Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (2 minute drill)

In honor of the Superbowl this weekend (which we watched at home - no party for us) I thought I'd do a quick two minute drill of what's been happening here the past week.  Plus it's been pretty random stuff, nothing real big to write about but lots of pretty cool stuff.

OK that's not cool, but I figured I'd get the icky part out of the way first.  Zak, AJ and Adrian all had a head cold last week.  Lots of coughing and snots all around!  Then today AJ and Adrian had a stomach bug.  That seems to have been short lived so I'm crossing my fingers it's back to healthy normal life tomorrow.

Adrian and I both made time to get our hair cut last week.  He has needed one for almost a month now, just had a hard time finding the time.  I haven't had a haircut in over a year.  It kept getting pushed off and my hair just kept growing.  Then I decided to keep it growing so I could donate it.  I cut off just over 8 inches and will send it out to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. 
I went from this:

To This:

The Color Purple
Daniel has been working super hard on his behavior at school and has been trying to get on purple (the highest color) for the whole school year.  His behavior is honestly near perfect in school, but his teacher doesn't believe in handing out many purple cards.  He finally got his first one last Wednesday and he was thrilled!!  Great job Daniel!

AJ lost tooth number three!  Well, not so much lost as yanked it out at school while waiting for me to pick him up.  He has a gap finally since his adult tooth isn't in yet.  And the tooth fairy successfully came last night!
Potty Time
Zak is finally being forced learning how to use the potty!  He is great when he is at home and naked, no accidents.  But as soon as I put underwear on him, he goes.  We started working on him with underwear on Saturday.  It's been up and down, but I think he's getting it.  I've put my foot down (no more diapers!) so until he gets it I'll have a little bit more laundry.

I think that's about all from here.  Hope you enjoyed catching up (and that you were able to read it in 2 minutes or less)!

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