Friday, September 30, 2016

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 9/30 - 10/6)

Friday (9/30) was another rainy day.  It seemed every time I had to get out of the car, it rained.  Unless I had my umbrella with me, then it stayed dry.  AJ and Daniel got soaked at pick up because they weren't allowed to put their umbrellas up due to lightening in the area.  Because of all the rain, baseball was cancelled for the night.  Adrian picked up my mom on his way home from work and we had a relaxing and fun night at home.  We played some games, watched some TV and just spent time together staying out of the rain.

Saturday (10/1) was a jam packed day!  Adrian took AJ and Daniel to play in their last two baseball games of the season, which they won.  They have the tournament next weekend and then we are done with fall ball.  Their coach is really trying to help Daniel get a hit in the remaining games.  He even gave him a new (to us) bat to try to help him.  I took Zak and my mom and we went to Zak's soccer class and then headed out to catch the last inning of the baseball game.  Zak kept busy (and entertained the whole team) playing in the rocks.
After all the sports were done for the morning, we headed to a very muddy Lynd's Fruit Farm and picked a bunch of apples.  We didn't plan to but we also picked pumpkins.  The pumpkin patch was filled with giant awesome looking pumpkins.  I hope they last until at least Halloween since it's so early.  After all that hard work outside, we headed to Graeters to get some ice cream.  When we finally got home and were all exhausted!  We ordered Piada for dinner, got a few things done around the house, played some games and watched some TV.  Such a fun family day!!

Sunday (10/2) we said "so long" to my mom this morning and she headed over to spend the day with Carl, Sarah, Isabelle and Vincent before heading back to Florida.  We spent the rest of the day watching football and getting caught up on all the stuff we need to do around the house.  We've been so busy having fun (and keeping up with our crazy schedule!) that a lot of things around the house have suffered.  We got a lot accomplished and feel ready to head into another busy week!

Monday (10/3) we got back to our normal schedule for just the five of us.  Everyone went to school and work in the morning.  I was able to spend the day in AJ and Daniel's school helping with the book fair.  It was fun to help all the kids make their wish lists.  And AJ's class had library that afternoon so I was able to see him, which he loved!  Zak spent the afternoon at his friend Noah's house having a "super long play date!"  He had so much fun over there.  I'm thankful I was able to get into the school for the day and to have friends who will help me out so I can do that.

Tuesday (10/4) was another pretty typical day.  It was kids day at the boys' chiropractor so everyone got their adjustments for the month.  Adrian had his last night of his golf league and had a nice time at his banquet.  I took the boys with me to Brain Balance and had AJ's second progress report.  He continues to do well, improving in almost all categories.  They gave us one extra eye exercise to do with him but other than that they told us to keep doing what we're doing because it's working to strengthen the right side of his brain.

Wednesday (10/5) I headed back into school to volunteer in Daniel's class this morning.  I did sight words with about half of the class, including Daniel.  He loves having me in class to help out and I love being in there!  I spent the rest of the morning and some of the afternoon helping make wish lists for the book fair.  In the evening I had Zumba and a PTO meeting while AJ and Daniel had their last baseball practice for the fall season.  Adrian and Zak had a great item exploring a new park, JFK in Reynoldsburg.  We've been there before, but never for baseball practice so it was like a new experience for Zak.
Thursday (10/6) was a normal day of work, Zumba, school and Brain Balance for everyone.  The only notable thing from today is that I had parent teacher conferences for both AJ and Daniel.  Both conferences went great!  They are both at or above where they should be for their grade level.  Daniel is very helpful in class and always follows all of the rules.  AJ is doing really well in the small group work that his teacher does a lot of, still struggling with participating in class.  We are going to work on that as the year progresses.  I'm very proud of the report I got on both of them!!

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