Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Keeping Up With...Workouts (Recap of 1/28 - 2/4)

Yeah, another rough week for me.  My workouts were pretty good, but that food part is killing me.  I had a really rough week last week (sick kids, ice/snow, husband working a million hours, etc) and instead of finding a good way to deal with that, I ate a lot of Friday.  And Saturday.  And Sunday.  I had planned to eat a little more than usual on Sunday, but not the other 2 days.

I did have lots of schedule changes to contend with between the sick kids and the husband's schedule.  I am proud that I did what I could and most days I got a pretty good workout.  YouTube has become my best friend, I search for "10 minute workout" and get a slew of videos to use.  I also did an arms ladder set in my friend Beth's class the other day that I loved so I've been doing that a lot as well.  I'm trying to build my arm muscles before Zumba Toning training in March.

Here's the quick rundown of my week:
Wednesday, 1/21 - Taught 1 Zumba class, did a 10 minute Yoga video from YouTube
Thursday, 1/22 - Taught 2 Zumba classes and did a 10 minute arm ladder workout
Friday, 1/23 - Practiced Zumba for 10 minutes (did 2 new songs - yay!)
Saturday, 1/24 - Took Zak to his 35 minute swimming lesson
Sunday, 1/25 - Did a 10 minute ab workout from YouTube
Monday, 1/26 - Taught 2 Zumba class and did 10 minutes of PlyoFit class
Tuesday, 1/27 - Taught 1 Zumba class, did a 10 minute arm ladder workout and took Zak ice skating for 40 minutes

And a quick update on my weekly goals:
1. Continue teaching at least 6 Zumba classes each week.  Wow, I'm surprised I made this one this week!  My class at the YMCA was cancelled on Wednesday because the building was being used for something else.  I'm shocked between weather & sick kids I didn't miss another class!
 2.  Attend at least 2 classes other than mine each week.  Fail again this week.  I didn't get to any other classes other than the first circuit of PlyoFit.  I had planned to go to classes on Friday & Saturday, but the sick kids and other commitments derailed those plans.
3.  Do at least 10 minutes of strength training at home 5 days each week.  Got this one in!  I actually feel like I did 6 days of this because swimming with Zak is strength training.
4.  Do at least 60 minutes of yoga or pilates each week.  Fail again.  I started great with a 10 minute workout...then didn't do it again all week.  Must stretch more!
5.  Continue doing the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans monthly calendar.  I finished the squat and pushup challenge from January!  That was my 13th monthly challenge in a row.  I have started and am up to date on the Lose Your Love Handles February challenge.
6.  Make the changes in the year long challenge called A Year of Small Changes.  Last week our challenge was to track our food.  I did OK, tracked 4 of the 7 days last week.  This is an ongoing challenge for me so this and sleep will be continuing challenges.  Sleep last week was rough with lots of wake ups from the kids.  This week's challenge is to be more positive.  I've been off to a horrible start on this one!  I'm working on changing my negatives to positives, but this one may be on here for a while.

Finally, my weigh in:
1/28 - 218
2/4 - 218
Change for the week - maintain
Change for the year - down 7 lbs of the 52 lbs I'm trying to lose (5th week of the year)

I was pretty surprised to see this number again this week...and thrilled!  I'm still ahead on my goal for the year, but I'd really like to see the number change again.  This week will be hard with two of my three boys celebrating birthdays.  We are having cake on Sunday & Tuesday.  Plus Jets pizza.  Yikes!  Have a great week!!

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