Sunday, February 19, 2017

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 2/10 - 2/16) - Part 2

This week was super busy again so I split the week into two parts.  If you missed the first half of the week, click here to read what we did over the weekend.

Monday (2/13) AJ and I still weren't feeling 100% so we stayed home while everyone else went to school and work.  He mostly rested on the couch watching TV while I bounced from resting to trying to do a few things around the house.  It was nice to have him home in the afternoon to play with Zak.  They played some board games (usually my job) and some Minecraft while I showered and rested up for my Zumba class.  Thankfully Adrian was able to come home early so I didn't have to take the kids with me.  We finished up the night with more relaxing and TV and Adrian went to basketball practice.  Not an eventful day, hoping to feel better tomorrow!

Tuesday (2/14) Happy Valentine's Day!!  AJ and I were feeling a little better so we decided to give our morning plans a try.  He went to school and I went to teach a class, thankfully a Silver Sneakers class.  As soon as I walked out of the class, I got a call from the school asking me to come pick up AJ, he wasn't feeling well.  He missed his class party, although his teacher sent a goodie bag home with some snacks and his Valentines from his class.

Zak and Daniel were able to enjoy their parties with their class.  Zak played games, did crafts, ate snacks and exchanged cards with his friends.  He had fun and his favorite part was making a sand art craft.  He thought it was so fun to mix all of the different colors of sand together to make his cross.  Daniel had a great time at his party as well.  They decorated (and ate) cookies, made a craft, had some snacks and exchanged cards.  He was so excited when I picked him up and even though I was sad to miss the party, I'm glad I got pictures from my friend and his teacher.
Since AJ wasn't feeling well, we decided to skip Boy Scouts tonight.  I did go teach my Zumba class which was probably a mistake because I felt horrible after it.  But I survived and even did a quick trip to Aldi after class since I haven't had much time to go to the grocery store with AJ being home sick.  We finished our night with some ice cream cake and Charlie Brown's Valentine's special.

Wednesday (2/15) AJ was feeling better again so we tried school again.  I was volunteering in their classrooms this morning so I told him if he didn't feel good, he could leave with me at any time.  He thankfully made it through the day and seems to be on the mend!  I got to work with the students in Daniel's class on counting change, they are all doing very well with it.  And then I went to work on the math books in AJ's classroom.  His class is reading a new book and his teacher suggested I check it out too so I'm on the waiting list for it at the library.

After volunteering in the school I went to pick up Zak from school.  We came home and rested because I was not feeling well still.  Then we went to pick up the older boys and headed to the Y for my Zumba class.  I struggled thru but I made it.  Then we hurried down the street for soccer for Daniel and Zachary.  Both boys are doing excellent, Zak even played all of the games this week (even the one he normally sits out).  We got their recommendations for next session and both boys will be moving up to the next level.  Yay!  We finished the night with our traditional pasta Wednesday meal and some TV time together.

Thursday (2/16) started with chaos when I got the call that AJ and Daniel were on a two hour delay because their school had no power.  Thankfully Adrian was working from home for the day and he was able to stay with all of them.  The problem was my van was at the dealer for some work so he couldn't get them to school on time since I would be at work.  We decided I would just do my stuff and then drop them off even later.

I headed out to Zak's parent teacher conference.  His teacher had great things to stay him academically.  He's really grown since the year started and is improving in all areas.  He is struggling though with social skills and expressing himself.  This is not new territory for us since we've heard this about all 3 boys.  I'm a little surprised to hear this about Zak though since he is very social when he's with me.  We're going to keep a close eye on him for now and hope he finds his groove with school in the next year.

While I was at the conference, I got the call that power could not be restored to the school so there was no school today.  While I have been wanting a day off, this just felt like the wrong day to have off and kind of threw us into chaos.  But we made the best of it!  I went and taught my Silver Sneakers class while Adrian worked from home.  I made a quick trip to Meijer, he went to the dentist & we picked up our van from the dealer in the afternoon.  We had pizza for dinner in boxes decorated by AJ and Daniel, such a fun fundraiser for their school!

After all of that, we did our normal busy Thursday night routine.  AJ and Adrian headed to basketball practice while I hung out with Daniel and Zak.  Then I dropped Daniel off for basketball and picked AJ up to take him to Brain Balance.  Zak enjoyed building some really cool things at Brain Balance while I chatted with the other moms.  I hurt my back somehow in all of this so I tried to rest as well.  It was a long and crazy day and I'm hoping for a normal day tomorrow, even though there is no school for anyone!

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