Saturday, January 10, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (Winter Break)

The boys had around 2 weeks off for winter break from all of their activities.  Their last day of school was the Friday before Christmas & things didn't start again until AJ had hockey on Sunday, Jan 4.  It was glorious not to "have to" be anywhere, especially in the mornings.  We had a great time, although I was ready for the schedule to return shortly after the NYE ball dropped.  I love having them home, but I think we all got a little stir crazy.

The first week of break flew by between Christmas and the fact that my parents were here the whole week.  While my parents were here we didn't do a ton of stuff, just really focused on spending time together.  We all got together at Carl's house to make sausage, which was fun to make and eat.  We ate a lot of good food including homemade pizza, turkey and a ton of desserts!!  It was a wonderful time!!
AJ making sausage
Daniel making sausage
Finished product
We had planned to go to the zoo for their Christmas lights, but the weather never cooperated with our schedule.  So instead, we headed downtown to see their Christmas stuff.  We went to library to see the train display.  We checked out the life-size nativity that one of the insurance companies sets up every year.  And we drove by the Commons and Scioto Mile to see their light displays, we couldn't stop because it was already raining.
Beautiful train display
Zak and Nana checking out the fish
Aunt Sarah reading to Daniel & Isabelle
The boys at the Nativity

After my parents left, we spent the second week just hanging out as a family of four since Adrian worked over 60 hours that week.  We had some errands to run and returns to make from Christmas.  The boys also had some money to spend from Christmas, they bought new Skylanders and traps for their new game.  We again hoped to get to the zoo, but between Adrian's schedule and the weather it didn't happen.  We also spent some time going thru old toys and organizing where we wanted to put our new ones.

The boys got one extra day of winter break when we woke up to 3 inches of snow on Tuesday morning.  They closed all the local schools and the gym that I was supposed to teach at that morning cancelled their classes as well so we stayed home all day.  Zak was supposed to start ice skating lessons that night, but Adrian got stuck at work so we had to miss that.  The boys went back to school on Wednesday then got another snow day on Thursday for extreme temperatures.  It really feels like all of last week was winter break too, LOL.

I really enjoyed being lazy and hanging with the boys and spending so much time with them.  I felt recharged after break and I'm ready for our schedules to pick back up for the next season!!  More on what we've got going on next week.

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