Saturday, February 18, 2017

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 2/10 - 2/16) - Part 1

Friday (2/10) Happy 8th Birthday Daniel!!  We all headed off to school where Daniel got to wear a birthday hat all day.  He celebrated with treats from his two other classmates who had birthdays today.  They brought Oreos and donuts.  He had a great day at school and wanted to wear his hat to the Y while he was there for my class so everyone knew it was his birthday.
Unfortunately the night took an upsetting turn when AJ wasn't feeling well and we had to cancel our plans with Carl & his family.  Daniel was so upset that he couldn't see his cousin Isabelle on his birthday.  But after some tears, we worked it out and ended up having a fun family night.  We had Jets pizza for dinner, Oreo ice cream cake for dessert, opened presents, video chatted with my parents & watched his favorite video game.  All in all not a bad night even if it wasn't what we had planned.


Saturday (2/11) started with AJ still not feeling well.  He had to miss his Cub Scout camping trip and is instead spending the day on the couch watching TV and resting.  I'm hoping he can shake this pretty quickly!  Since Adrian didn't go camping either, he headed out to help coach AJ's basketball team this morning even though AJ wasn't playing.  Their team won and the snack person sent a snack home for AJ which was nice.  Then he came back and picked up Daniel to take him to his basketball game.  Their team won as well and Daniel got his first basket!!

After the games, I headed out with Daniel and Zachary to celebrate Isabelle's 5th birthday party at the trampoline park.  The boys had a blast running and jumping all over the place.  They especially liked running up the walls and then sliding down.  We also all enjoyed cake and pizza.  Isabelle had a great time and loved all of her presents.  It was a fun afternoon!

 We ended the day with some TV and video games at home.  Daniel and Zak started on their Valentines for their classmates.  And poor AJ stayed on the couch and dozed on and off all night.  I'm hoping he feels better in the morning.

Sunday (2/12) started rough for AJ and I.  We both were not feeling well, he still had a fever, coughing and vomiting and I had a horrible sinus headache and drainage.  We spent most of the day on the couch watching TV and trying to recover.  I also tried to get as much done around the house as I could handle.  Adrian took Daniel to see "The Lego Batman Movie" which was one of his requests for his birthday weekend.  We all wanted to go together but AJ and I just couldn't do it today.  We'll go again as a family next weekend.  They said the movie was awesome!  Finally Daniel went to his friend Xander's birthday party.  He enjoyed roller skating a little but loved talking with his friends that were there.  Zak spent the day mostly hanging with me and AJ on the couch.  He enjoyed watching video games but I think he got bored as the day went on.  I'm sure he'll be excited to go to school tomorrow to get out of the house.
This week was super busy again so I split the week into two parts.  Check back tomorrow for part two of our recap!!

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