Thursday, July 6, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 6/23 - 6/29 - Part 1)

Friday (6/23) started the same way as most of the other days this week, slow and lazy until it was time to head to the gym for me to teach a class.  When we came out of the class, it was downpouring and we didn't have any umbrellas with us!  We made a quick run to the car and decided instead of running an errand, we would just eat our lunch in the car and play some of the video games that we had with us.  After lunch, we dropped AJ and Daniel off to their last day of Minecraft camp and then Zak and I headed to Meijer to do some shopping.

We went back to pick up AJ and Daniel from camp a little early so we could see what they had been doing all week.  They showed us the house they designed and a few of the challenges they did.  They loved this camp and I'm glad we were able to make it work this summer.  We made a quick trip to the video store to pick out 3 video games for the weekend and then headed to the Y for some swimming.  We swam for about an hour and were getting ready to leave when they turned on the water slide.  We are never there when they have it on and AJ and Daniel were so excited to slide.  They did it a bunch of times while Zak and I swam and then I finally made them leave since we had to get home for dinner.

After a quick dinner, we settled in for family movie night.  Daniel picked "Secret Life of Pets" so we watched that on Netflix.  It was pretty good, a little different than what we all thought it would be like.  But it was also funny and kept everyone's attention so that's a winner in our book.  After the movie, we put the kids to bed and then Adrian and I settled in to catch up on "Younger" one of the shows we really like but couldn't watch when we didn't have cable for over a year.  It was an early night for us since I have to work in the morning.

Saturday (6/24) I got up and moving because I had two Zumba classes that I was subbing to get to.  I had a great time in both classes, although after I was really tired after a week of 10 classes.  While I was gone, Adrian took the boys to buy a gift for Daniel's friend who was having a birthday party in the afternoon.  We all got home, had lunch and then Adrian dropped Daniel off at the party and went out to do some shopping with AJ while I stayed home with Zak to get some stuff done around the house.

Daniel had a great time at the party - watching a magic show, playing with friends, playing Mario games and eating cake.  Adrian and AJ bought a new tablet to replace the one Zak broke last weekend and also a new board game that they wanted after Origins last weekend.  When we all got back home, we decided to have a simple dinner of sandwiches and salad and have a relaxing night of video games, TV and a few chores.  It has been a long week (month really) for us and it's not over yet!

Sunday (6/25) We all slept in again and had a lazy Sunday morning.  When we got up and moving, Adrian and I started to get stuff done around the house while the boys helped us a little and played a little.  After lunch, I got some time to myself to go to a Zumba jam.  I've talked about them on here before but I don't feel like digging thru to find the links so I'll summarize here.  I go for 3 hours of dancing with other Zumba instructors to learn 4-5 songs from a Zumba jammer.  My favorite jammer Kaitlyn was here today with her boyfriend Rony who is also a jammer.  They taught us four songs and I love them all!  I can't wait to use all four in my upcoming classes.  I have another jam coming up in a few weeks and I can't wait to dance with everyone again.

After the jam, I was pretty tired but I pulled it together to help Adrian get dinner together.  We grilled steak and corn and the boys had sausages.  It was all delicious.  We finished up a few things around the house that needed to be done and finished our weekend with a family board game night.  We played "Clank" the game we bought Adrian for Father's Day but didn't have a chance to play last weekend.  It took us a while to get started but it's a pretty fun game.  After the game it was our normal routine of snacks, shows and bedtime.

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