Saturday, July 15, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 7/7 - 7/13)

Friday (7/7) Started with us all sleeping in again, we are going to be hurting in 6 weeks when we have to go back to school!  I had to teach two classes at the Garver Y in the morning so we got up and moving and got ready to leave.  We were still up in the air about our afternoon because we planned to be outside but there was 50% chance of thunderstorms.  After class we came out to some pretty dark clouds so we decided to cancel our plans and head home for the day.  We got hit with a pretty bad storm this afternoon so I'm glad we were home and safe.

I had one more class to teach this afternoon so Adrian got home early so I could get to class on time.  When I finally got home we were all really tired and didn't feel like cooking dinner.  So we heated up some chicken strips and I made some nice big salads for dinner.  It was family movie night for us and it was Zak's pick so we watched "Finding Dory."  It was pretty good, better than I was expecting.  AJ wanted to make his own trail mix to watch during the movie so we did that before we started the movie.  We mixed cheddar goldfish, pretzel goldfish, chocolate chips and popcorn.  Zak and AJ both ate and loved that!  Daniel had just plain popcorn since he's not a fan of pretzels.  Nice relaxing family night at home!
Saturday (7/8) started slow and lazy for all of us.  Then I had to get ready to go out for a day full of Zumba.  I subbed a class in the late morning and then headed across town for another Zumba jam.  It's funny that I haven't been to one in close to a year and now I've gone to two in less than two weeks.  I had a great three hours of dancing, laughing and learning with about 15 other instructors.  Again, I loved all four songs that we learned so I'll be bringing lots of new choreo to my classes over the next few weeks.

While I was out all day, Adrian and the boys hung out together.  They played a few board games, then went out shopping for more board games.  They went to two different stores and bought a new game that we'll be playing this week.  They also stopped at Dunkin Donuts to buy us breakfast for tomorrow.  When they got home, Adrian grilled amazing steak for us for dinner and we had a relaxing night.  I was exhausted and didn't feel like doing much so we played two board games (Sushi Go Party & Splendor), watch a little TV, ate some snacks and headed to bed.

Sunday (7/9) We all got up and moving and to church this morning.  Second sermon from our new head pastor and once again I really enjoyed it.  I'm really looking forward to where our church is heading under this new leadership.  After church we came home and finished up our weekly to do lists.  We didn't have a lot to do since we just got totally caught up last week so that was nice.  Adrian had some time to play games with the boys and I took some time to practice all of my new Zumba choreo.  We had family dinner of meatball subs and discussed what we would like to do this week.  Then we watched a little TV and headed off to bed.  It's nice to feel ready to face the week and have lots of fun things planned to do this week.

Monday (7/10) We woke up to a pretty rainy day so we decided to skip our planned trip to the park and get a late start to the day.  We had a few errands to run so after lunch at home we headed to the post office and the library.  We got some more new books from the library and also picked up our next round of coupons from the summer reading program.  We also got caught it a horrible downpour on our way in so we were a little wet while we were browsing.

After we finished our errands, we headed to the Y for AJ and Daniel's swim lessons.  Zak and I were lucky enough to get some time in the outside pool, it was just us and a few of our friends, the whole pool for the 6 of us!  While they were in their lessons, AJ conquered a huge fear he has had for years - he finally jumped into the deep end unassisted.  We were all really proud of him!!  After they finished their lessons, they joined Zak and I outside for a few minutes and then we heard the first crack of thunder so we moved to the inside pool.  A bad storm blew in and I was very glad we were already at the Y in time to teach my class.  Since they had so many lifeguards they were able to open the slide so AJ and Daniel did that a few times and then we got dressed into our dry clothes so I could teach my Zumba class.

We got a break in the rain right after class so we could run to the car to get home.  We drove home thru rain and traffic but made it safely.  After a quick dinner, we had family game night playing "Fury of Dracula."  It was a pretty involved game, a little too much for some of us.  But it was also a kind of fun game.  We're going to play again this weekend to try to get the rules down a little better.  After that is was time for snack, show and bedtime.  Thankful we made the most out of a rainy day!

Tuesday (7/11) We woke up again to a forecast of storms today and weren't sure if we should continue with our outdoor plans or change our minds.  We headed to my Silver Sneakers class and figured we'd decide after that.  When we came out, the sky was dark and cloudy so we decided not to do our outdoor plan.  We went home and grabbed lunch then headed to Brain Balance for a follow up assessment for AJ.  He is doing well so we'll keep doing what we're doing at home and then we'll go for another one right before school starts.

Then we headed to Costco because I really needed to restock some of our essentials from there.  It was AJ's first time there and he was overwhelmed, but he loved it!  He thought it was great that he could walk around and get "free" food (samples).  I ended up buying more than I normally would but at least it's all stuff we will eat.  We came home, unloaded all of the food and then had some downtime before we had dinner.  It was a laid back night.  Oh and it never did rain so we could have gone to the park and to the Easton Fountains, sigh.
Wednesday (7/12) We got a late start today because everyone slept in pretty late.  We were going to go see "Iron Giant" at the movie theater but the boys decided they didn't want to do that.  So we hung out at home and decided to watch the movie here tomorrow night.  We had lunch at home and then headed to the Y for AJ and Daniel's swim lessons.  Zak was able to swim with his friends while they were in class.  I did not feel like swimming so I sat today out.  When AJ and Daniel finished lessons they came and joined us outside for a bit.  Then all of the boys decided they wanted to play inside so we went in to swim until it was time to get ready for my Zumba class.  I taught my class then we came home and had dinner.  Adrian went to a BBQ with some of his friends from church so we were on our own tonight, so it was an easy dinner night - frozen stuff for the boys and a big salad for me.  We were really worn out from the pool so we watched some TV and called it a day.
Thursday (7/13) We woke up and got ready to go to my Silver Sneakers class.  It was raining and storms were forecasted for the whole day so we decided to plan something indoors for the day.  After class we headed over to Sunbury to play at a new to us place called "Fun in the Jungle."  We unfortunately hit a horrible rain storm and it took us forever to get there.  But we finally got there and the boys spent 3 hours playing on their play structure and in the arcade.  AJ loved the arcade, especially the Marvel game.  Zak loved the play structure, especially the hanging bags.  Daniel didn't love it, but made the best of it.  I think he is at the in between age, too old for the play structure and too young for the arcade.
After three hours of playing, we were ready to head home.  Thankfully the rain had stopped so we drove home without incident.  We did see a lot of flooding on the way home and were very thankful to get home and find a dry street and a dry basement!  We relaxed for a while, had dinner and then had a movie night watching "Iron Giant."  It was a pretty good movie, better than I expected.  AJ and Daniel loved it, Zak got bored and went to play in the play room.  All in all, a nice way to spend a rainy day.

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