Sunday, July 2, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 6/16 - 6/22 - Part 2)

Sunday (6/18) Happy Father's Day!!  We all slept in a little and then had a lazy Sunday morning of coffee, TV and video games.  We gave Adrian his Father's Day gifts early since Daniel had a baseball tournament and we weren't sure how the rest of our day would go.  We got him "Plank" the board game he wanted and a new chair for sports, camping, etc.  I also told him that his tickets for Origins yesterday were covered as part of his gift.  I made turkey reubens for lunch and then it was time to head out for Daniel's first game.
Adrian took Daniel to his game while I stayed home with AJ and Zak.  They were having a video game day while I tried to get a few things done around the house so we'd be ready for another busy week.  Adrian was texting me updates during the game but unfortunately Daniel's team lost (to probably the best team in the tournament).  So they had to play again about an hour later.  Adrian opted to just stay out at the field.  Daniel's team basically had to keep playing until they lost and since they never did, they ended up playing 4 games today!  They won the last three so they will play again tomorrow, one game for sure and two if they win.

I got a bunch of stuff done around the house while they were gone.  They didn't get back from the field until after 9pm so it was a later night than we were expecting.  We finally got the boys down to bed and Adrian and I finished off with a little leftover ice cream cake and some DVR.  Not the Father's Day we had planned but it seems like he still had a good weekend and that's what's important.

Monday (6/19) We were trying to get back to real life after our awesome week at day camp, but it's another busy week for us.  I had to wake everyone up this morning so we could get to the Y on time to sub a Barre class for my friend.  It was a great class but it was tough after not working out at all for over a week.  We ran home after the Y to have a quick lunch and pack up for a busy afternoon and evening.  Then we left again and I dropped AJ and Daniel off at Math Plus for their favorite week of the summer - Minecraft camp!  They had a blast using strategy (and math) to solve different problems the teacher gave them.
While they were at camp, Zak and I went to the library for a summer reading program.  We laughed, danced and sang with The Queen of Fun.  He really enjoyed all of the songs and I enjoyed watching him dance around.  It also earned him extra points for the summer reading program.  We picked up a few new books and then headed over to Kroger to restock our fridge/freezer/pantry before heading back to pick up the boys after camp.  Then we headed to the Y for me to teach class number 2 of the day, Zumba this time.

After class, we headed out to the baseball field for Daniel's championship game.  I was volunteering in the concession stand so I watched from there.  In the bottom of the second inning a thunderstorm blew in and we had a rain delay.  Adrian and I decided we needed to take AJ and Zak home since everything was wet and muddy.  So I left to take them home and get some things done around the house while Adrian stayed to watch the game.  It was an awesome game but Daniel's team came up one run short, 13-12.  They still won the league championship, just not the tournament.  After a long day, we watched a little TV and then went to bed early.
Tuesday (6/20) I can tell everyone is exhausted because I had to wake them up to get to my 10am class on time.  I was overwhelmed in that class, I had 33 people and had to turn a few away because we didn't have any equipment or space left!!  After class, we came home for a quick lunch together and then headed out to drop off AJ and Daniel at Minecraft camp day 2.  Zak and I ran to Giant Eagle for some food shopping before heading to the Y for some swimming.  I decided not to swim today since I have to teach another class tonight.  Zak swam with some friends for about 30 minutes before swim lessons and did a great job.  He got another 15 minutes after class to swim on his own.  I'm so proud of how much he's improving in the water!!

After swimming, we changed into dry clothes and went to pick up AJ and Daniel.  We then headed to Family Video to get our 10 free rentals and 2 free pizzas for good grades.  Each boy picked a video game and I got 2 pizzas and cheesy bread for them.  We jumped in the car and headed to Krispy Kreme to continue redeeming freebies and get our 12 free donuts.  Now I have dinner, dessert, breakfast tomorrow & lunch tomorrow covered!!  We ran home and they ate a quick dinner of pizza and donuts while I got us ready to head out to class number 2, subbing a Zumba class for my friend.

After class we came home and were surprised to find Adrian  home and not having to work tonight.  He is in the middle of the busy budget season and we thought we wouldn't see much of him this week.  He cooked dinner for he and I while the boys enjoyed playing their rented video games.  We cleaned up a little, worked on the remaining things on their summer chore charts and headed up to bed.  These summer days go by quickly!!

Wednesday (6/21) started slow and lazy with a rare morning that we had nothing planned.  We all slept in until almost 8am and then hung around the house all morning.  The boys played their rented video games before we need to return them later today while I cleaned up a bit around the house.  We had lunch and headed out to day 3 of Minecraft camp for AJ and Daniel.  While they were at camp, Zak and I met our friends at Chick Fil A for a play date.  The kids had fun playing in the (sound proof) play area while Nikki and I chatted and watched Zumba videos.  It was a great play date!
After that we picked up AJ and Daniel and headed to the Y for my Zumba class.  When class was over, we headed back towards home and made stops at Dollar Tree and Aldi for a few things we needed.  The Aldi trip was rough with all three kids, but we all survived.  We got home and I made tacos for dinner.  AJ kept saying instead of Taco Tuesday, it's Wacky Wednesday with tacos for dinner.  Adrian was stuck at work late so it was just me for bedtime and clean up.  I finally was able to sit down and relax with some popcorn and "Big Little Liars," which I am loving watching!

Thursday (6/22) we had another fairly slow start although I did have to get to work by 10am.  I taught my class and then we ran home for a quick lunch before dropping AJ and Daniel off to day 4 of Minecraft camp.  Zak and I headed straight to the Y to do some swimming while they were at camp.  We swam outside for about an hour, then came inside for his last lesson of the summer.  His teacher from last session saw him and commented that he really can't believe that is the same kid.  He's doing great - jumping in, going under, swimming, floating, etc.  I'm really proud of him!

After swimming, we went back to pick up AJ and Daniel from camp.  Then we had about an hour to kill before my second class of the day.  We ran a few quick errands and then met Adrian at my job so I could teach and he could take the boys home.  When I got home from work we shockingly were all home with nothing to do.  We thought about going to a park or something but decided a night on the couch sounded way better.

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