Thursday, January 1, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (Santa Prep)

Our lead up to Christmas this year was really awesome!  I think the boys are at the perfect ages (7, 5 and 2) for the whole Santa thing.  They were excited to find Doctor Donkey everyday, enjoyed writing letters to and seeing Santa and everyone did pictures with him without tears.

Who is Doctor Donkey?  Well, he's our Elf on a Shelf of course!  We started doing the Elf a few years ago and they boys really enjoy it (and honestly so do I).  Our Elf doesn't do a lot of crazy antics, but he did get a little creative this year.  Every morning, the first thing Daniel would ask was "Did someone find Dr. Donkey?"  Then he would run downstairs and find him.  Zak got into it most days as well.  And AJ really enjoyed it when Dr. Donkey would leave a note for him to read to his brothers...and he also really enjoyed the treats.

I mostly did the Elf by myself this season because Adrian was working a ridiculous amount of overtime.  I had fun thinking of places to put him and a lot nights I wrote a note.  I typed it up so the boys wouldn't recognize my handwriting.  Some days he would leave a treat (left over Halloween candy - I want it out of my house!)  The boys loved that the Elf knew what they were doing each day.  The last few days before Christmas they got different crafts (TMNT ornament supplies and rice krispy snowmen), a new decoration for the lawn (inflatable Santa) and the supplies to make white fudge Oreos.

Daniel also talked to Dr. Donkey a lot during the month he was here.  He would tell him about things going on at school (more than I get sometimes!), where we were going when we were leaving and even suggested a few places for him to hide the next morning (and he always ended up there!)  It was SO cute to see Daniel be so into it this year.  He also told everyone who came to our house about how Dr. Donkey toilet papered our tree one day.
His arrival
On a decoration, the boys thought this was hysterical
He toilet papered our tree!!
Stay out of my wine!!
Goodbye Dr Donkey - see you next year!
In addition to the elf, we did a bunch of Santa themed things as well.  We went to Snowflake Castle, had breakfast with him and the boys school and wrote and mailed letters to him.  The boys were thrilled to get letters back from Santa, each one was different.  They also got videos from Santa using the Portable North Pole website.  I was a little disappointed in those this year, they really scaled back on what you get for free.  I may skip that next year.
Mailing our Santa letters
Our responses from Santa
All in all our Christmas prep while frantic at times was really a fun month.  We did everything we planned to do, and I even got to do a few extra things.  I really hope AJ still believes next year, it will be fun to have at least one more year with all 3 boys believing.  And I love that we got pictures with Santa and no one is crying!!

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