Monday, May 8, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 4/14 - 4/20 - Part 2)

If you missed part 1 of the week (which is basically Easter weekend), you can read about it here.  It got too long so I split the week.

Monday (4/17) started bright and early for me since I agreed to teach two Zumba classes to the teachers of our school district during their professional development day.  I had a ton of fun teaching the two classes to the teachers and they all said they had fun too.  We are going to work together to try to set up a weekly after school class for them next school year.  While I was there, Adrian was home with the boys, playing and trying to get some control over the mess that was our kitchen.

I got home and shortly after Jon, Rebecca and the girls came over for a few hours before their flight back home to Dallas.  The kids played outside while we enjoyed the perfect weather on the deck.  We all had lunch together, re-enjoying the yummy food from the weekend.  And then all too soon it was time to say "so long" so they could head to the airport to catch their flight.  It was such a fun weekend with them and our second year spending Easter together.  I think we decided to make it a tradition!
After they left, I headed out to teach class number three of the day for me.  Adrian continued to work around the house.  When I got home, I was exhausted!  We finished up with the cleaning, had more leftovers for dinner and all had an early bed time.  Back to our routine tomorrow!

Tuesday (4/18) was back to our normal routine for us.  We got up and out to work and school in the morning.  I dropped everyone off and then went to teach my Silver Sneakers class.  I picked Zak up from school and then we headed home for a quick lunch before heading back out to our dentist appointment.  Zak did great with his appointment and both of us were pronounced cavity free!  We raced back home to pick up AJ and Daniel and then I dropped everyone off at home before heading out to my Zumba class that night.  Adrian got the boys dinner and then headed to Brain Balance with all of them.  Super busy day after a long weekend!!

Wednesday (4/19) was another day of our normal routine.  We got up and out to work and school on time in the morning.  I taught a Silver Sneakers class in the morning and ran a few errands.  I picked Zak up and we went home to have lunch and play some board games.  We got to walk again to pick up the boys and then headed to the Y for my Zumba class.  We came home and had a quick dinner and realized that Adrian was stuck at work.  So I took all three boys to AJ and Daniel's soccer class.  Thankfully Adrian wasn't too late and we all got home around the same time after class.  We put the boys to bed, watched Survivor and then headed to bed ourselves.

Thursday (4/20) was another busy day for us and we were all dragging from the busy weekend before and the current week.  We got up and out to school on time and did our normal during the day things.  When Zak and I walked to pick up the other boys, he was so upset to see that his "hole" had been covered.  I'm not sure exactly what the hole was, but it's been there for about a year.  Every day when we walk, he checks on it.  Today it was covered by a manhole cover.  His disappointment is evident in this picture.
After we got home from school, we got ready for our busy night.  Adrian took Daniel and Zak to Daniel's baseball practice while I took AJ to Brain Balance.  I ran a few errands while he was at his session and then we all got home late.  After snacks and some TV it was bedtime for all of us, thankful tomorrow is Friday!

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