Friday, February 20, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (Birthday Parties)

This time of year is so busy for us with Zachary, Daniel and my niece Isabelle all being born within one week of each other.  And throw in Valentine's Day that week too just to make it more interesting.  I feel like we've been celebrating forever!

We started the celebration on Sun the 8th, Zachary's actual birthday.  We did chocolate cupcakes with lots of icing (his choice), Jet's pizza and presents for both boys.  They didn't get much from us, we are buying all three boys new bikes for their birthdays this year.  We did a small gift for each boy & they bought for each other as well.  It was a nice relaxing family night at home.
Gifts for the boys
Zak enjoying a cupcake
Tuesday the 10th was Daniel's actual birthday so I took Superman cupcakes to school so he could celebrate with his class mates.  It was fun to be in class with him for a little while.  Then we had mac and cheese for dinner and ice cream cake (his choice) for dessert that night.
Superman cupcakes for the class
Oreo cake for the family
Thursday AJ and Daniel had Valentine's parties in their class rooms.  Each boy brought a Valentine for each kid in his class and got a card/treat from each kid.  I was thrilled that their teachers made their Valentine's bags in class during the party, I'm not creative and hate doing that kind of stuff at home.  The boys had special treats and stories during their parties then got to come home and enjoy a 4 day (that turned into a 5 day) weekend.

Saturday the 14th we had the boys' joint party at World of Bounce.  I'm not sure how many more years we will get away with having one party for both boys but we will be trying for as long as possible!  Daniel invited his whole class (thankfully only 2 came!) and a few of his other friends.  Zak invited his two buddies as well.  We had a great group of kids and they all had a blast bouncing, eating pizza & cake and opening presents.
Birthday Boys
Finally on Sunday the 15th we headed to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate my niece Isabelle's 3rd birthday.  You would think the boys would be partied out by now but they were SO excited to play.  They also each made a Valentine for Isabelle which was super cute.  We enjoyed lots of video games, skee ball & time in the play area at the party.  We also had pizza and delicious icing cake.
Birthday Girl!

Now we are all partied out and hoping to find some normalcy in our lives again.  The next birthdays are spaced out with almost a month between mine, Adrian's and AJ's so we have time to recooperate between each one!

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