Friday, February 3, 2017

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 1/27 - 2/2)

Friday (1/27) started very early with AJ up at 3am getting sick.  He thankfully fell back asleep quickly and slept until nearly 10am and woke up feeling slightly better.  I got up and got Daniel and Zak out to school and then came home and worked around the house.  Zak had an ice cream sundae party at school today that they earned for having excellent behavior for their subs while the teacher was out of town for 3 days.  He said it was a lot of fun to eat ice cream at school.  Daniel came home with a folder for AJ including some homework to catch up since he missed the day and his award certificate for A/B Honor Roll for the second quarter of school.
The day was a fairly lazy one since AJ was sick and we are always tired on Fridays after our long weeks.  Adrian left work a little early so I could go and teach my barre class at the Y.  One of my friends came to class so we hung out and chatted for a bit after class.  The rest of the night was spent relaxing, watching TV and playing video games.

Saturday (1/28) we were up and moving early for a busy day.  AJ and Adrian headed out to their basketball scrimmage first.  AJ played pretty well, he's starting to get the hang of basketball.  When they came home, I headed out to register AJ and Adrian for a Boy Scout camping trip in a few weeks.  That took considerably longer than I thought it would and I had to race home to be there in time for Adrian and Daniel to head out to their team's basketball scrimmage.  Daniel did really well and almost made a basket.  He was really excited about how he played!  I played Life with AJ and Zak while they were gone.  Finally I headed up to the church to volunteer to run the concession stand for basketball for the last scrimmages of the day.

After all of that all morning and afternoon we were all pretty exhausted.  We decided to order dinner from Piada for the adults and let the kids pick what they wanted.  After we cleaned up from dinner, we had a family board game night.  We played two games of Zingo (Daniel & I each won one), had a Fast Track tournament (AJ won) and played Forbidden Dessert (we lost).  It was pretty late when we were done so we put the kids to bed and Adrian and I watched a few comedies while enjoying some wine before bed.

Sunday (1/29) was not a very exciting day, it was a work day to finish some stuff up and get ready for the week.  We went to church and stayed for the planning lunch and meeting.  Then did stuff around the house while the boys played.  February is a very busy month for us so we tried to get some plans together for that.  We are supposed to get snow tonight and we are all crossing our fingers for a snow day.
Monday (1/30) started with none of us wanting to get up and moving.  I was really wishing we could blow off our whole day and stay in bed.  But I did the responsible thing and got up and moving and got everyone to school.  I went and took an awesome barre class and then did some grocery shopping.  Then I picked up Zak, we had a quick lunch at home and then ran to pick up AJ and Daniel.  AJ had his every 3 month med check so we ran to the pediatrician.  He said everyone looks great and we should keep doing what we're doing.  No problem!

When we finished at the doctor's office, we went home and played for a while.  The boys have been practicing Fast Track for our next family tournament.  So they did that while I prepped dinner and got ready to teach my Zumba class.  Then we went to the Y, did AJ's weekly run for Boy Scouts and I taught my class.  We came home, enjoyed an awesome dinner of homemade Thai food and then I ran to a PTO meeting.  I left early so Adrian could go to the church to play basketball.  Such a busy day!!

Tuesday (1/31) started slow again because Zak was up overnight complaining he didn't feel well.  I let him sleep in but got the other two boys up and out to school.  Adrian was really tired as well so he decided to work from home so I was able to go to barre class and then get some more shopping done.  I went to the dollar store to find some treats for the goody bags and found out they carry my favorite potato chips, yay!!
We spent the afternoon working around the house and waiting for the plumber to come and fix our pipe outside.  Unfortunately he wasn't able to fix it and will have to come back over the weekend to do more work...which will of course cost us more money.  Sometimes being a homeowner stinks!  After that we had a quick dinner, I taught my Zumba class and Adrian took the boys to AJ's Brain Balance appointment.  Zak has been fine all day so I'm hopeful we'll sleep all night tonight and then go back to our normal routine tomorrow.

Wednesday (2/1) we got a much better start, thanks to a full night of sleep for all of us.  Everyone got off to work and school and I came home to wait for our freezer that was finally supposed to be delivered...until they called to tell me they are still on back order and I won't be receiving my freezer until the end of February.  I'm so annoyed with Best Buy over this whole ordeal!!  And I won't be ordering from them ever again!

I salvaged my morning by doing a ton of things around the house and then picking up Zak from school and heading over to the new Red Robin for a free lunch.  They are training their staff and needed some people to be customers so I gladly signed us up for that.  The food was great as always and Zak and I had a fun afternoon together.  Before we knew it, it was time to pick up the other boys and head to the Y for my Zumba class.  Then we ran over to soccer where both Zak and Daniel did excellent in class!  We finished up with our normal Wednesday dinner of pasta, some TV and relaxing and then bed time for all of us!
Thursday (2/2) we got out very early and got everyone to school on time.  I was especially excited because I started teaching a new class that morning so I wanted to be there very early.  The class went great, everyone seemed to like it.  Now the true test is if they all come back on Tuesday.  After school, Zak and I played a game of Forbidden Island (which we won!) and then got dinner ready for everyone.  We picked the other boys up and got ready for our busy night of basketball practice for everyone and Brain Balance for AJ.  Daniel got in the car and said he had something bad happen at school today. When I asked what happened, he told me he got a paper cut. He was acting like he nearly lost his finger.  He said he wasn't sure if he could play basketball tonight, but he made it thru practice, as did his finger.
While AJ was at Brain Balance, I had his fourth progress conference with the director.  He has made some big jumps in the past few months and I really noticed how much he has developed since we started.  Some areas he was a 1 or 2 and is now a 9 or 10 (should be 10-12).  It's amazing how much this program has helped him and us.  We still have about 18 sessions left but since we miss a bunch for other things we'll probably be there until the end of April/beginning of May.  Then we'll evaluate if he will graduate or do another 3 months.  The one area he is struggling in is his gate and aerobic activity.  She gave us some ideas to help with that so we'll be adding those on to our home exercises.

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