn't last long since AJ came down about 5 minutes after me, but it was something!  We were all slow starting and lazy this morning which was fine since we didn't have anywhere to be.  Eventually we woke up and were very productive this morning before it was time for me to go to work at the church for a few hours this afternoon.  Adrian dropped me off since we still only have one car and then picked me up on our way to the boys' belt testing for Martial Arts.  They did a great job testing for their yellow belts, did all the correct hand strikes & broke their board on the first try.  We are super proud of them!  We find out if they passed next week, but I'm pretty sure they did.
When we got home, Adrian grilled us up awesome steak for dinner and I got sides and the boys' dinner together.  After we all ate, we finished up the few things that still needed to be done around the house and then got the boys down for an early bedtime.  We need to try for early bedtimes all week since they have early camp all week.  After we put them to bed, we came down and watched another episode of "The Good Doctor" before heading to bed.  We are loving this show and are almost caught up on last season!

Monday (6/25) The day started early since we have early Math camp this week.  Unfortunately Daniel took the get up early part literally and was up at 5:30am...and woke up Adrian and Zak as well.  I got to sleep until 6am, lucky me.  We got ready for our busy day and headed out to Math Plus.  This week AJ and Daniel are taking "Crack the Code" and Zak is taking "Brain Games."  We still only have one car so Adrian worked from home so I could get them back and forth.  After I dropped them off at camp, I headed to the Y for a few classes.  I took Barre with Krystal and Cardio Fit with Denise.  Both classes were fantastic and I had SO much fun!!  I saw so many familiar faces that I have been missing this summer.  It was a great workout and a great social time as well.

I went back to pick the boys up and they were super excited to tell me all about camp.  Again they are loving their camps.  Then we all headed back to the Y for Zak's first swim lesson of the summer.  We ate a quick lunch in the cafe and then headed to the outside pool for some swim time together before Zak's class started.  Then I stayed outside with AJ and Daniel while he was in class.  We all had fun swimming and I am feeling all of the exercise!  When Zak's class was over, we stayed until the next rest period and then headed home because my van was finally ready and we wanted to make sure to get it picked up.

After Adrian and I picked up the van, he came back home to finish up work and I ran a few errands before heading back home as well.  Then we headed out to Daniel's pick for the week - a family dinner out to eat.  We went to a new to the boys restaurant, Olive Garden, and everyone loved it.  The boys especially enjoyed the bread sticks and Daniel was super excited they had baked ziti on the menu.  We all left feeling full and happy.  We came home and did the boys camp homework and then got them ready for bed.  When they were in bed, Adrian and I did a few things around the house and then watched another episode of "The Good Doctor" before heading to bed.  Such a great show!!
Tuesday (6/26) Everyone had a rough time getting up and going this morning, I think this is going to be a rough week for us!  But we did manage to get up and out early.  Adrian headed to work for the day, another possible long night for him.  And I dropped the boys off early to their math camps.  Then I headed over to Harcum to teach my two Silver Sneakers classes, which were both huge today!  I'm thankful I didn't hit any traffic in either direction so I was able to be everywhere I needed to be on time to drop off, teach and pick up the boys.

After camp, we headed over to Family Video to pick up a few more free video games for tonight and to Marco's pizza for a quick lunch.  The boys loved their pizzas and were super excited I got cheesy bread too.  When they were done eating, we headed over to the Y for AJ and Daniel's first swim lesson of the session.  I swam with Zak the whole time they were in their class and we were thankful the weather held so we could use the outside pool.  I'm also thankful that all three kids are officially old enough to swim by themselves in the Y pool now. I love swimming with them but it's nice to sit on the side and watch sometimes too.

After lessons were over, we headed home for the day.  The boys headed upstairs to play their new video games and I got a few things done before cooking an amazing dinner.  Adrian thought he was done work early but got a call as soon as he got home and had to work from here for about an hour.  Thankfully it wasn't all night and he was able to hang with us for a bit and help with bedtime.  We did another early bedtime for the boys before finishing up downstairs and then sitting down with snacks and two episodes of "The Good Doctor" before bed time.  Actually we probably stayed up too late watching them, but they were so good it was hard to stop!

Wednesday (6/27) We all got up and moving on time today.  Adrian headed to work for his second long day of the week.  I got the boys ready and dropped off to Math Plus then ran quickly to Giant Eagle for a few groceries.  Then I headed to a new to me Y to sub a Zumba Gold class for a friend.  We had a fun time dancing together!!  After class, I headed back to pick up the boys and we ran home for a quick lunch before heading to our normal Y for Zak's swim lessons.  Daniel swam during the lesson and AJ and I stayed on dry land playing on our electronics.

When Zak's class was over, we headed across town for AJ's pick for this week.  He wanted to go to a trampoline place so I found a Groupon to Sky Zone for the 4 of us to jump.  We had fun jumping on the trampolines for an hour.  The boys especially liked that they could jump on the walls!  I was shocked how tired it made it, I did not make it the full hour of jumping.  But the boys basically jumped for the whole time, I was impressed!  When our hour was up, we fought traffic to get back across town and headed home for the night.
When we got home, we had an easy dinner and the boys played video games while I got a few things done.  Adrian worked very late so I was on my own with the boys.  I got them down to bed at a reasonable hour, it's getting easier as the week goes on because they are tired from the long days.  When they were settled in bed, I came down and finished up a few things around the house.  Just as I was finishing up, Adrian got home and he is done with long hours for the rest of the summer.  We had snacks together and then watched a few comedies before heading to bed.

Thursday (6/28) Today we were all dragging.  We barely got up and out the door on time today.  Adrian headed to work and I dropped the boys off at Math Plus camp.  They were so quiet on the ride to camp I thought I forgot them at home!!  After I dropped them off, I headed across town to teach my two Silver Sneakers classes.  I had a great time with my students and then headed back across to pick up the boys.  When I picked them up, I could tell they were exhausted, as was I, so we took a vote and decided to cancel our whole day and stay home and rest.  It was the best decision for us for sure!!  They played video games, watched TV and played board games while I watched TV, got a few things done and ran to Meijer quickly.  Adrian got home just in time for me to head to the church to work for a few hours.  When I got home, we got the kids to bed, watched a few comedies and then headed to bed too.  Hoping for a good night of sleep so we're rested for the weekend!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 5/25 - 5/31)

Friday (5/25) Last day of school!!  We let AJ sleep in a little since Adrian had the day off and then he drove him to school for his last day.  Zak decided at the last minute to stay home with us so I went and dropped Daniel off and then came home to get us ready to leave for camping.  The day passed quickly because we were super busy getting everything done to leave for the weekend.  AJ had begged to take the bus home for the last time with his buddy David so we decided to let everyone stay at school for the full day and come home at their normal time and leave after that.  And we are glad we did because Adrian and I still weren't ready when everyone was home at around 3:30.
When we were finally ready, we hit the road to Whispering Hills Campground and got there right around 6pm.  We got checked in and started to set up camp.  The boys were thrilled that the play ground was right across the street from our camp site and that their friend was right down the road.  They played while Adrian and I set up.  After a while, I took them on a golf cart ride up to the front so they could bounce on the giant jump pad.  Soon after, everyone else joined us up there for pizza for dinner.  After dinner, we headed back to our sites for a quiet camp fire and an early bedtime since we were all tired from a long day of school, packing and setting up camp.
Saturday (5/26) We all slept great and most of us slept in this morning.  I was woke up by Daniel around 8am saying "Mom. The tent is open and Zak isn't here!" Thankfully, I looked out the door and saw him playing on the playground across the street.  We had a long talk about how he needs to tell us where he is going before he just leaves the tent.  He told me "You were all asleep and I was awake so I just started playing."

The day passed quickly with lots of fun things going on.  We went swimming, made tie die tee shirts, played at the park, played mini golf, ate a lot, drank a lot, laughed a lot.  In the late afternoon a giant storm blew in and we were trapped under our canopy and in the tent for about an hour.  Thankfully it stopped in time for us to cook dinner and then head up to the "top of the world" for an amazing fireworks show.  After fireworks we headed back to our sites for some smores, sparklers and camp fire relaxing.  Other than the rain, it was a perfect camping day!
Sunday (5/27) Happy 12th Anniversary to Adrian and I!!  Our day was spent much like yesterday with lots of pool time, mini golf, playing, driving around in the golf cart, eating, drinking and laughing.  Thankfully there was no rain today so that made the day much nicer than yesterday.  We also didn't have fireworks but we did have an anniversary cake to celebrate with around the fire at night.  We also had smores, sparklers and fun with light up fingers and teeth.  It was a nice relaxing day at the campground!
Monday (5/28) We got up today and were bummed to realize it was time to head back to reality.  We had so much fun relaxing and camping this weekend and we did not want it to end.  But as all good things do, today was the end of this camping trip.  Adrian got to work breaking camp and I took all of the kids on a few golf cart rides around the camp ground.  We had one last stop at the jump pad and had the place to ourselves.  As soon as everything was packed up, we hit the road back home.
Unfortunately we didn't have a great ride back home.  Zak and Daniel both threw up in the car, we think it was from dehydration and the windy country roads.  Thankfully by the time we got home, everyone was feeling fine.  We unpacked the car and spent the rest of the day cooling off, relaxing and hydrating.  I got some of the gigantic laundry started but we left most of the work for the week ahead.  We all headed to bed really early because we were exhausted from the amazing weekend!

Tuesday (5/29) After a long and peaceful night of sleep, it was back to reality for all of us.  Adrian got up and out to work while I got the boys ready to head to the Harcum for my two Silver Sneakers classes.  They will come with me all summer and sit in the lobby on their electronics while I teach.  We got there just in time for class.  I had a great time working out, although I had a few kinks to work out from the weekend.  After class, we came home and had a lazy day at home.  The boys watched TV, played video games and played in our yard while I unpacked, did laundry and figured out what else we needed for the week.

When Adrian got home, we had leftovers for dinner and then settled in to watch "Black Panther" for family movie night.  Tonight started our summer tradition of everyone picking one thing to do each week.  Tonight was AJ's pick since he wants to watch the two remaining Avengers movies that we haven't seen before going to see Infinity Wars this weekend.  We all loved "Black Panther" it was one of the better Marvel movies.  Zak watched most of it but did lose interest after a while.  When the movie was over, everyone headed to bed for the night since we're still recovering from our busy weekend.
Wednesday (5/30) We again all got a great night of sleep and were slow moving in the morning.  Adrian got out to work and I eventually got the boys ready and to our dentist appointments.  Everyone did great and three of the four of us didn't have cavities.  Unfortunately, Zak has two small ones and will need to come back in two weeks for fillings.  When we were done at the dentist, we headed to my pick for the week - strawberry picking.  We were out in the field for about an hour and we picked just under 10 pounds of delicious strawberries.  I will freeze some for my smoothies and hopefully Zak and I will eat the rest fresh.
After we finished picking, we headed home for lunch and another relaxing afternoon.  The boys played video games, watched TV and played in the yard while I finished up all of our camping laundry and got some stuff done around the house.  Adrian had small group tonight so he just stayed late at work and headed straight to group.  He got home just in time for bed time for the boys.  Then we made snacks for ourselves and watched a few comedies before heading to bed.  It's exhausting recovering from even a small vacation!

Thursday (5/31) We were all finally starting to feel back to normal today after the weekend.  We all got up and moving on time in the morning and Adrian headed to work while I headed to Harcum with the boys to teach my two Silver Sneakers classes.  When class was over, we headed to Zak's pick for the week - Glow Putt!!  We had fun playing a round of golf and won two free games on the last hole!!
After we finished golfing, we headed home for lunch and a relaxing afternoon.  I got a few things done while the boys played and the afternoon passed quickly.  I was supposed to work at the church tonight, but they cancelled at the last minute so I didn't have to.  Instead, I headed out to do our grocery shopping for next week while Adrian took the boys to AJ's end of season soccer party.  They had fun eating and playing at Hannah Park.  When we all got back home, we got the boys down to bed and watched a few comedies before heading to bed ourselves.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Keeping Up With...Food (Meal Plan for June 24 - June 30)

Last week was busy but slightly less busy than we were expecting it to be.  We were able to mostly follow our meal plan for the week until Friday night when I just didn't feel like cooking and neither did Adrian.  So we made turkey ruebens for dinner and bumped one of the recipes to this week.  I still consider it a win when we don't eat out any more than we are planning to, especially since we really wanted to go pick something up Friday night.  I'm proud of us that we resisted the urge and ate from some of the stuff we have in the house.

This week things start to calm down some.  We have hardly anything going on in July, other than swim lessons for the boys which are very low stress.  I will be working a little more in July since a lot of the other instructors are traveling this month but I think it will all work out great in the end.  We are home every night this week so I'm not going to do a leftovers night this week.  We are going out to dinner one night this week since that is Daniel's pick for the week.  We'll be taking the boys to Olive Garden for the first time since we have a gift card for there and they love pasta.  Hope it goes well!!

Here's what we're eating this week:
Sunday - Steak on the grill
Monday - Loaded Potato Soup
Tuesday - Shrimp Fajitas for Adrian & I and Tacos for the boys
Wednesday - Buffalo Chicken Pasta
Thursday - Out to Olive Garden
Friday - Chicken & Blueberry Salads at Zoombeezi Bay
Saturday - Sausage & Pepper Packets hopefully on the grill

Water Flavor - Mango since I got one for 50 cents at Aldi this week!

Overnight Oats - We didn't eat a lot of these last week so we still have 2 days worth of oats left over.  I will use the last of my International Delights yogurts to make two batches this week, then I will follow my normal recipe to make peanut butter chip and apple pie using homemade applesauce from apples that we got for free but Daniel doesn't like them so we aren't eating them very fast.

Use it Up - I just realized I haven't been posting about this the past few weeks.  I'm still doing it each week and it will be a big part of the next month because I'm going to try to do as little grocery shopping as possible.  It's just very hard with the boys home.  So I'm hoping to use up what we have in the freezers and pantries for the rest of the summer, then restock everything in Aug.  This week I'm using up the apples we have before they go bad as well as lots of fruits and veggies that I bought this past week at my stock up trip to Costco.

Lunches - All of my lunches this week will be on the go because we have math camp in the morning and swim lessons in the early afternoon.  So I will be having salads poolside at the Y every day this week.  I have a lot of lettuce, avocados and lunch meat to use up so this is the perfect week for lots of salads.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 6/15 - 6/21)

Friday (6/15) Today was the one day we could sleep in and be lazy and of course everyone was up by 7am.  Sigh.  Adrian was already gone to Origins for the day when we got up.  The boys and I watched some TV then got ready to head to Michael's for their slime making class.  I honestly thought it was kind of a dud.  We made little tiny bags of slime and it didn't even work.  We should have done it at home on our own.  But the boys seemed to enjoy it so I guess it wasn't all bad.  When we were done, we came home and relaxed and had lunch before heading out again in the afternoon.

We headed downtown to Gateway Film Center to see Shrek in the afternoon.  It was AJ's pick of the week and we were able to see if for free thanks to our local library.  They have a book to movie program for the summer and each week is a new movie.  We all really enjoyed the movie.  I forgot how funny it was and even Zak watched almost the whole movie.  We finished two bags of popcorn and when the movie was over, we fought the rush hour traffic to head home for the night.
The boys spent the day playing video games, filming Beanboozeled, and playing outside in the water.  After dinner, we had my pick for the week of playing my favorite board game, Valeria.  It was a fun and exciting game, AJ and I got 54 points and Daniel got 53.  Closest game we've ever had!  When we were done, the boys had snacks and I got them to bed.  Then I did a little prep for AJ's party tomorrow before relaxing and heading to bed myself.  It was a long day being on my own all day with all three kids, but worth it because Adrian had a great day at Origins!

Saturday (6/16) The day started early for all of us because we had commitments.  I had to teach a Zumba class and Adrian had to meet up with some people at Origins to trade some board games.  The boys really didn't want to go with me so we made the decision to let them stay home and have AJ babysit the other two.  We were gone for about 2 hours and the boys did great!  They didn't have any problems and AJ got 4 thumbs up as a babysitter.  This opens up a whole new world for us!!

When we all got home, we started getting ready for AJ's birthday party.  He waited to have his friends' party until his best buddy could join in the fun.  We set up our pool and a few things outside and a bunch of snacks in the house.  Just as everyone arrived, the sky opened up and it downpoured!  We had bad rain storms on and off the whole time the boys were here for the party, but we made it work.  When it was nice, we played outside with Nerf guns, water guns, water balloons & toys.  When it wasn't nice, we played inside with video games.  We also enjoyed Jets pizza and Oreo ice cream cake.  It was exactly what AJ wanted & everyone had a blast!

Most of the boys left and then the second part of the party began - AJ's buddy David spent the night.  All four boys had a blast playing "Arms" and a few other video games upstairs while Adrian and I cleaned up from the party and got a few things done.  We were exhausted, but the boys wanted to stay up so we let they stay up until 11pm.  We finally got them settled in bed shortly after that and headed to bed ourselves.  It was a fun but exhausting day!

Sunday (6/17) Happy Father's Day!!  We all got up and moving early this morning since we were heading to Origins for the day.  David and AJ got up first and started playing while I got their breakfast of bacon and french toast ready.  The other boys woke up shortly after and it was apparent that no one got enough sleep based on their attitudes.  But we made the best of it and got David ready to be picked up and then we got ready and headed downtown for a day of games.

We got there and got checked in and started our day with the Pokemon challenge.  AJ and Daniel tried to do this last year but ran out of time so it was a priority today.  Throughout the day they beat 8 gym leaders and the champion to win the challenge.  Daniel won a new plushie and AJ won 50 cards.  They also all got Pokemon hats and a few free cards along the way.  While they did that, Adrian and I took turns playing games with Zak.  We also took everyone into the video game room which was fun.  We played a lot of games, had a lot of fun and got a few good deals on some games we bought.  It was a fun but exhausting afternoon!

We got home hungry and exhausted so we got dinner together and then rested for a bit.  We called my parents in FL since it was my mom's birthday and Father's Day.  We had a nice video call and got to sing to my mom before we hung up.  Then while they enjoyed their birthday pie, we headed to Cones N Concoctions to get an ice cream treat for everyone.  I can't believe we don't go to this local ice cream place more often!  When we got home, the boys were exhausted & Daniel and Zak chose to go to bed while AJ watched one show and then went to bed.  Adrian and I blew off all of the clean up and watched a few shows, catching up on "Superstore."  I barely made it to the end and headed immediately to bed when it was over.  It's been a fun but exhausting few days and I'm ready for a good night of sleep!
Monday (6/18) We all slept in until after 8am, that never happens!  We had a relaxing, lazy start to our day before heading out to Zak's pick for the week.  We went to World of Bounce to play on the bounce houses for a bit before the boys went to Math camp.  The boys had a great time at both places!  They didn't want to leave the bounce houses, but were so glad they did after camp.  AJ and Daniel have Minecraft camp all week & Zak has Lego Robotics camp.  After I picked them up, we stopped by Family Video to get two video games with our free rentals from their report cards and headed home.
When we got home, Daniel and Zak headed into the yard to play with the water while AJ headed upstairs to play the Thor game we rented for the night.  I got a few things done and got dinner together.  After dinner, I headed out to work at the church for a few hours while Adrian hung at home with the kids.  When I got home, we got the boys down for bed, finished up a few things around the house and watched another episode of "The Good Doctor" before heading to bed.  The week is off to a great start!!

Tuesday (6/19) We all got a good night of sleep and then got up and got moving quickly.  Adrian headed to work for his first long day of the week while I got the boys ready and headed to Harcum to teach my two Silver Sneakers classes.  We had a fun time in class and then I took the boys to redeem some coupons at Taco Bell and Cane's for their lunches before dropping them off for day two of Math Plus camps.  While they were at camp, I ran to Kroger and Giant Eagle to get some grocery shopping done.  Then I came home and dropped off what I bought, packed up our dinners and headed to pick the boys up from camp.

We went straight from camp out to meet Carl, Sarah, Isabelle and Vinnie at the dinosaur splash pads and park for the night.  The kids had a great time running around playing together and enjoying a picnic dinner.  The grown ups got to catch up a little and enjoyed watching the kids run around.  The weather wasn't great, but it didn't start raining until the very end and since everyone was wet from the splash pads anyway, the kids enjoyed playing in the rain.  I think the bad weather helped since it wasn't very crowded at all.  It started to get late so we said goodbye to Carl & his family and headed home.  Adrian got home sooner than expected so we all did bedtime together and then he and I watched a few comedies before heading to bed.
Wednesday (6/20) We all slept in a little after a late night last night.  By the time the boys and I got up, Adrian was already out to his second long day of work this week.  We had a slow morning and then got ready to head to the movies for the reduced showing of "Ninjago."  AJ, Daniel and I saw it last summer, but Daniel really wanted to see it again.  We all enjoyed the show and especially enjoyed the previews for the new Teen Titans Go movie, Lego Movie 2 and Wreck it Ralph 2.  Lots of fun movies coming up!
After the movie, we headed to Math Plus for day 3 of camp.  While the boys were there, I went to volunteer at the church for the afternoon.  After I picked the boys up from camp, we stopped at Family Video to use some of our free rentals for video games.  When we got home, we had a relaxing night at home playing video games, watching TV and getting stuff around the house done.  Adrian didn't work nearly as late as he was thinking and was home just in time for bed time for the boys.  We watched a few comedies when they were asleep and headed to bed.  I'm happy Adrian's busy season is almost over and it wasn't as busy as it has been in past years!
Thursday (6/21) We all got up and moving early this morning.  Adrian headed to work and I headed to Harcum to teach my two Silver Sneakers classes with the boys.  During my second class, we celebrated one of the students, Eva Mae, who is turning 96 tomorrow!  She exercises every day and says that is how she has lived such a long and happy life.  She comes to my class twice a week and is an inspiration to me and so many of the other students as well.  Happy Birthday Eva Mae!!
After class, we grabbed a quick lunch from McDonald's (and Taco Bell for AJ) and headed to day 4 of Math Plus camps.  While the boys were there I did a few errands, including running to Costco and Aldi to stock up on some things we needed.  When camp was over, it was pouring so we headed straight home to relax for the night.  Adrian got home just in time for dinner and then we went to drop the van off to the dealer because the air conditioning isn't working right.  Since the weather was so bad and the week has been so busy, we enjoyed a relaxing night at home before everyone headed to bed fairly early.