Friday, July 28, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 7/21 - 7/27)

Friday (7/21) We woke up to the disappointing news that the weather forecast for the weekend got a lot worse and we had to cancel our camping trip.  I was really looking forward to a weekend away to just relax and unwind with our good friends.  But with thunderstorms forecast for most of tomorrow, it just doesn't make sense.  So we made an alternate plan.  I went to teach my Zumba class as planned this morning, then I came home and we had a relaxing day hanging around the house.  Adrian and I unpacked what we had gotten together for camping and we played board games and video games with the boys.  The weather cleared up enough for us to grill out some burgers, brats & hot dogs for dinner.  And we finished up the night with an early bedtime for the boys and a movie night for us.  We watched "Wanderlust" that we had recorded from our free HBO trail.  It was OK, some funny parts but not as funny as we thought it would be.  Nice light movie for a lazy night though!

Saturday (7/22) We woke up ready for family fun day since our camping trip was cancelled.  I'll be honest, I woke up to hear thunder and was never so happy to be in a thunderstorm.  It has rained and stormed on and off all day so we made the right decision to stay home and stay safe.  Our first stop of the day was World of Bounce for some bounce time for the boys.  They had a blast running around and bouncing on everything!  We were there for about an hour and a half before the kids said they were done so we moved on to stop 2.  We headed up to the new Ikea in the Polaris area because Adrian wanted to get some new shelves.  It was a little intimidating and overwhelming, especially since there was a long wait for childcare so we had to keep the boys with us while we shopped.  We didn't browse as much as we wanted to, but we did find our shelves.
After those two stops, we were all hungry so we headed to our favorite family restaurant, Red Robin (yum!)  We had a delicious lunch together and the boys had fun doing the games on their placemats.  After lunch I wanted to check out Duck Donuts because I had heard great things about it.  It was a little overwhelming since I didn't realize you design your own donuts.  But once we figured it out, we loved the idea!  The boys are very excited to eat their creations tomorrow morning for breakfast.  After that stop, we headed back to our side of town to go to Glow Putt mini golf again.  The boys all wanted Adrian to see all of the changes.  We had fun playing together, Adrian beat all of us as usual and was the only one to win a free game this time.
We finished up with a stop at Menchie's for some make your own ice cream (yogurt).  AJ was super excited that they had Smores marshmallows as one of the toppings.  He made a huge cup of ice cream, it was so big he couldn't even finish it.  After that, we all headed home super full and super tired.  The boys wanted some video game time and Adrian and I relaxed for a while.  Then we played a family game of Splendor and Adrian and I played Valeria Card Kingdoms (I won!)  We finished the night with lots of video games, relaxing and Adrian putting together his new shelving unit.  We also planned our staycation week.  So much fun left to be had this summer!!
Sunday (7/23) started super early when Zak had me up at 4:30am.  Thankfully Adrian woke up at 6:30 and took him downstairs so I went back to sleep for about 2 hours.  We woke up to horrible rain and again were very thankful that we decided not to go camping.  We enjoyed our Duck Donuts from yesterday for breakfast and then headed out to church in the pouring rain.  After church, we had lunch and Adrian ran downtown to pick up some Butch's ribs for our dinner.  We spent the rest of the day doing a few things around the house and playing board games with the kids.  We finished up with Adrian watching Game of Thrones after we got the kids to bed while I watched Big Little Lies upstairs.  It's looking like that will be every Sunday for the next few weeks.
Monday (7/24) After a long weekend together, Adrian was back to work this morning.  I think the boys were all still tired because they slept until after 8am this morning!  When they finally got up and moving, we got ready and headed out to see a new to us movie, Megamind.  It was a special at the local theater so we decided to check it out.  We all loved the movie!!  Zak got a little squirmy in the middle but after two trips to the bathroom, he was good for the rest of the movie.
After the movie, we ran two quick errands and then headed to the Y for a quick lunch before swim lessons for AJ and Daniel.  Zak and I headed to the outside pool which I thought was cold, but he thought was perfect.  We swam for a while and AJ and Daniel joined us after their lessons.  We found out they both moved up a level for next session and they are both super proud of themselves.  After swimming we changed quickly and I taught my first Zumba class of many for the week.  We came home to Adrian already home and firing up the grill for some delicious T Bone steaks on the grill.  The rest of the night flew by and before we knew it, it was time for bed.  I think we will all sleep well again tonight!

Tuesday (7/25) Boy was I wrong about a good night of sleep!  AJ woke up around 4:30am and did not go back to sleep.  I dosed a little but he mostly kept me up.  It was going to be a long day.  We relaxed on the couch waiting for the other two to wake up.  When they finally did, we got ready to head to my Silver Sneakers class.  After an awesome class, we ran to Giant Eagle for some groceries and then came home for a quick lunch and to change into swim suits.  When we finished up, we headed out to Easton for the afternoon.  We went to Barnes & Noble to pick up our free books from the summer reading program, Cheryl's to pick up our free cookies from our report cards and then to play in the fountains for a while.  It was a very fun afternoon!!  After that, we came home and had a pretty calm night, mostly because I was exhausted.  We enjoyed meatball subs for dinner and M&M ice cream sandwiches for dessert.  Another pretty good summer day for us!
Wednesday (7/26) was a very long day for me.  Daniel couldn't sleep last night so he and I slept in the spare room, although I use the term "sleep" lightly.  He slept great, I tossed and turned most of the night.  I also overslept and we all had to rush out to get to the Zumba class that I was subbing this morning.  I actually taught two classes back to back and was exhausted after.  We headed home and grabbed a quick lunch then off to the Y for the last day of swim lessons.  AJ and Daniel finished up strong, they both got great reports for this session and Daniel will be moving up next session.  We all swam together for a while and then got dressed so I could teach class number 3 for the day.

After my class, we had to run to the library to pick up a book for AJ for his summer reading project and also our next round of prizes for the summer reading program.  All of us earned a book at this level so the boys picked their books today, I got a coupon so I can come back another day.  Then we got home, had leftovers for dinner and had a fairly calm night.  I'm really hoping for some sleep tonight, I really need it!

Thursday (7/27) It was another rough night of sleep for us, Daniel couldn't sleep alone again so he and I were in my bed while Adrian was downstairs on the couch.  AJ was up for about 30 minutes in the middle of the night with an upset stomach.  I'm really hoping this ends soon!  We got out and to my Silver Sneakers class and then headed home for a quick lunch before the boys' friends Daniel and Michael came over for a Minecraft play date.  The boys took turns playing Minecraft and doing other things around the house.  It's always nice to catch up with Katie while our boys play!  We had a few rough moments but we powered thru and I think everyone had fun.  The rest of the day was rainy and lazy.  We watched TV, played games, had an easy pasta dinner and relaxed.  I did brave the rain to go out and finish up our grocery shopping because shopping alone in the rain is way better than shopping with the 3 boys!

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