Sunday, January 29, 2017

Keeping Up With...Food (Meal Plan for Jan 30 - Feb 5)

After the few tweaks I made last week to our menu plan, things ran smoother this week I think.  The one thing I forgot to factor in when I made last week's meal plan was what the boys wanted to eat.  They are used to having pasta on Weds nights after a very long day of school, YMCA & soccer.  So I switched that in last week and bumped a meal from last week to this week.  I also was exhausted on Saturday after a busier than expected day so we picked up dinner.  I'm hoping to stick with my plan this week!

This week kicks off our month-long birthday craziness.  Two of the boys have birthdays in February, plus we have the Superbowl, Valentine's Day, my niece's birthday and two (at least) of their friends have birthdays.  Plus there are days off, probably a snow day or two and our normal crazy schedule.  I will be updating my monthly goals later this week, but I am giving myself lots of grace this month and very light goals so I can enjoy it all and not stress out.

Here's what we're eating this week:
Monday - Thai Chicken Thighs with Brussels Sprouts Gratin
Tuesday - Italian Wedding Soup and Spinach & Artichoke Stuffed Potatoes
Wednesday - Pasta
Thursday - Lemon and Herb Chicken Helper with LOTS of veggies - maybe I will actually make it this week, LOL!
Friday - Leftovers for the guys & I'm going out to eat with a friend
Saturday - Zak's birthday party!!  We're having pizza and cake there.
Sunday - Superbowl Sunday!!  We'll be having meatball subs

Water Flavor - Orange Mint (again because I have enough to do it another week and it was really good!)

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