Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Keeping Up With...Fitness Goals (Jan Recap & Feb Goals)

As I mentioned in my family goals update, this month flew by in a blink.  While I did pretty well with my family goals, these fitness goals didn't fair quite as well.  I have noticed a few trends though and am hoping to correct them either this month or next.  The biggest problem is that I derail myself every weekend.  I don't work out and I don't eat right.  So I basically undo all the good I did all week.  While I would like to change this pattern in February, it's a super busy month with lots of special days of eating so I'm not sure that will happen.  It will be a top priority for March.

The other thing I am having to adjust to with these fitness goals is the change in my exercises.  I have done so much Zumba for so long and that burns a lot of calories in an hour.  So I have gotten used to eating certain things everyday.  Now some days I do an hour of Barre class instead of Zumba and that burns half the calories.  So I ended up over my calorie goal more times than I thought I would this month.  Again, I will need to adjust for this by either exercising more or changing how I'm eating.  

Here are my specific goals for Jan and how I did: 
1.  Join Pure Barre for the month and attend a minimum of 3 classes per week (13 classes for the month) - I actually did 11 classes in the month which is not bad but obviously lower than my goal.  I had a few changes to my schedule (sick kids, interview, new classes that I'm teaching) that caused me to miss some classes.  And then I didn't get to any classes on the weekends.  Those two things combined accounted for me not hitting this goal.
2.  Do my baseline measurements and lose 1 inch from my body (any area & can be combined) - I did my baseline measurements on 1/3/17 and then measured again on 2/1/17.  I lost 1/4 inch on each arm & 1 full inch on my hips.  YAY!
3.  Do my baseline weigh in and lose 2 pounds per week (8 pounds for the month) - I did my baseline weight on 1/3/17, weighed in each Wednesday with the final weigh in on 2/1/17 and I lost 5 pounds this month.  Again, the weekends were my problem.  I know what I have to change to do better.  On a positive note, as Adrian pointed out if I do this each month, I'll lose 60 pounds this year, which I will take!!
4.  Learn 1 new Zumba song each week to bring to my classes (4 songs for the month) - I learned two new songs:  "24K Magic" and "Besito e Caramelo" and relearned/altered a few oldies "Party Time", "El Amor", "Nadie Como Tu", "Cha Cha" and "Portunal."  My classes have been new and fresh each week so I'm calling this one a win.
5.  Log my meals for 6 days each week and be under my daily calorie goal (24 days for the month) - I logged my meals on 18 days this month and was either under or within 100 calories each of those days.  I missed every weekend and a few other days here and there.  It wasn't a great month.  But again, if I missed that much and still lost weight and inches there is a lot of room for improvement!

Here are my goals for Feb:
1.  Maintain my weight for the month (0 pounds gained)
2.  Maintain my inches for the month (0 inches gained)
3.  Go to one barre class each week to continue to improve my skills (4 classes for the month)
4.  Learn 2 new Zumba songs to add to my classes (2 songs for the month)
5.  Switch up one circuit for my barre connect class each week (4 new circuits)

My goals are pretty low for February as I will be focused on celebrating all of the February holidays this month with my family.  I am hoping for a great month!!

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