Friday, September 9, 2016

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 9/2 - 9/8)

Friday (9/2) was a busy day!  I got everyone to school (yahoo, we survived a full week & everyone was on time!) and then went to work out.  In the afternoon, Zak and I had a bunch of errands to run together.  Then we picked up the big boys and got ready for their baseball practice.  It was a gorgeous night at the ball field, what a difference a week makes!!  We ended the day with a family movie night watching Zootopia which we all really enjoyed.  We were all exhausted from the week so it was an early bed time for all of us.
Saturday (9/3) we had planned to go to Zoombeezi Bay one final time this summer, but we were all just really tired and wanted to chill out at home.  So that's pretty much what we did.  We watched some TV, including the Buckeye game, played in the yard and had a relaxing and fun day.  In between that, Adrian and I took turns sneaking out to go to the hospital to meet our newest nephew, Vincent, who was born yesterday.  He is so precious and we are so excited he is here! 
Sunday (9/4) was a jam packed day!  We went to church as a family in the morning, then I stayed to volunteer in childcare.  After a quick lunch, the boys had swimming lessons at the Y.  From there we split up for a few hours.  I took AJ and Daniel and we headed downtown for a Children's Theater production of James and the Giant Peach Jr.  It was a fun play, we all enjoyed it.  Adrian took Zak and went to play mini golf, then came home and played video games with him.  We finished up the day with another movie night watching a classic, Ghostbusters, and eating junk food!  We were also treated to an awesome fireworks display in our driveway!  One of our neighbors put on a great show that we could watch from our house.  The boys were so excited.  I'm not sure which was better, the fireworks themselves or the boys yelling & giggling with each one.
Monday (9/5) was our bonus weekend day since it's Labor Day weekend!  We got up early and got an early start on the giant to do lists.  After working for a bit, we took a break and headed to COSI to see the Game Masters exhibit before it closed.  It was fun to play old school video games on the arcade machines!  We also played some Mario on a huge screen and some Rock Band.  The boys want us to set ours back up so we may pull that up this winter.  We finished the day with some time at home getting ready for a busy week ahead!

Tuesday (9/6) we got back to the grind today.  It was a rough day, everyone was out of practice going to school and following rules.  We also had both the chiropractor and Brain Balance in the evening so there was a lot of rushing around.  We did have a fun time singing songs in the car ride back & forth from the appointments.  We have recently found Kids Place Live on Sirius XM and we love it!

Wednesday (9/7) I got everyone to school and ran some errands.  It amazes me how much I can get accomplished when I'm by myself.  I got everything done, went and visited with a friend for about 30 minutes and was still on time to pick up Zak from preschool.  In the afternoon Daniel had a dentist appointment to get sealants put on his molars to prevent cavities.  He did great during the procedure and earned the "great patient" trophy.  He was very proud of himself, and so am I!

Thursday (9/8) started off very rough for us (again!)  I think it's the short week, everyone has just been out of sorts all week.  We got everyone where they needed to be and I got some of my stuff done.  I guess that's a successful day.  The boys had a good day at school, which I always like to hear!  And AJ leveled up in two different things at Brain Balance tonight, he's been moving up pretty much every time he goes which is great news!  I'm glad to see our hard work finally paying off.

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