Monday, September 12, 2016

Keeping Up With...Food (Menu Plan 9/12 - 9/18)

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I planned last week, but I had a really busy week and wasn't able to do a lot of cooking.  I stuck to the plan the best I could, threw in a pasta day for a break and survived the week.  I also forgot that we had a sitter last Saturday so we went out to dinner instead of me cooking.  I'll be carrying over the few meals from last week that I didn't get to cook.  That's a nice way to start a week when I had very little time to think over a busy weekend!

The meals I did cook last week were awesome!!  We are loving all the veggies from our CSA and I have been cooking a ton with them.  I made Homemade Tomato Soup last week that was excellent!  I am planning on making another batch this week to stock the fridge with some lunches.  Adrian told me it was better than Campbell's!  We also really enjoyed the Lasagna Pepper Boats and are thrilled that they made so many so we have lots of leftovers!
This week is slightly less busy.  Plus I'm actually writing this on Monday, which we spent at home due to AJ and Zak not feeling well.  They seem to be on the mend so it should be back to school for everyone tomorrow.  I'm very glad I have everything I need for the next few dinners since I probably won't get to the store until Wednesday morning.  I'm also trying my best to eat food that we have in our freezer downstairs as we really need to defrost it.  I've cleaned 2 shelves out so far, 3 more to go!

Here's what we're eating this week:
Monday - Pork Chops in Mushroom Soup & Pierogies
Tuesday - Chicken Caesar Salads with English Muffin Garlic Bread
Wednesday - Italian Turkey Zoodle Bake with Roasted String Beans
Thursday - Zucchini, Tomato & Feta Omelettes with English Muffins
Friday - Homemade Taco Hamburger Helper
Saturday - Tilapia Scampi with Zucchini and Ricotta Casserole
Sunday - Turkey (to use it up) with Mashed Potatoes & Veggies

Water Flavor - Watermelon

Food Prep - Zero.  We had a super busy weekend and I was barely home.  I set up the water today, have some snacks ready to go, and have shopping done for meals thru Friday.  Next weekend I will do more because I plan to use up the leftover turkey for most of our dinners next week.

As always, I'm linking up with Laura at Mommy, Run Fast.  Go check out the other blogs on the link up for some more yummy recipes!  Have a great week!!

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