Thursday, May 4, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 4/28 - 5/4)

Friday (4/28) started rough when no one wanted to get up and moving again.  We barely made it to school on time but we pulled it out.  I dropped everyone off and then ran to get the oil changed in the van before heading in to Zak's preschool class to volunteer for a while.  His teacher wanted help making shirts for the kids to wear during "Camp Week" next week at school.  So I helped each of the 12 kids make a shirt using fabric paint.  It was a lot of fun but also exhausting!  It was also cute to hear all the kids calling me "Zak's Mom."  I'm always called "AJ's Mom" or "Daniel's Mom" so now I added a new title.
After we finished up at school, Zak and I came home and played a little before getting a few things done and then heading to pick up AJ and Daniel.  We lucked out again with the weather so we were able to walk up to pick them up.  We came home for a short time and then headed to the Y for my barre class.  I had to return a movie to the library after class and the boys decided they wanted to go in and pick some new books & I never say no to books.  After we picked a bunch of new books, we headed home for dinner and then family movie night.  We watched the new Ghostbusters (AJ's pick) and all really enjoyed it.  It was similar to the old one but different enough that it felt like it's own movie.  And I always enjoy seeing Thor!

Saturday (4/29) started a little later for me than it was supposed to because I forgot to set my alarm to get up and help with the PTO, oops!  We all slept in and then Adrian and AJ headed out to AJ's last session at Brain Balance!  He will have a final evaluation in about 3 weeks to see how he is doing and if we need to continue going, but for now we get a break for close to a month and we couldn't be happier!!  While they were there, I took Zak and Daniel to Zak's soccer class.  He did a great job with all of the drills today and had fun playing in the scrimmage.

After all of our morning activities, we ran home for a quick lunch and then headed out to COSI for their Maze & Mindbender exhibit.  We had a great time exploring that exhibit!  AJ and Daniel (with a little help from Adrian and I) did all of the mindbender puzzles to earn a spot of the wall of fame.  It was a great way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon.  And by the time we finished up, the sun came out and we were able to come home and plant our flowers and grill our dinner.  We were all exhausted after all of that so we mostly watched TV, played video games and did a few things around the house before calling it a night.

Sunday (4/30) started with us all being lazy and not wanting to do anything.  We missed church this morning, but did motivate ourselves to get a few things done around the house and then get the boys to swim lessons.  Zak had a rough time, he is all of a sudden afraid of the water.  I'm hoping swimming all summer will help with that.  Daniel dove head first into the water for the first time & I was so proud of him!

After swimming, we were slightly more motivated.  Adrian and I got a bunch of stuff done around the house while the boys played video games and Pokemon cards.  They also spent some time outside, although it was really humid!  We had an early family dinner of meatball subs before Adrian took Daniel to baseball practice.  We finished up with chores around the house and headed to bed to prepare for another busy week!

Monday (5/1) was back to our normal routine except that Daniel woke up with an upset stomach and wasn't able to go to school.  I juggled my morning around to get everyone else to school and then be home with him.  He took a nap and woke up and was completely fine.  I'm thankful it wasn't anything serious!!  He and Zak hung out and played all afternoon while I got a bunch accomplished around the house.  Then we picked up AJ and headed to the Y for my Zumba class.  When we got home, they ran outside to play while I got dinner ready.  Adrian ate and headed to his final basketball game of the season.  We watched a little TV, did a little prep for tomorrow and headed to bed early before a busy few days ahead.

Tuesday (5/2) was the big election in our district.  I got the boys and I up and dressed in our "We Believe" shirts so we could do a little campaigning for Licking Heights.  I got everyone to school and went to do a few errands before teaching my Silver Sneakers class.  I picked Zak up from school and he helped me vote for the school district.  Then we ran a few more errands and came home where I started prepping for our busy night.
Both Adrian and I had to work and Daniel had a baseball game so my mother in law came in to help us with the boys.  I got everything set up for her so that she could feed them dinner, get them dressed in warm clothes and get them to the ball field where I would meet her.  I also set up my dinner so I would have something ready when I got home late after baseball.  She got them all to the field, I taught my class and got to the field just in time for the start of the game.  Daniel's team did great, they run ruled the other team in a few innings but they kept playing just so both teams could have some practice.  Daniel is still struggling to get a hit, but he is SO close.  He did great in the field and is having so much fun!  Two of my good friends from church were there so I got to chat with them the whole game which was so fun.  All of this took my mind off waiting for the polls to close and get the election results.

We finally got home, got dinner for me and Adrian and snacks for the boys and got them to bed very late.  Our plan was to hang out and watch TV and then check the results but we instead obsessed over the election page and Facebook to get the results.  Shortly after 11pm our superintendent was live on the news when the results came in...WE WON!  And by over 800 votes.  This was a huge win for our kids and stopped us from having to make some very difficult decisions.

Wednesday (5/3) I was tired after being up late for the results plus Zak waking me up in the middle of the night but I was also excited to celebrate with the boys.  I got them up and ready for school and told them the news.  They are very excited for the new high school that they will all get to attend!  I dropped Zak off at school and was excitedly chatting with other parents for so long that the other two boys were late to school.  Oops!  I was going in to volunteer in their classes anyway so we all just went into the office together.

I spent the morning doing subtraction facts with Daniel's class and working on math books in AJ's class.  Everyone in the school was in such a great mood, it was so fun to be there!!  I also saw the bus drivers later in the day and they were possibly the most excited of all.  They would have suffered a huge loss - lots of busing was going to be cut if the levy failed.  I finished up in the school in time to go pick up Zak and then head off to run some errands with him.

It was another busy afternoon of prepping for a busy night.  I had to go to the Y for my Zumba class and then head to double soccer classes for the boys.  I got dinner packed up for everyone and headed out to pick up AJ and Daniel.  I had a great time dancing in Zumba class and then we headed to soccer.  Zak played first and he did awesome!  I think he may do better in this class than his regular class on Saturdays.  Then AJ and Daniel had their class - they are still the only two in the class so it's like private lessons for them.  After all of this, we finally headed home for the day.  The house was a mess after two crazy days and I just ignored it, watched Survivor (poor Zeke - loved him!) and headed to bed.  

Thursday (5/4) was another rough morning after another rough night of sleep.  Both Zak and Daniel were up last night so I got very broken sleep.  I did not want to get up and moving but I forced myself to.  We got up and out to school and then I went to teach my Silver Sneakers class.  I picked Zak up from school and he was an angel watching TV and helping me get control over the dishes and laundry that had piled up over the past two days.  I also rested as much as I could.  It was raining when we had to pick up AJ and Daniel from school so we drove up and then ran to Kroger to buy flowers for their teachers for the last day of teacher appreciation week tomorrow.  We got home and I was really exhausted so we had leftovers for dinner, finished cleaning up the house and called it a night early.  I'm really hoping I get a full night of sleep tonight!

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