Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Keeping Up With...Workouts (2/11 - 2/17 Recap)

As I mentioned last week, I have been taking a break recently.  Life keeps happening and I have had a lot more on my place recently so I've had to miss a few workouts.  That's no excuse for my bad eating, that was just bad choices.  I've gotten a handle on it the past two days and am motivated to get a pretty long stretch of good days in a row.

Of course I'm struggling today because I cancelled both of my Zumba classes and our swimming outing due to bad weather.  So now I have to find the time to exercise in the house, which you all know I'm not very good at.  I also have pasta cooking for dinner because I thought I would have 2 Zumba workouts to counteract that.  I'm doing the best I can today, not pigging out and hoping to at least be close to my calorie goal.

Here's the quick rundown of last week:
Wednesday, 2/11 - Taught 2 Zumba classes and did a 10 minute arm workout
Thursday, 2/12 - Taught 2 Zumba classes
Friday, 2/13 - Taught 1 Zumba class
Saturday, 2/14 - Did a 10 minute arm workout and successfully threw the boys a birthday party
Sunday, 2/15 - Rest Day
Monday, 2/16 - Taught 2 Zumba classes and did 10 minutes of PlyoFit class
Tuesday, 2/17 - Taught 1 Zumba class, did 10 minutes of Total Body Conditioning and took Zak ice skating for 30 minutes
Showing off my new Zumba wear after a class last week
And a quick update on my weekly goals: 1. Continue teaching at least 6 Zumba classes each week.  Taught 8 this week, WOW!!
 2.  Attend at least 2 classes other than mine each week.  Fail.  I didn't get to anything.  I subbed on Fri in my normal time to take another class & my weekend was ridiculously busy.
3.  Do at least 10 minutes of strength training at home 5 days each week.  I made it to 4 times this week, not too bad.
4.  Do at least 60 minutes of yoga or pilates each week.  Fail again.  I didn't do any.  Maybe I need to do that to kick start my day today.
5.  Continue doing the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans monthly calendar.  I am up to date on the Lose Your Love Handles February challenge.

6.  Make the changes in the year long challenge called A Year of Small Changes. Things I'm working on for this:  sleep, track food, being positive and taking a probiotic daily.  This week's challenge was to set up a place to leave stuff when you come in from outside and I already have that.  Sleep has been better, helped by NyQuill a few days.  I need to get better at getting up in the morning, I need that time to myself.  I'm tracking food again so I think I have that under control.  I added a probiotic starting on Monday & I think I have that under control as well.  Being positive is up and down.  I was pretty good this past week but had my moments.

Finally, my weigh in:
2/4 - 218
2/18 - 220
Change for the week - up 2 lbs (for 2 week)
Change for the year - down 5 lbs of the 52 lbs I'm trying to lose (7th week of the year)

I'm actually pretty surprised this isn't higher considering my diet has been mostly pizza and cake the past 10ish days.  I'm a little disappointed that I'm no longer on track for my 52 lbs this year, but there is still plenty of time to get it done.  My current goal is to go full force until I go away for a long weekend in March then take a few days off while I'm away.  Working hard to make that happen!

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