Sunday, June 4, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 5/26 - 6/1) - Part 2

Sunday (5/28) We all slept in a little today and got a late start.  I headed to church to work in child care and Adrian stayed home with the boys since no one was ready to go.  When I got back home, we had a quick lunch then headed out to see "Guardians of the Galaxy 2."  Since Zak did not want to see it with us, we dropped him off at my brother's house to hang out with Isabelle while we went to the movie.  The movie was great, very funny and a good story.  These may be my favorite Marvel movies so far.  After the movie we picked up Zak, picked up dinner and headed home.  The day seemed to fly by with not a lot going on.  And we were all exhausted at the end so we had a fairly early bedtime.  Nice way to spend a Sunday!
Monday (5/29)  Happy Memorial Day!  After three days of fun, today was a "work" day for us.  Adrian and I worked around the house to get a bunch of stuff done while the boys played video games and played in our back yard.  We finished up everything on our to do lists and were still able to have a little downtime.  Adrian also snuck out to Lowe's to buy us a new table and chairs for our deck.  We finished up the night with Daniel having a baseball game, which they won.  He didn't get a hit but he had fun!
Tuesday (5/30) Today felt like the first official day of summer break for us since the weekend was over and it was back to work for Adrian and I.  I had a rough time getting everyone up and out in time for my Silver Sneakers class this morning.  I forget how long it takes to get all three of them out the door with "no" schedule!  After my class, we ran into Target and Aldi "real quick" to pick up a few things.  Again, I forgot how long it takes to do things with all three of them!  I need to have a better plan for grocery shopping, preferably one that doesn't include the boys.
 We ran home for a quick lunch and costume change before heading to the Y for Zak's swim lessons and some family swim time.  It was a beautiful day and we swam both inside and outside.  We swam for about two hours then headed home to get changed and ready for Daniel's baseball game.  We all went to watch the game although AJ and Zak were very bored so I left early with them.  We were all exhausted when we got home so it was early bedtime for all.  Summer is exhausting!! 
Wednesday (5/31) started pretty lazy since we didn't have anywhere to go in the morning.  We hung around here and watched some TV and played a bit.  Then I had a meeting at Brain Balance to get AJ's results from his assessment two weeks ago.  He improved so much in the year that we were there!!  We are very proud of him for his hard work.  They suggested another three months so we will discuss that and see if that's something we want to do or not.
The meeting went a lot longer than I thought it would and since I had to teach in the afternoon, I decided to head us back to Gahanna and do a few things over there.  We stopped at the bank and then the library to stock up on books and movies for the first few days of summer.  I have a feeling we'll be heading back to the library just about every week.  After the library, we headed to the Y for my Zumba class and then ran home for a quick dinner.  After everyone ate, we headed out to soccer for AJ and Daniel.  We found out that our favorite soccer place is closing after this session.  We are all very upset as we had planned to do another session this summer there.  I need to figure out somewhere else for them to keep playing soccer.
Thursday (6/1) we got up and moving a little quicker than yesterday since I had to teach a Silver Sneakers class.  After class we headed to Hannah Park for a picnic and some play time.  It was a gorgeous day and we had a great time playing at the park.  It was pretty crowded but not as bad as we've seen it some other days.  After some time there, we headed to the Y for Zak's swimming lesson and some free swim time for AJ and Daniel.  Then we headed home so I could get ready to teach my Zumba class.  After class I went grocery shopping since I'm having a hard time doing it during the week with the boys right now.  I came home exhausted so we had another early night.  Summer is exhausting me!

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