Friday, July 7, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 6/23 - 6/29 - Part 2)

Monday (6/26) I'm loving summer and not having somewhere to go most mornings!  We had a relaxing morning at home watching TV, hanging out and getting ready slowly.  Then we headed out to eye doctor appointment for me and all three boys.  They all went great, the boys have 20/20 vision.  My eye sight got slightly worse and I now need bifocals.  I was not amused - although the print looked amazingly clear with those lens.  After we finished at the eye doctor we ran home for a quick lunch before heading to the Y for AJ and Daniel's swim lessons.

We got to the Y and got AJ and Daniel started in their lessons and Zak swam in the open swim area.  After lessons, AJ and Daniel joined Zak and they swam for about an hour.  No one asked me to swim with them, so I happily sat, watched and played on my phone.  I pulled them out to dry off, get changed and have a snack before I had to get them checked in to childcare so I could teach my Zumba class.  After class, we headed to Jersey Baptist Church for the first night of VBS for the boys.  They are excited for the space theme, I'm excited for some time to myself every night.

I got home after drop off and was shocked to see Adrian already home.  He was supposed to be working late tonight so I was not expecting him.  We had a nice dinner together and then he went to pick up the boys so I could get a few things done at home.  On the way home, they saw a double rainbow.  The boys came running in to get me when they got home so I could see it as well.  It was a really nice end to a pretty awesome day.
Tuesday (6/27) Today was a day of new places for us!  We started out at my Silver Sneakers class in the morning and then hit the road to drive across town to Delaware to check out the dinosaur themed park and splash pads they have.  The boys loved this park!  We spent a few hours playing in the water, having a picnic lunch and running around the play ground.  Lots of different things to do and plenty for all three ages for my boys.  And the weather was perfect for a day outside!

We were all hungry after running around so I decided to stop by a place I've been wanting to check out, the Cookie Dough Creamery.  It did not disappoint!  You get to pick the cookie dough you want and then add whatever toppings you want.  I had chocolate chip and Oreo cookie doughs with cake batter ice cream topped with Reese's Pieces, hot fudge and peanut butter.  It was delicious!  The boys enjoyed it too, although they didn't love the cookie dough and said they prefer Menchie's.
We made a quick stop at the library to pick up some books and some coupons from the summer reading program before heading home for a quick dinner of meatball subs.  Then I dropped the boys off for night two of VBS and headed to another new to me place, Prost.  It's a local bar that a few friends were meeting at so I decided to go have a beer and chat with them for a bit.  We sat outside on the patio and it was so relaxing!  I should have been grocery shopping but this stop was way better!  I wish I could have stayed longer but I needed to leave to go back to pick up the kids and get them home and to bed.  It was a fun and tiring day of new adventures for all of us!!

Wednesday (6/28) started very lazy for us since we didn't have anything planned.  We slept in, the boys slept until after 8am.  Then we hung out watching TV, playing video games and getting a few things done around the house.  It was a nice respite in a busy week.  We had a big lunch of pasta before heading to the Y for swim lessons for AJ and Daniel and swimming for all of us.  It's working out nice to go swim in the afternoon then get dressed and grab a snack before I teach my afternoon classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.  We'll keep doing it for most of the summer.  Today some of our friends were there so it was nice to the boys to have other kids to play with and me to have other adults to chat with.

After my class at the Y, we headed to night 3 of VBS for the boys.  I dropped them off then ran to Giant Eagle, Aldi & Meijer to do our grocery shopping for the week.  It was really nice not to have them with me while I was shopping.  I got everything done so quick and didn't spend any extra money!  I even got back to the church about 10 minutes before pick up.  After we got home, we had a quick snack and show and then were surprised when Dad got home from work a lot earlier than we thought he would.  He helped do bath and bedtime with the boys before turning in himself after a long week of work. 

Thursday (6/29) I hit the wall for the summer and did not feel like doing anything with the boys today.  So we went to my Silver Sneakers class this morning and then came home and relaxed all afternoon.  We watched TV, played video games and got caught up on a few things around the house.  It was glorious.  Adrian got home and I went to teach my Zumba class this afternoon while he fed the boys and got them ready for the last night of VBS.  We dropped the boys off and then he and I went out for a dinner date night.  We went to a local Mexican place, Nuevo Leon for fajitas and margaritas.  It did not disappoint.  It was really nice to have a night to just relax and chat with Adrian after not seeing him much the past two weeks.  Plus I had so much less clean up to do since I didn't cook dinner.  It was a really relaxing day and I'm hoping the slower day will help rejuvenate me for the weekend!

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