Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Dad's Day at Preschool)

Since Father's Day is after school is out for the year, Daniel's preschool does a Dad's Day every year for the Dads to come in and have a party with their kids.  All the kids were so excited, especially Daniel. 

This year the theme was Superhero's Day.  When Adrian got there, they both got masks, then took a picture together.  This was a big deal because last year Daniel wouldn't pose for a picture with either Adrian or I.  How cute is this picture?
The kids and dads had snack together and played a few games, including pin the mask on the superhero.  Daniel liked this game because he got to "spin Daddy."  Then they made a craft together.
"Here's a Monster Hug for you"
They played some more games and had free play and then all the kids gave the dads their presents.  They got a "superhero survival pack" which had Life Savers, smarties & a giant sucker in it.  They also got all of these homemade crafts, most of which are now decorating Adrian's office.

We asked Daniel about "flying" in the picture above.  We were asking him which city he was flying over and if it was "downtown."  He told us "No, I'm just laying on a blanket, it just looks like I'm flying."  He totally missed the point of not telling us the secret.

Finally, the kids made a book that talked about an awesome superhero.  How he could do all these amazing things and on the final page, the superhero's identity was revealed to be...
Such a fun day for Adrian & Daniel!  I'm so thankful that the school thought to do this day.  I know a lot of schools do Mother's Day since the kids are still in school for that.  It's nice to have the Dads recognized too.  And Adrian so rarely talks to Daniel's teacher or sees the classroom or anything so it's nice for him to have a glimpse at that part of Daniel's day.

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