Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Keeping Up With...Fitness Goals (April Recap & May Goals)

Much like I talked about in my family goals recap, April flew by in the blink of an eye and I'm in total denial that it is May.  I truly feel like I "lost" most of the past month.  I didn't do very well at all on my fitness goals but really the month was more about survival than bettering myself.  I ate badly for almost entire month which started the cycle of not feeling well, not sleeping well, not exercising a lot, etc.  I know this happens, I just keep doing it.  I've recommitted to healthy eating and healthy goals for May and I'm hoping it continues thru the summer.  I know the summer is always tough since we don't have a set schedule, but I'm determined to make it work.

Here's how I did with my April goals:
1.  Lose the 5 lbs I gained in March (5 lbs for the month) - So I actually ended up going higher in the first part of April and then losing a huge chuck the last week of the month.  I didn't end up losing all of the 5 lbs that I gained in March, but I'm on the downward trend right now and I'm really hoping to keep this momentum going.  Adrian and I are both committed to eating better and I'm moving a lot, especially with the nicer weather coming.
2.  Do measurements at the end of the month & lose 1 inch total from my body (1 inch for 2 months) - Our tape measure broke so I can't measure right now.  But based on the results of number 1, I'm going to say this didn't happen either.  I'm leaving this a goal for next month and will for sure do measurements on June 1st.  A new tape measure is on my shopping list this week!
3.  Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes 27 days this month - I finished up with 24 days this month.  Not bad considering all that was going on.  This will continue to be a top priority for me for the next month and beyond.  I know that exercising each day leads to better choices for me all around.
4.  Go to one class that I'm not teaching each week (4 classes for the month) - 0 classes again this month.  It stinks that I can't make time for this but it's also the season of life that I'm in.  My kids are busy and they are my number one priority right now.  There will be time for other classes for me when they are all teenagers and want nothing to do with me.
5.  Learn 3 new Zumba songs to add to my classes (3 songs for the month) - I did this one, just barely!  I learned "Another One Bites the Dust," "Aqui Nadie Toca" and "Sugar." I'm still missing a few changes in "Aqui Nadie Toca" but if I just keep moving no one notices.
6.  Figure out which Zumba jams and/or events I will be doing in the next few months - I basically figured this out.  It doesn't look like I can do any of the events in April or May because of our busy schedule.  There are two different jams in June and one in July.  I'm hoping to attend two if not all three of those.
And here are my goals for this month:
1.  Lose 8 lbs this month, which is 2 lbs per week.  This is a big goal with a few celebrations thrown in this month but I'm hoping I can do it! (8 lbs for the month)
2.  Do measurements at the end of the month & lose 1 inch total from my body (1 inch for 2 months)
3.  Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes all 31 days this month (31 days for the month)
4.  Go to one class that I'm not teaching each week (4 classes for the month) - One of these months I'll finally do this, right?
5.  Learn 2 new songs to add to my Zumba classes (2 songs for the month)
6.  Switch up some of the weight exercises for my Silver Sneakers class

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