Monday, July 31, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 7/28 - 8/3 - Part 1)

Friday (7/28) Today is Adrian's last day of work before our staycation for the next week!!  I have one more class tomorrow and then I'm off as well.  He headed off to work early while we had a fairly lazy morning before getting ready to head to the Y for one of the Zumba classes I was subbing this morning.  After class, we headed to Aldi to pick up the last of the groceries we need for the next week or so then came home to have a big lunch before a little bit of relaxing before a busy night.

I packed up sandwiches for dinner and we headed up to Zoombezi Bay to meet Adrian after work this afternoon.  We had a great time swimming together!  We spent a bunch of time in the wave pool, took a few laps around the lazy river and played at Baboon Lagoon for a while.  We also all did "Sound Surfer" again, which was awesome.  We go so fast when we're all in the tube together.  And also AJ and I rode "Big Boa Falls" which was SO fun!  We both loved it and are hoping to get to ride it again this season!
We were going to stay for the movie night at the wave pool but it got really cold as the sun went down.  Since we weren't really prepared for the cold temps, we decided to pack it in early and head home.  We got changed into dry clothes, made some popcorn and snuggled up on the couch to watch the movie at home.  It was called "We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story" and it honestly wasn't very good.  I'm thankful I had some stuff to do on the computer while it was on.  Zak was bored and tired so he and Adrian went upstairs to watch TV and fell asleep in our bed.  When the other boys saw that, they asked me to have a sleepover with them and sleep in Zak's bed tonight so that's what we're doing.  Such a great kick off day to our staycation!!

Saturday (7/29) started super early for me because I had a hard time sleeping in Zak's twin bed.  So I got up and got a few things done before heading out to teach my last Zumba class for about a week.  We had so much fun dancing this morning!  Then I ran to get a quick eyebrow wax and came home to work like a beast around the house so everything we need to do will be done and we can just enjoy this next week.  The boys had a friend come over so they were occupied playing for the afternoon while Adrian and I worked.  We finished everything up and were even able to have some fun including playing a few games.  Headed to bed early so we are ready to go for tomorrow!!

Sunday (7/30) We really kicked the staycation up today with our week long plans.  We got up and had a nice morning together then got ready and headed to the zoo.  We were going to take advantage of our gold memberships and do all of the things we don't always do.  We started out by walking around North America looking at animals, playing on the play structure and riding the train.  Then we headed over the Africa for the main event - feed the giraffes.  We had to wait about 20 minutes until it was time and before we knew it, we were introduced to baby Logan.  AJ, Zak, Adrian and I all fed him some lettuce.  Daniel did not want to do it, so he gave his lettuce to AJ.  AJ loved this experience!!  He has always loved giraffes and thought it was amazing to be able to feed them.  He asked to do it again so we're going to go back again this fall to feed them.

After that, we headed over to the other side of the zoo to cool and rest in the 4D theater.  We watched "The Lego Movie" short, which we have already seen but it was still funny.  When we came out, the boys wanted to play in the new play area over there so they did that while Adrian and sat and watched.  There are splash pads in this area so AJ and Zak got soaked!  We finished up and headed on to our next stop, Dinosaur Island, with a stop on the merry go round on our way.  When we got to Dino Island, there was an hour wait for the boat ride so we decided to head out to Jungle Jack's landing and ride some rides and try to come back and ride later.

We got to Jungle Jack's and Zak finally was interested in riding rides, yay!!  We rode the big swings, tilt a whirl, dust devil, safari stampede and log flume - multiple times.  There were no lines so we just ran from ride to ride for about two hours.  The only downside was the Sea Dragon coaster wasn't opened.  But now we have a reason to go back and ride again!  After a bunch of rides we decided to head back in to try Dinosaur Island one more time before the zoo closed.  We got there and the wait was down to 20 minutes so we got to ride and have a "guided" tour of the ride.  It was cute and the boys loved seeing all of the dinosaurs.  We finished up our day with the boys playing on the play structure in that area and Zak and I riding the log flume one last time on the way out.  It was an amazing day & we all had a blast!  My cheeks hurt from smiling so much!


When we got home, we were all hungry and tired.  So we cooked a quick dinner, the boys played a quick game of "Pokemon: Master Trainer" their new board game and we headed to bed.  Adrian watched this week's episode of "Game of Thrones" while I watched the season finale of "Big Little Lies."  I was so tired that I barely made it to the end of the show and as soon as it was over, my head hit the pillow and I was out.  Gotta get my rest for tomorrow!

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