Friday, May 26, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 5/19 - 5/25)

Friday (5/19) We survived another school week!  AJ had a Brain Balance assessment today so he did not go to school.  I got Daniel and Zak dropped off and then came home to get AJ and I ready to go.  We headed up to Brain Balance and I did my part of the assessment then headed down the street to meet a friend for lunch.  It was so nice to catch up with her and enjoy an awesome burger at J Alexander's.  AJ finished up a little earlier than planned so thankfully I was back and we were able to head home.  My mother in law came in to stay with Zak after he finished up at school and I needed to get home to relieve her.

AJ, Zak and I hung out for about an hour and then it was time to pick up Daniel and head to the Y for my Barre class.  I had a great group for class and we worked hard!  Then I got a little cardio after class by running to the car with the boys since it was pouring!  Of course since the weather was bad, the traffic was horrible to get home.  We finally got here and I got pasta ready for dinner.  We settled in for family movie night and watched "Piglet's Big Movie" which was Zak's pick.  It was cute, we all enjoyed Winnie the Pooh and we laughed a lot.  Then we got the kids to bed, caught up a little on our DVR and headed to bed pretty early ourselves.
Saturday (5/20) I got almost 10 hours of sleep last night and I feel like a new woman!!  And I was still up in plenty of time to get ready for our fairly busy Saturday.  I got ready and headed out with Zak to his soccer class.  He did great, followed all of the directions and scored a few goals in the scrimmage.  Then Adrian met us there with the other two boys so they could do a make up class.  They did pretty good, but there was some bickering between the two of them as there usually is.  AJ did really well, the coach commented that she's seeing a lot of improvements in his skills.  He has one more session at Lil Kickers (this summer) and then he will join a league in the fall.

After soccer, Adrian took Daniel and headed out to a baseball game.  I took the other two boys to the library to pick up a few books for them.  Daniel's team won the game,  he made a few plays in the field but didn't get a hit again.  Adrian worked the concession stand since we have to volunteer twice during the season.  They were happy the rain held out for the game!  When they got home, we all played a quick game of Sushi Go Party, my new game from Mother's Day.  It was a lot of fun!

The rest of the day we just tried to get as much done as possible around the house.  We are trying to do one day of work and one day of fun over the summer so today was our day of work.  I flipped the boys clothes around so now all of their shorts are out.  I also found about 3 bags of stuff that doesn't fit them any more so we can pass it along.  We finished up the night was some snacks and TV and later than usual bed times for all of us.

Sunday (5/21) started as another lazy Sunday, which we are really getting used to.  Although Zak and Adrian were up very early and started playing, the rest of us slept in.  We went to church together for the second service and then came home to have lunch.  Our plan was to go see "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" but Zak didn't want to go, then AJ decided he didn't want to go if we couldn't all go as a family.  So we decided to have a stay home family fun day instead.  We played volleyball in the yard, played on the swings, played a bunch of board games and played video games.  We had our normal Sunday family dinner, finished up a few things left on our to do list and got to bed early to be ready for our last week of school!!
Monday (5/22) was the start of our last week of school!!  Everyone is ready for a little relaxation and not having a set schedule for a few weeks.  I dropped Zak and Daniel off at school and then headed in to AJ's class to attend the final quarterly assembly.  His teacher invited me and I assumed he was getting an award.  I was shocked to get there and find out that I got an award for "outstanding parent volunteer" for being in the classrooms this year.  AJ also earned all A's for the second quarter in a row.  We are very proud of him!
After our exciting morning, I picked Zak up from school and we came home to get ready for a busy night.  We got dinner ready, played a little and relaxed a little.  We walked to pick up AJ and Daniel and then I headed to the Y with AJ and Zak for my Zumba class.  My mother in law came in to take Daniel to baseball practice so Adrian could go golfing.  We headed up to the park after class and Zak met a friend from swimming lessons so he played with her while I watched practice.  We finished up at the park, came home and had a quick dinner and headed to bed to start all over again tomorrow!

Tuesday (5/23) We all got up and out to work and school on time.  I did a little grocery shopping after dropping everyone off before heading to teach my Silver Sneakers class in the morning.  Then I picked Zak up from school, grabbed a quick lunch with him and headed to meet our friends at Doran's farm for some strawberry picking.  We spent nearly an hour in the field and picked about 8 1/2 pounds of strawberries, plus ate about another pound!  It was a great day and Zak and I had so much fun!
When we got home we were both wiped out so we rested for a bit before walking to pick up AJ and Daniel from school.  AJ was excited to tell us about how much fun he had running his mini golf course at school all day!  We went home and hung out for a bit before having tacos for dinner and getting ready to head out to our last Cub Scout meeting of the year.  AJ and Daniel learned some self defense and Tai Kwan Do moves while the parents learned about day camp.  At the end of the meeting, the boys were missed last meeting got their awards.  Daniel got a bunch of belt loops and officially advanced to Bear for next year.

Wednesday (5/24) I got everyone off to school after a little struggle - we are all running out of steam!  Then I headed to my old gym to sub a Zumba class for a friend.  It was so fun to see old friends and dance with them!  Then my whole afternoon canceled.  I was supposed to have a meeting but the woman had the flu so we rescheduled.  And Zak and I were supposed to go to AJ's mini golf course but since it was raining it wasn't set up.  So Zak and I came home and relaxed, cooked dinner and played some video games before picking up the older boys and heading to the Y for class 2 of the day.  We finished there, ran home for a quick dinner and I took AJ and Daniel to their soccer class.  They did a great job tonight, very good listening and skill development.  Adrian and I finished up the night by staying up too late watching the Survivor finale.  What a great season!!  We really enjoyed seeing a lot of our favorites come back and play again.  And we are so happy that Sarah won!

Thursday (5/25) 2 more days!  We got up and out to school on time today and Daniel was super excited to get to wear pajamas and bring a stuffed animal with him to school today.  After I got everyone dropped off, I headed out to teach my Silver Sneakers class.  I picked Zak up and we played for a little, then I decided to get ready for the evening because we had a busy night planned.  I was waiting until the last minute to see if the rain would cancel Daniel's baseball game but it seemed like the weather would be fine so I planned as if we'd play.  We walked to pick up AJ and Daniel and then I got ready to leave for my Zumba class.  Adrian got the boys ready and headed to the baseball field.  When I got there after my class it started to rain so I decided to leave with AJ and Daniel while Adrian and Daniel and his team waited out the rain.  But after about 30 minutes of waiting, they decided to cancel the game so we'll have to have a make up later in the season.  We tried for an early bedtime but everyone was very excited about the last day of school tomorrow!

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