Sunday, February 9, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Parties Part 1)

Wow, we are in a 2 week long stretch of parties over here!  It's nice to break up the snow & cold with something different.

The parties started this week with me spending the day at AJ's school and making popcorn for the hallway that won our Box Tops contest for November & December.  That was a lot of work, but it was kind of nice for me to be at the school all day & have adult conversations with my PTO friends and some of the teachers.

Then Friday both boys had parties at school.  Daniel's class has been working very hard to have good behavior and stay on green.  They finally filled up their behavior jar and earned an ice cream party.  Daniel was super excited to have chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles for snack!  He also had the letter K for show & tell & he brought a bag of kisses which he shared with all his class mates.

AJ & Daniel ready for school on Friday

Friday was also AJ's 100th day of school for the year!  They celebrated by doing a lot of different activities with the number 100.  The did a lot of counting, writing and playing around the number.  They also made hats to wear.  And each student in his class had homework to bring in 100 small items.  AJ chose to bring in 100 "MNMs"

The parties continued this weekend as we celebrated our 2 February birthdays!  Zak turned 2 on the 8th & Daniel turns 5 on the 10th.  We had a party with our friends & family at Kingdom of Bounce & everyone had a really good time.  The kids enjoyed playing in all the bounce houses while the parents actually had some time to talk to each other.  And then we all enjoyed pizza, snacks & cake.  We would have also enjoyed fruit salad but Adrian & I left that at home so now we're going to be enjoying that all week!
The Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor, Gorilla Grod cake that Daniel requested
The party crew!

The Birthday Boys!!

Sunday was another day full of partying.  AJ was invited to his best friend's birthday party at Rule 3.  He had to go by himself because of our schedule & he did a really great job.  He got to eat more pizza and cake and then he was able to go play video games with his friends from school.  He said he had a great time & the parents said he was super well behaved.

When we all got home from that, we finished up the weekend by celebrating Zak & Daniel together again.  Since tomorrow will be busy with our normal schedule, we did gifts today.  We also had their gifts from my brother in FL and my parents.  We ate some leftover pizza and cake from yesterday and played with all the new toys.
The boys' big gift - a train table!
I'm worn out from all this partying...and dealing with the children being stuck in sugar shock!  We have another full week of parties coming up so stay tuned for another update next weekend!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Zachary Christopher!

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