Monday, May 29, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 5/26 - 6/1) - Part 1

Friday (5/26) Last Day of School!!  After a rough night of sleep for AJ, Adrian and myself, we all got up and moving for the last time until mid-Aug.  I dropped everyone off at school and had a hard time deciding how to use my last few hours of freedom.  I decided to run to Meijer for a few things we needed and then head next door to get a pedicure.  It was fabulous to sit and be pampered for an hour!!  And my toes look fun and ready for the summer! 
Then I picked Zak up from preschool for the last time.  He had field day and was so excited to tell me all about it.  He did a tug of war, sack race, 3 legged race, obstacle course and maybe a few more events.  He got a medal for his hard work and good sportsmanship.  Then we decided to go get shakes to celebrate the last day of preschool.  He chose Sonic so we headed down there to get shakes, a hot dog for him and tater tots for me.  Fun way to celebrate him moving on to kindergarten!

We came home for about an hour and then headed up to AJ and Daniel's school for the last hour of their day.  Zak and I went and played mini golf on AJ's class mini golf course.  We had a lot of fun playing the different holes, they were very creative.  When we finished playing, we helped them clean up and then headed to the kindergarten wing to take a short tour and meet most of the teachers.  Zak is both excited and nervous for next year! 
 We finished up the school year by hanging with Daniel's class during the 4th grade clap out.  All of the 4th graders walked the halls of West for the last time since they will be moving on to North for 5th grade.  I may have cried a little while we clapped them out and then headed out ourselves for the last time this year.  We've had a great year with two amazing teachers and we will miss them both next year for sure!!

We rushed home to get ready to head to the Y for me to teach my last Barre class of the summer.  I'm taking my Fridays off to hang with the boys.  We got there just in time and I got a great workout with a fun group of ladies.  Then we came home, had dinner and just relaxed.  We played in the yard a bit, watched some TV, ate some ice cream and got the kids to bed.  Then it was time for date night movie night.  Adrian picked up our Cooper's Hawk wine club wine and cheesecake today on his way home from work so we can celebrate our anniversary.  We settled in with some wine, dessert and "American Hustle."  The movie was pretty good, we both enjoyed the story and the acting.  We were a little disappointed to realize we had recorded it on FX and not HBO like we thought so there were commercials and some bad dubbing of the curses.  But other than that we really enjoyed it.
Saturday (5/27) Happy 11th Anniversary to me and Adrian!!  We didn't have any big plans for today because it's hard to get a sitter Memorial Day weekend and we also just spent a bunch of money on our new appliances.  We were planning on going to Zoombeezi Bay with the boys but the weather wasn't looking great so we decided to postpone that trip.  Instead we had a relaxing morning at home, then met up with my brother and Isabelle at Friendship Park where the kids played and the adults chatted.  It got very hot so we decided to cool off with some Menchie's and then headed home to break out our backyard water toys.  Isabelle came over to play for a while and everyone had a great time in our yard.  We went "out" to dinner by going to pick up Piada to enjoy at home.  They were having a buy one, get one free promo so we saved a little money while still enjoying a delicious dinner.  We finished up the night with some TV time and more relaxing.  It was a great day!!

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