Sunday, July 9, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 6/30 - 7/6 - Part 2)

Monday (7/3) We slept in a little and thankfully Daniel woke up feeling fine.  We did a few things in the morning including finally starting on our basement clean up project (we already got a whole bag of stuff together to get rid of).  We finished up the leftover Jets pizza for lunch then headed out to Westerville Mini Golf for a family round of golf.  We had fun playing, although it was very hot!  When we finished up we headed to the Y for some swimming for the guys and a Zumba class that I was teaching.  Adrian had a great time swimming with the boys, he hasn't seen them in a while and can't believe how much they have improved.
After working up an appetite at the Y, we came home and grilled cheeseburgers, hot dogs and sausages.  They were so good!  Adrian is getting really good and cooking on our grill, I'm so glad he got it working again.  When we finished dinner, we decided to skip fireworks tonight and play some board games as a family.  We played Splendor, Quick Cups, War and Slap Jack.  We watched Red, White and Boom (Columbus' fireworks) from the comfort of our couches and called it an early night.

Tuesday (7/4) Happy Fourth of July!!  We were up early to get ready to go march in the Reynoldsburg parade with AJ and Daniel's Cub Scout pack.  We dropped them off at their float and found out they didn't need any more adult help and that Zak could march with them.  So Adrian and I went and got donuts for breakfast and lined up at the starting line to watch the beginning of the parade and wait for our pack.  The boys had a blast marching in the parade!  We saw them pass at the beginning then moved the car to the end and saw them again.  It was a fun morning!!

After the parade, we all came home to cool off and rehydrate because it was hot out!  After lunch and some time inside, we decided to head back out into the heat to go look for some geo-caches in our neighborhood.  We have three here and found two of them.  We think we found the third one but the log just isn't there anymore.  Either that or it is really hidden well!  It was a fun family activity and we're looking forward to finding more over the upcoming months.

Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for parade number 2!  This time we were only watching, not walking.  The boys were upset they didn't get any candy during the first parade so we went to the Pickerington one since it's in the evening.  It was still very hot and we got a spot towards the end so there was very little candy to be had.  But we still made the best of it and had fun watching the parade.

We ran home and had a quick dinner before heading out to Gahanna for the grand finale of the Fourth of July weekend - fireworks at the Gahanna golf course.  This is the first time we have decided to actually go to the place that the fireworks are being set off and watch from there.  We got to the golf course around 9:00 and sat playing video games, listening to music and people watching until the show started around 10:00.  They were amazing!  We had so much fun watching them, the boys were really excited.  It was very easy to get out even though there were a ton of people there.  We will be back for sure!!

Wednesday (7/5) Whew, I think we were all exhausted after all of the fun we've had the past few days!  Everyone slept in past 9am, that never happens!  We planned to go to a park but no one had any motivation to get ready and get out the door.  So we hung around the house, got a few things done, then ran to Giant Eagle for a few groceries before heading to the Y for my Zumba class.  Then we came home, had pasta for dinner, relaxed some more and had an early bedtime.  We'll be back to fun things tomorrow I'm sure!!

Thursday (7/6) We woke up to a rainy day so we had to change our original outside plans.  We got ready and headed to my Silver Sneakers class in the morning.  While we were on our way there, the boys asked to go to McDonald's for lunch, Minions toys and some time in the play area.  Sounded like a good idea to me!  But first, I had a few errands to run after class.  We went to Half Price Books and turned in our June reading logs for 3 new books and 3 new fidget spinners.  Then we ran to Aldi to finish up our grocery shopping for the week.  We ran home to drop off the food and pick up socks for the boys and finally headed to McDonald's.  The boys had a great time playing for over 2 hours in the play area and I enjoyed some quiet time with the free WiFi.

After we got home, we had a relaxing family night at home.  Adrian got home pretty early so we all had tacos for dinner together.  Then we hung out watched TV, played video games and relaxed.  We're having a hard time getting motivated to do much this week, I think it's because we did so much this past weekend for the holiday, and were up late every night for fireworks.  Hoping for some good sleep this weekend!!

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