Thursday, September 15, 2016

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 9/9 - 9/15)

Friday (9/9) we woke up to rain and was expecting to have our night plans cancelled.  Luckily it cleared in the afternoon and we were able to walk home from school and then have baseball practice at night.  Fall ball is feeling more like sweltering hot summer ball, but hopefully soon we'll have actual fall weather.  I enjoy going to the practices on Friday nights and chatting with the other moms while we all melt into the bleachers.

Saturday (9/10) was a busy day!  We split up for most of it, with our busy schedule we often have to divide and conquer.  I took Zak and went to teach my Zumba class and then took him to his first soccer class.  He had a blast & did a great job!!  I'm so excited that he wants to play sports again after a brief period of refusing to do anything.  He listened to everything the coach asked him to do and was laughing and smiling the whole hour.  When he finished he said "My favorite part was everything!"
While we were there, Adrian took the older two boys and went to AJ's Brain Balance appointment then got them ready for their baseball double header.  They play two games each Saturday, usually back to back.  The three of them headed out for game one while Zak and I had lunch and relaxed.  Then we switched places & I watched game 2 while Adrian and Zak came back home to watch the OSU game.  AJ and Daniel's team won both games again this week!  AJ got a few hits, Daniel is still struggling with hitting.  They both did a nice job in the field.

Finally after all of that, Adrian and I headed out for a date while the boys stayed home with their sitters.  We were delayed a little since the OSU game was late and then was weather delayed, but we made it work.  We went to Iron Chef for dinner, then to Old Navy and Target to pick up a few things.  We finished the night with some ice cream and TV time on the couch.  What a full day!!

Sunday (9/11) I headed out bright and early for my Zumba training and Adrian had the boys all day.  He took them to church, then to swimming lessons and then out to McDonald's for lunch.  They spent the rest of the day trying to get the house in order, playing video games and hanging out.  We finished up the day watching football since it was kick off weekend.  Both the Jets and the Cowboys lost (by 1 stinking point!) so it wasn't a happy day for us, but we were just excited that football is back.  Hoping the season turns around for both of our teams!

Monday (9/12) started with a rough overnight.  Both AJ and Zak weren't feeling well and were up over night.  Zak has a stomach bug and a very sore bottom.  AJ has a head cold and horrible cough.  We spent the day resting, relaxing and trying not to share germs!
Tuesday (9/13) Zak was feeling better but AJ was still not 100%.  However he begged to go to school because he had decided to run for the school's leadership board and he had to give his speech today.  He worked very hard on it all weekend and was very excited to give his speech.  So I sent him to school with a horrible cough.  He was really tired when he got home so we spent the rest of the night watching TV and playing with cars.  He will find out later this week if he won or not.

Wednesday (9/14) AJ is still sick.  He stayed home from school again.  I honestly think he was sick yesterday but was determined to do his speech.  I'm proud of his determination!  The other two boys went to school, but we did all skip baseball practice tonight.  I'm hoping all of this rest will get us back to our normal, healthy selves quickly!!

Thursday (9/15) AJ was home sick again today.  He woke up coughing really bad again and is just really worn out and struggling to kick this.  He did seem to be perking up some later in the day, even asked me to email his teacher for his make up work.  He did his Math (of course!) but then seemed really worn out at the end of the night.  We'll see what happens tomorrow morning.

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