Friday, September 23, 2016

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 9/16 - 9/22)

Friday (9/16) started the way every other day this past week started, with AJ being too sick to go to school.  I think he honestly probably could have gone but figured one more day of rest wouldn't hurt anything.  He did some of the make up work his teacher sent home for him, played some video games & played with Zak a lot.  By afternoon I could tell he was on the mend so I decided he and Daniel would both be heading to baseball practice tonight.  It was a gorgeous night to chat with the other moms while the boys practiced!  The only downside is that now Adrian seems to have caught the crud from AJ.

Saturday (9/17) started with the big boys' baseball game getting rained out at the last minute.  They enjoyed some extra time at home to play, although I wish they would have cancelled earlier so I could have let everyone sleep in.  Then Zak went to soccer with Dad.  He did great again & had an awesome time!  Then I spent the afternoon at at Zumba Jam session while all 3 boys went to their friends' house to play for a while and Adrian enjoyed some quiet time at home to work and watch college football.  We end the day with an awesome dinner and some Buckeyes football!

Sunday (9/18) was another busy day!  It started with Zak and I heading to church (I was volunteering in children's ministry) and Adrian taking AJ and Daniel to their make up baseball games.  As soon as church was over, Zak and I headed up to the baseball field because we also had to volunteer in the concession stand.  We did that and watched both games, one they won and the other they lost (their first loss of the season).  Daniel finally got his first hit in the second game and because of very fast base running he was able to score a few hitters later!!  AJ continues to hit pretty well this season.

After we finished up with all of that we headed home and tried to get as much done as we could in between watching football.  I cooked a big turkey for dinner because we are trying to clean out our deep freeze in the basement.  It was so good!  I can't wait to eat it all week for leftovers.

Monday (9/19) was back to our crazy routine.  The kids are all healthy so they all started back to their stuff.  Adrian is still not feeling well, so he stayed home from work.  Zak had picture day at school where he told me he smiled very nice.  Then he and I had a play date at his friend Noah's house where the boys played and the moms did PTO stuff.  I'm glad Zak and I are able to do that. 
Tuesday (9/20) Adrian stayed home again because he still isn't feeling well.  The rest of us did our normal routine of school, work and Brain Balance.  We also found out that AJ did not with the election for student leadership council that he gave a speech for last week.  But he did earn a goody bag for his bravery in giving a speech to his whole class.  He said he feels like he won anyway!
Wednesday (9/21) Adrian felt a little better so he was able to go to work and then take the boys to baseball.  Zak had a blast running around with him on the play ground while the other boys practiced.  Their practice was cut short since it's getting dark earlier, boo!  I was able to go into school and volunteer in Daniel's class this morning.  I did sight words with about half of his class.  It as so fun to be in the class!  I love being able to go in and volunteer and talk to all of the students.  He's got a great group this year!
Thursday (9/22) was a pretty typical day for us.  School, work, Zumba and Brain Balance.  In between all of that Zak helped me cook some pretty awesome turkey soup.  He loves to help me in the kitchen, especially when he gets to use the food processor, which we did for the carrots, celery & onion in the soup. 

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