Thursday, July 20, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 7/14 - 7/20)

Friday (7/14)  We got up and headed over to the Y for my Zumba class.  There was still some standing water in places and once again I was very happy for a dry basement.  After class, we came home, had lunch and rested up for a busy night.  We packed up dinner and headed up to Zoombeezi Bay to meet Adrian after work.  We had a blast playing in the water for about 5 hours!  We rode the Sound Surfer slide as a family for the first time, which was awesome!  We spent a bunch of time in the wave pool and lazy river.  And we did all of the slides at Baboon Lagoon multiple times as a family.  Zak is finally tall enough and comfortable enough in the water to do all of these rides and we couldn't be happier!  They had a movie at night but Zak and Daniel were tired and watched to go home so I took them home to relax on the couch.  AJ and Adrian stayed and watched Space Jam in the wave pool.  AJ loved it and wants us all to watch it together soon.  Such a fun family night!!
Saturday (7/15) Adrian and I were the first ones up today, that never happens!  All of the boys slept until almost 9am, I guess Zoombeezi yesterday wore them out.  We got up and started doing a few things around the house then I headed out to teach a Zumba class I was subbing.  When I got home, we had lunch and then got started on our to do lists since today was our work day for the weekend.  We didn't get as much done as I would have liked but we made a good dent in them.  We headed out in the evening to our Township's annual ice cream social.  It was a fun night with free Velvet ice cream, play ground time, geo cacheing and seeing some friends.  The boys also enjoyed some of the "old time" games they had set up especially tug of war, sack races, bean bag toss, stilt walking & checkers.  It was a beautiful night and a very fun time!
Sunday (7/16) started as we start every Sunday, with a family trip to church.  I overslept and missed first service and was volunteering for second service so I didn't actually hear a sermon, but I still got to worship with the kids and share in communion so that's better than nothing.  After church we ran to a birthday party for the boys' friend Daniel.  We had fun eating lunch & cake, having a water fight, playing with their toys & playing in the beautiful back yard that includes a trampoline and a tree house.  We were there most of the afternoon and it was a really fun time for all of us.

We came home from the party and got started on the few things that were left on our to do list, including getting ready to go on our camping trip next weekend.  We had a light dinner and then headed to Graeter's to celebrate National Ice Cream Day with reduced price ice cream.  It was pretty busy and not our favorite trip to Graeter's, but their ice cream is so good that I'll forgive them for bad service.  After our ice cream, we gave the boys haircuts and got them to bed.  Adrian was super excited to watch the premiere of Game of Thrones so I headed up to bed early to watch my Housewives while he watched on our big TV downstairs.

Monday (7/17) started later than usual for all of us because we all had a rough night of sleep.  AJ couldn't sleep so he ended up in bed with me, Adrian was on the couch & Zak woke us all up at 5am to start the day.  Yawn.  We lazed around until it was time to head to AJ's med check at the pediatrician.  He gained like 5 pounds in 3 months and grew another 3/4 of an inch.  The doctor once again told me to keep doing what I'm doing.

We had some time to kill between the appointment and swim lessons so we ran to Glow Putt for a quick round of mini golf.  Zak has been asking to go there so I made sure to make some time for that.  We were pleasantly surprised to see that they re-themed the course with dinosaurs.  They also changed to glow in the dark balls that you "charge up" every other hole.  It was fun already and now is even better, we're very happy with the upgrades!  And Daniel and I won free games on our last hole so we'll be back again soon.

After golf, it was a pretty typical Monday for us.  We headed to the Y for AJ and Daniel's swim lessons.  Zak and I swam outside while they had lessons, then we all swam together for a while.  We got changed and they went to childcare while I taught my class.  We came home to a yummy dinner of pasta with vodka sauce, did a few things around the house, then headed to bed early since we were all tired after a fun filled day!

Tuesday (7/18) Thankfully everyone slept better last night!  Unfortunately I woke up to find out that our dryer has completely died.  I knew it was on it's last legs, but we were hoping to get a few more months out of it.  Boo!  At least I can hang clothes out to dry on my racks so we're not as helpless as when our washer broke a few months ago.  After dealing with that we headed out to teach my Silver Sneakers class and then went across the street to get cheap pancakes at IHOP for their anniversary.  Everyone loved the pancakes & we got lunch for less than $5!
After lunch, we headed to a park in Pickerington that Zak wanted to go to.  Unfortunately it was closed, I think because of the flooding we had last week.  So we had to change our plans again.  We drove over to Blacklick Woods and played there for a while which was nice.  We hung out there until AJ split his shorts and needed to leave.  So we changed plans again and decided to just come home for the day.
When Adrian got home I went out and bought a dryer which will be here on Thursday.  I also noticed during the day that one of my van's tires had a leak so I took that in to be looked at.  Unfortunately the tire had 4 holes in it which could not be fixed so in addition to a new dryer, I also got a new tire.  What a crazy day!!  I grabbed BOGO Chipotle for dinner because I did not feel like cooking after all of this craziness.  And I also got to run to Kroger to start my grocery shopping for our camping trip this weekend, yay!  Hoping tomorrow goes smoother!

Wednesday (7/19) I got a horrible night of sleep so I decided to turn off my alarm and sleep in.  The boys let me sleep until almost 9am.  We had a slow morning, did a little grocery shopping and then headed to the Y in the afternoon for swim lessons.  AJ and Daniel did their lessons while Zak and I swam outside.  It was super hot, but the water felt great.  AJ and Daniel joined us after lessons and we moved inside for a while.  We dried off and got ready for me to teach my Zumba class.  After class we came home and Adrian cooked dinner for us.  I ran out to Meijer after dinner to finish up the grocery shopping and also finished up school supplies and camping stuff.  When I got home, I was exhausted so I just rested and went to bed early.

Thursday (7/20) We got up and got moving quickly so I could get to my Silver Sneakers class on time.  Then we headed downtown to meet our friends at the Scioto Mile fountains.  The boys have been asking to go to them for a few weeks and we finally made it today.  We played in the water for a while, ran around down near the river and then walked up to Columbus Commons for some Jeni's ice cream.  Adrian walked over from his office to grab a quick ice cream treat with us.  It was super hot but we had a great time!!
We headed back towards home and made a quick stop at Meijer to exchange some of the clothes I bought yesterday that didn't fit.  Then we rushed home because my new dryer was being delivered!  I was so excited it was earlier than scheduled and I got a jump on our laundry right away.  We spent the rest of the night doing laundry, cleaning up and getting ready to go camping this weekend.  It's supposed to rain on Saturday so we are crossing our fingers the forecast is wrong.

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