Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (Back to the Grind)

After a pretty great winter break from school, we are trying to get back into our routine now for the second half of the year.  The boys had an extended break because of the snow but did have a full week last week.  And now they have another short week because of Martin Luther King Day today.  We'll find our groove again soon...just in time for Feb birthdays and President's Day weekend.

AJ is halfway thru the second grade and doing great!  He is at or above grade level for everything.  He is making a ton of progress with his speech therapy as well.  After school he is still playing in the local ice hockey league and is loving it.  He has practice twice each week and a game each weekend.  He has learned a ton and is improving each week.  In addition to hockey he is also still taking swimming lessons.  He's doing pretty well but is still a little scared in the water.  I'm hoping he'll be over it by the summer.  We plan to spend lots of time in the pool.

Daniel is halfway thru kindergarten and is also doing great!  He is just starting on reading and I'm so impressed with how quickly he's picking it up.  His favorite subject is Math (no surprise!) and he's really social with all of his class mates.  After school he is taking a break from his activities, he said it was very tiring doing them and school.  He is still taking swim lessons each week and I try to get him to the pool once in a while.  He also has weekly play dates with two different friends, he prefers that to organized sports.  He did say he wants to go back to bowling this summer, as does AJ.

Zachary is having a great time hanging out with me all day!  He loves going shopping and most of the time he is very helpful.  He is also loving the childcare at the two gyms I go to.  He's made some friends and both places have a ton of blocks so he spends his time building things and knocking them down.  He is also taking swimming lessons with Dad once a week and has started taking ice skating lessons with me once a week.  He keeps asking when he can play hockey like AJ.  I told him he has to skate without me holding him up first!  We are getting ready to enroll him in preschool for next year.

So between all of that, work for me and Adrian, a few fun activities and upcoming birthdays, we are very busy right now!  I thought things would slow down after the holidays but that is not what has happened.  I love staying busy though so I wouldn't change it!

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