Friday, May 19, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 5/12 - 5/18)

Friday (5/12) Finally, we made it to Friday!  The past week has been a bear and we were all dragging this morning.  But we managed to get up and out on time for school and Adrian headed to a doctor's appointment.  I dropped everyone off, ran two quick errands and then headed home to get a few things done before heading to Zak's school for Mom's Day.  He has been so excited all week for this day!  He gave me a flower when I arrived and then we headed to the gym for some circus fun.  We did hurdles, threw balls thru rings of fire, balanced on the tightrope, played tennis with balloons, took some pictures and had a great time!  Then we sat down to enjoy muffins and the kids gave us our Mother's Day gifts.  We finished up with a special graduation type ceremony since his teacher is moving and today is her last day of teaching.  They still have two weeks left of school but will have a substitute those two weeks.  It was a special and fun morning!

 After our busy morning, we decided to relax in the afternoon and just do a few things around the house.  Before I knew it, it was time to pick up the other boys and head to the Y for my Barre class.  I had some familiar faces in class and we got a great workout!  Then we came home for a quick dinner of pasta before Adrian and I headed out for a date night.  We went to see the "Total Package Tour" with Boys II Men, Paula Abdul & New Kids on the Block.  We had a fun time reliving our youth and listening to some of our favorite songs by each group.  NKOTB really put on a great show, we enjoyed it a lot!  After the show, a long walk back to our car and some horrible traffic, we got home very late and after a quick snack were quickly asleep to get ready for a busy Saturday.

Saturday (5/13) started way earlier than I wanted it to after such a late night.  Daniel had a nightmare and woke me at 5am.  Thankfully I got him settled down and we slept for about 3 more hours.  Then we hit the ground running!  The day started with Adrian going out to golf with some of his friends so I was on my own with the boys.  We headed out to Zak's soccer class where he did awesome!  Then we rushed back near our house to a birthday party for one of Daniel's classmate's.  Thankfully we were all invited so we enjoyed a perfect afternoon at the park with Daniel's friends.  We played, ate hotdogs, cake and candy and celebrated Maggie turning 8.
After the party, we went home to change clothes and get ready for the second half of the day.  Thankfully Adrian finished golfing and met us there.  I took Daniel to his baseball team pictures while Adrian hung out at home with Zak and AJ.  On the way home, we stopped to get half price Frappacinos for me and Adrian - we needed the sugar to keep going!  We also got Jets pizza for dinner to celebrate Adrian's birthday and Mother's Day.  After our delicious dinner Adrian took Daniel back to the baseball field for his game under the lights.  I took AJ and Zak to buy donuts for breakfast tomorrow and the red light was on!  So we enjoyed our free, hot donuts and watching the machine make the donuts.
Daniel got home late from his game but he had a huge smile on his face when he got home.  He finally got a hit in the game!!  He has been working so hard to figure out how to hit in the coach pitch league, it's been a long two seasons for him not being able to hit.  His coach was also super proud of him and gave him the game ball.  Oh and his team won the game so they are still undefeated!

Sunday (5/14) Happy Mother's Day!  I got to start the day by sleeping in, which was nice because I was SO tired!  Then I woke up to flowers, cards and Starbucks coffee waiting for me.  We had our donuts for breakfast and then headed out to church together where I got another rose.  I worked in childcare and Adrian went to the service.  Then we ran home and had a quick lunch of leftover Jets pizza before heading out to the boys' last swim lesson for this session.  They all did a pretty good job in class and are now excited for a two week break before we start our summer sessions.

After swim lessons, we headed to Menchie's for an afternoon treat.  They currently have Oreo yogurt and it's SO good!  I think all five of us got it - some just the cookie and some the blend of cookie and cream.  Then we headed home for some family time.  The boys gave me their presents for Mothers Day - a 3D card that Daniel made, bath salts that AJ made, Sushi Go Party board game, a new laundry basket, new workout capri pants and a new chair for baseball/camping.  They really spoiled me this year!!
After presents, Daniel begged to go for a walk and since it was so nice out it was impossible to say no.  So we walked as a family for about 30 minutes, mostly thru the new development that they are building behind the boys' school.  Then we came home and played some board games including Bang! The Dice Game, Forbidden Island and Yeti in my Spaghetti.  We finished up with a BBQ for dinner, video chat with my parents and some more time in our yard enjoying the beautiful weather.  It was a great Mother's Day and I'm very thankful to my guys for making it so special.

Monday (5/15) was a rough morning.  I woke up not feeling well and Adrian's back was really bothering him.  We both decided to call off of work for the day and spend the day recuperating.  I got the boys back and forth from school and that's about all I did.  I slept, read and watched reruns of Beverly Hills 90210.  Adrian did the same.  We're both feeling better now, hoping an early bedtime will help us both be back up and running tomorrow.

Tuesday (5/16) After another rough night of sleep, this morning was horrible trying to get up and out to school.  Zak came in to our room around 2:30am and I could not fall back asleep after that.  Plus it's really hot today so that makes me feel even more tired.  Anyway, I got everyone to school on time and ran a few errands before teaching my Silver Sneakers class.  I got back to pick up Zak and while I was in line, the school called to tell me that AJ wasn't feeling well and I needed to come pick him up.  He had severe ear pain so I tried to call our doctor immediately and they were at lunch.  Since AJ was in so much pain, I decided to take us to Urgent Care but neither of the ones that are close by were opened.  So I decided to just go home and let him rest until I could call the pediatrician back.

When I finally talked to someone, they told me to bring him in immediately.  They checked him out and he has an ear infection.  The doctor was a little concerned since he wasn't sick or anything.  He's afraid it might be swimmer's ear.  We have amoxicillin for now and if that doesn't help, I have drops for swimmer's ear.  We dropped off the prescription and got home in time to pick up Daniel from school.  The rest of the day AJ, Zak and I just relaxed and watched TV.  Daniel had baseball practice so Adrian went there with him.  We all had an early bedtime again tonight.  I'm hoping for rest for everyone and that AJ is able to go back to school tomorrow.

Wednesday (5/17) was another rough morning after another rough night.  AJ had some ear pain but he finally fell asleep.  I decided I was going to let him sleep in and either miss school or go in late.  He slept until almost 10am!  He must have needed the rest!  He decided he didn't want to go in late which was fine with me so he stayed home and hung out with me all day.  I got Zak and Daniel to school on time and then came home and did a bunch of stuff around the house.  AJ and Zak played most of the afternoon which was awesome for me.  I also finally got my new dishwasher installed!  We bought it a few weeks ago and we were going to install it ourselves but we just never had the time.  It was well worth the cost to have Lowe's come and do it, they were done in 20 minutes & also hauled away our old one.  I'm so excited to do dishes!!

Adrian came home from work early so I walked alone to pick up Daniel from school.  It's always nice to have some one on one time with each kid and I was able to do that today.  When we got home, he stayed with Adrian to get ready for his baseball game while I headed to the Y with the other two boys to teach my Zumba class.  It was really hot and really hard since I'm still not 100%, but we all survived!  We came home and the boys played video games while I loaded my new dishwasher.  Daniel's team won again at baseball although he wasn't able to get a hit this time.  He did make a few plays in the field.  We finished up the night by video chatting with Pop Pop (my dad) for his birthday and some snacks and TV. 

Thursday (5/18) I finally got a full night of sleep and in my own bed!  I got everyone up and out for school on time and ran to Meijer before heading to my Silver Sneakers class.  After class, I ran to Aldi to finish up my grocery shopping for the week and then picked Zak up from school.  Since it was rainy, we came home and set up camp on the couch.  The weather cleared and we were able to walk to pick up AJ and Daniel.  We came home and realized for the first time in a long time, we had nothing to do tonight!  We watched some TV, played outside, had dinner together and got to bed early.  It was a nice relaxing night!!

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