Friday, September 30, 2016

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 9/23 - 9/29)

Friday (9/23) was the best morning we have had in about 2 weeks.  We all got out on time and everyone got where they needed to go without me yelling like crazy.  We've been on time every day the past 2 weeks but it has required a lot of yelling and punishing.  After everyone finished up their Fridays, they came home to enjoy video games since they only get them Fri-Sun during the school year.  They are all very excited about the new Lego Dimensions characters that are coming out on Tuesday so they are playing that game a lot again right now.  We also got school pictures back.

Friday night AJ and Daniel had a great baseball practice.  It is finally cool and I don't mind sitting and watching them practice.  They did a great job catching pop flies, hitting and practicing base running.  Zak had a park play date with his friend Noah.  Noah's dad took them to Hannah Park to play for about an hour.  Zak said he had the best time!

Saturday (9/24) was a great, busy day!  Zak and I headed out early to go to Zumba and soccer.  He did great again at soccer, he's really enjoying playing this session.  And Adrian got AJ and Daniel over to the baseball field for another double header.  They easily won their first game and AJ got a hit and and RBI.  For the second game they had quite the cheering section - my parents, Adrian's parents, my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew all came to watch.  They won again and everyone had a fun time watching the game.

After the game, my parents came back to my house for the evening.  They hung out with the boys and played while Adrian and I got a few things done.  We had a nice dinner all together and just hung out watching football at night.  It was a nice relaxing night after a super busy day!

Sunday (9/25) started with a great morning at church.  I volunteered in Daniel's class & had a great time with him and AJ in large group.  They went through circus training with about 50 other K-5th grade students.  It was chaos but also so cool to see.  My parents joined Adrian in service this morning as well.

After church, Adrian took the boys to swimming and I came home to get a few things done around the house.  Then we headed to Carl's house to hang out together as a family before my Dad heads out tomorrow.  We ate, watched football, cuddled the new baby & the kids played.  It was a pretty perfect day, other than the Jets dismal performance.
Monday (9/26) we struggled to get out to school in the morning after our very full weekend.  But we got back to our routine and everyone had a good day at school.  After I picked up Zak, he and I headed over to Carl's to spend some time with my parents.  We had lunch, played games and hung out.  Then we said so long to my Dad who was heading back to Florida today.  We picked up AJ and Daniel and headed back to our house where we (OK, they) made homemade pizza for dinner.  We enjoyed pizza, racing cars and reading before heading to bed.  It's been a full and fun long weekend!!
Tuesday (9/27) My mom helped me get everyone out to school on time and then she came and took my classes.  After we worked out, my mom "picked up" Zak from school and we all went out to Chick Fil A for lunch.  Zak loved playing in the play area and eating chicken nuggets and ice cream.  He also insisted that we go thru the car wash next door.  After all that fun, we dropped my mom off to my brother's house for a few days and then headed home to pick up the big boys from school.  Adrian finished up golf league that night and I took everyone to AJ's Brain Balance appointment.

Wednesday (9/28) we were back to being on our own and trying to keep up with our schedule.  We were all dragging from being so off our routine that past few days.  But I got everyone to school and managed to find the energy to teach three Zumba classes.  The weather was horrible so baseball practice was cancelled tonight.  Daniel and Zak came with me to a PTO meeting where there were two other boys for them to play with.  Love when we can have a productive meeting while our boys tire each other out!
Zak & his buddy Noah leaving school - so cute sharing the umbrella!
Thursday (9/29) was another routine day with school and work for all.  But the past few days at school, AJ and Daniel have been hearing about joining Cub Scouts.  They begged us to join (again) this year.  It didn't go well last year when we tried, but the boys assured us this year would be better.  So they went to their first meeting tonight and will be joining their dens in two weeks.  I'm exhausted just thinking about adding something else to our schedule.  But it's hard to say no to something I think is a pretty good thing.

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