Thursday, February 13, 2014

Keeping Up with...Workouts (2/5 - 2/11 and Barre Class Review)

Back in November I saw a Living Social deal for Barre classes at Judy Dollenmayer Studio in Gahanna.  I have heard a lot of great things about Barre classes & was excited to check it out.  The deal was for unlimited classes for a month.  My plan was to do it for the month of Dec, but that timing didn't work out for us as a family so I waited until Jan.

Their website defines their "Barre Approach" classes as:
The Barre Approach is a fitness method guaranteed to work.  The workout includes cardio, full body toning, and stretching, while utilizing the ballet barre and staying in your fat burning zone. You will see your body transform
The Barre Approach can be modified to any fitness level.  Because of the non-impact approach, the workout is excellent for individuals with past injuries, and even effective for mothers to be.  The Barre Approach will protect your joints, while toning and lengthening your muscles.
Light weights & a ball - that plus a barre is all you need for class!

The first class I went to I liked, but wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be.  It was basically the same as the Total Body Conditioning (TBC) classes I take at my current gym, with half the exercises using the ballet bar.  I figured I'd keep going though since I already had paid for the month.

The second class I loved!  And every class after that I have loved!  There are 5 different teachers there and as like many other group fitness classes a lot depends on the instructor.  I have now taken classes with all 5 & love 4 of them.  They do a great workout and I always leave sweaty & sore.

So how would I describe a barre class?  It is very similar to a TBC class, only more concentrated.  It's a 45 minute class, so you basically have 3 15 minute segments.  You do about 1 minute of cardio, then 14 minutes of strength.  The first 15 minutes you do arms, the second legs and the third abs/core.  The exercises are strength exercises with a ballet touch.  My favorite work is the barre work, probably because it's all new to me.  I especially like the push variations, the leg sequence with the ball & all the ab work on the barre.  I am definitely stronger from taking these classes!

I met the owner last week & she said I was welcome to keep coming month to month on the same price I paid for the deal so I've been mulling that over.  I decided not to continue right now since we are very busy with the boys & all of these classes are in the evening.  The studio did give me an extra week on my existing deal since so many classes have been cancelled because of the bad weather so I get to go to classes one more week.  They are going to run the deal again soon on Living Social & I will buy it again and use it over the summer when the boys' schedule isn't so busy.  I will miss it, but am thankful I got to try it & will get to do it again.

My week was pretty low key because I spent most of the time sick or celebrating birthdays.  Here's how it looked:
Wednesday, 2/5 thru Sunday, 2/9 - rested to get over the horrible cold I had
Monday, 2/10 - Taught a 50 minute Zumba class, rode the bike for 20 minutes
Tuesday, 2/11 - Took a 45 minute Barre class

Weigh in:
2/5 weight - 214
2/12 weight - 213
Change - down 1 lb

Again, I'm not sure what happened here.  Last week I did everything right and I gained a pound.  This week I did everything wrong and I lost a pound.  I guess that's weight loss.  I'm happy I maintained thru the past 2 weeks, that was the goal with the all the birthdays we had going on.

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