Sunday, February 12, 2017

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 2/3 - 2/9) - Part 2

This was a very busy week for us so I split it into two parts.  Click here for the first part of our week.

Monday (2/6) morning came very early after the late night of football and a rough night of sleep since Adrian is not feeling well.  I managed to get everyone up and moving and we got to school on time.  AJ needed to do a service project for Cub Scouts so he helped me deliver some donated food from our church to his school.  It was eye opening for him to hear that there are kids in his school that might not have enough money to eat.

After I dropped everyone off, I headed to out to run errands to get ready for the week.  I went to Dollar Tree, Aldi, Target, Meijer and Giant Eagle to finish food shopping, birthday prep, camping prep and gift shopping.  I also gassed up with my fuel perks to be ready for all of the running around.  Then I picked up Zak and came home to deal with the plumbers working on our pipe out front.  They finally got it replaced after hours of work.  The tree in the front yard really did a number on the pipe!

I picked AJ and Daniel up from school and got a sub for my Zumba class because I was still dealing with the plumbers and both Zak and Adrian weren't feeling 100% so I felt it best to stay home.  Adrian ended up getting stuck at work pretty late so it was nice not to have the extra stress of teaching a class tonight.  I took the boys to Menchie's to celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day with some buy one, get one free yogurts.  They were so excited since it's their favorite place to go.  A very full day and it felt like I was all over the place.  I hope we all sleep well tonight!!
Tuesday (2/7) sort of felt like the calm between the storms (birthdays).  Although we did wake up with some sickness - both Zak and Adrian weren't feeling well so they stayed home.  I took AJ and Daniel to school and also dropped off Daniel's birthday treats for his class.  Since there are two other students in his class with the same birthday, we decided to celebrate his birthday early.  He was very excited to celebrate with his class!
While they were at school I went and taught my new strength and balance for seniors class.  It went really well, I had more people than last Thursday so that's awesome!  Then I came home and hung out with a bored Zak.  We played some Mario on the WiiU, watched some TV and played with cars.  Then we picked up the other boys, all headed to the chiropractor for adjustments and then I went to teach my Zumba class.  We finished up the night with a Brain Balance appointment for AJ.

Wednesday (2/8)  Happy 5th Birthday Zak!!  We got a late start tonight, no one wanted to get up and moving.  I wish we could have taken a "mental health" day but it wasn't in the cards this week.  So we all got up and out to school.  Zak brought ice cream cups for his class to celebrate his birthday.  His class is also celebrating their 100th day of school this year!!  It's a big party for them today!
We did blow off soccer tonight so we could celebrate earlier and longer.  We had gnocchi for dinner at Zak's request and then he finally got to open his presents.  He got Yo Kai medals and plush guys like he asked for, some pants, a new jacket, a new towel and Bunchems alive.  Plus Adrian and I bought a giant set of magnetic blocks for him and Daniel for their birthdays.  They are SO happy to finally have some to play with at home.  They are obsessed with playing with them everywhere we go.  We also bought them bases so they can make cars with the blocks too.
We finished up the night with Oreo ice cream cake, again at Zak's request.  And then we watched our brand new cable TV.  After 18 months of unplugging from cable, we got frustrated with the other options and also got a deal from DirectTV that would be the same as we were paying for internet and PlayStation Vue.  So we made the switch again.  I hope I like it better than the last time we were customers!


Thursday (2/9) we all got up and out the door to school and work and were on the early side for once.  I went and taught my new Silver Sneakers class and it went really well.  I had less people but it was snowing out so I'm assuming that less people made the trip.  After that I picked up Zak and we went to Target to buy a birthday gift for his friend and spend some of his birthday money.  He bought a new game (Hungry Caterpillar Silly Slides) and a Minecraft diamond pick axe that turns into a diamond sword.
After shopping we came home to have lunch and enjoy watching our new cable TV.  It's a novelty to have it now but we are enjoying it!  We picked up the other boys from school and got ready for our night activities.  Adrian headed to basketball practice for AJ's team, we let AJ take the night off from practice.  Then Daniel and Adrian headed to their basketball practice while I took AJ to Brain Balance.  I dropped him off there and Zak and I went to visit my friend Joy where I also bought some new LulaRoe.  I think I finally figured them out and bought a cute outfit of leggings and a matching shirt.

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