Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Keeping Up With...Workouts (Recap of 8/31 - 9/6)

I was so overwhelmed with all of the changes going on to my teaching schedule last week that a milestone came and went without me noticing.  I hit my first goal on my exercise streak - I went longer than 112 days!  Today is actually day 121 of me doing at least 10 minutes of exercise in a row.  I'm still aiming for 365 days in a row, but am setting these smaller goals along the way as well.  My next goal is 200 days in a row, which will be the beginning of December.

I think this goal is very attainable.  I am now teaching 6 days/week (Mon-Sat) and have 3 or 4 different classes that I'm able to take as a student in that time as well.  Sunday will mostly be a rest day for me, except for 10-15 minutes of either walking or practicing Zumba.  The boys also have swim lessons on Sunday and enjoy swimming together as a family after lessons so that would count as well.

This was a pretty exciting week with me starting my new classes.  I'm so excited for the opportunity to help develop the Silver Sneakers program at Brickhouse, hoping I am able to bring some new people in for them.  I'm also looking forward to Zumba Basic 2 training this weekend with some awesome friends & the fantastic Kelly Bullard!  Look for a recap next week.

Here's what I did this week:
Wednesday - Taught a one hour Zumba Gold class and a one hour Zumba class
Thursday - Taught 2 one hour Zumba Gold classes, taught a one hour Zumba class & walked back and forth from school
Friday - Taught a one hour Zumba class, took 45 minutes of a Relentless class & walked back and forth from school
Saturday - Taught a one hour Zumba Toning class
Sunday - Walked around downtown with AJ and Daniel for about 20 minutes
Monday - Walked around COSI with the family for about 2 hours
Tuesday - Taught a 45 minute Silver Sneakers class & a 45 minute Zumba Gold class and walked back and forth from school

Another pretty good week of workouts in the books!  My eating wasn't on point this weekend, I just decided to take the weekend off from following the plan and counting everything.  We had take out and junk food.  It was fun.  I didn't lose any weight this week and I'm not surprised by that, nor am I upset about it.  I'll get it next week...maybe.

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