Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Keeping Up With...Workouts (Recap of 9/7 - 9/13)

What a fantastic Sunday at Zumba Basic 2 training!  I'll be honest, I wasn't super excited to go to the training.  I felt like I already knew a lot of the rhythms that they teach there, I've learned a lot of them at jams and am using some of them in my classes.  But I still learned a ton!  And had a blast.  We learned six new rhythms, and even the ones I'm already using I was able to improve on.
I also got to spend the whole day with great Zumba instructors.  Here are some of them, there was about 20 of us in total doing the training.  We talked a lot about other things to do with instructing, not just learning the rhythms.  One thing we talked about was the burnout cycle.  I think I was definitely on the down swing in my teaching career.  The summer really burned me out with low class attendance, the boys complaining about going to the gym and just general life business.  Now that the boys are back in school, my students are all coming back (and some new ones too, yay!) and my schedule changed for the better I'm back on the up swing.  Plus I did this training, have a jam this weekend and caught some of Beto teaching a class on the live stream this past week.  I'm back on my Zumba high!
The other big news from this past week was last Thursday I taught 5 classes!  This was a big deal to me.  Most of them were lower impact, but I'm still really proud and impressed that my body was able to handle all of that exercise.  Sometimes I get frustrated by the scale not moving, then I have a day like that (or the 8 hours of dancing on Sunday) and think how my body could not have handled that a few years ago.  I also listened to my body and took Friday morning off to rest.  I did teach my class but didn't go to Relentless or PiYo since I was a little sore and tired and knew I had a busy weekend coming up.  I'm getting stronger and smarter!!

Here's what I did last week:
Wednesday - Taught 2 one hour Zumba classes
Thursday - Taught 2 one hour Zumba Gold classes, 2 one hour Silver Sneakers Classic classes and 1 one hour Zumba Toning class
Friday - Taught 1 one hour Zumba class
Saturday - Taught 1 one hour Zumba Toning class
Sunday - Danced for about 8 hours at Zumba Basic 2 training
Monday - Taught 1 one hour Zumba class (my morning class was cancelled because AJ & Zak were sick)
Tuesday - Taught 1 one hour Silver Sneakers Classic class and one 30 minute Zumba Gold class

All in all a pretty great week of workouts!  I was a little disappointed the scale didn't move much, I'm still where I was.  My eating was pretty good, although we did eat out twice over the weekend.  I know I was over calories on Saturday, but Sunday I burned a ton and was not over the calories.  But as I just wrote, it's not only about that so I will continue to be positive and continue working hard!

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