Monday, February 16, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (Daniel's 6th Birthday!)

Happy 6th Birthday Daniel!!  Like I did with your brother last week, I reread your blog from this time last year and cried through the whole thing.  So much is still the same this year.  You continue to surprise, challenge and amaze me everyday!!
You had some big changes the past year!  One of the biggest was graduating from preschool and moving on to kindergarten.  You were upset at first to be going to school every day, but you seem to have adjusted well.  I know you would still rather be home with me, but you never fight me in the mornings and always have fun learning at school.  You will face another change in about 6 months when you go from half day to full day when you start first grade.  I know once again it will be an adjustment for all of us, but you will do great!

Another big change for you has been your friends.  You had most of the same kids in your class both years at preschool and now your group is scattered all over different schools and classes.  You also had two of your best friends move away, one across town and one to Texas.  But I have been amazed at how social you have become!  You make friends wherever we go.  And you do a great job of playing with other kids in your class at school.  Everyone loves you and I'm not surprised!!

You are excelling in school as well!  You are fantastic at math, and you love practicing it every day.  You have also started reading and are already at the highest level you should be at by the end of this school year.  You love reading to your younger brother and he loves to listen to you.  Your handwriting continues to be the one area of struggle, but I know it will come.

Outside of school your favorite thing to do is have play dates with all of your friends.  You would play with different friends every day if I let you.  You really enjoy bowling and have won the league with your brother the past 2 seasons.  We are taking this spring off but you're anxious to get back to it this summer.  You tried art lessons and really enjoyed them as well, but they were a little hard with being in school everyday.  You also really enjoy golf, especially when you can go with Daddy & Grandpa.  Hopefully that will be often this summer!

I look forward to seeing how you continue to grow and change this next year!!  We got you a new bike for your birthday and will hopefully be riding without training wheels by the end of the summer.  You are also working hard at swimming lessons and I'm sure you'll be swimming on your own by the end of the summer as well.  I'm so proud of how hard you work at everything and how you always try your best.

I hope you enjoyed celebrating your birthday this year, I know I did.  Stay sweet my dear boy!!  I love you tons!!  Happy 6th Birthday!!

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