Monday, February 17, 2014

Keeping Up With...Food (Menu Plan 2/17 - 2/23)

So my menu this week looks very similar to last week's because in my Dayquill haze sick state, I forgot a few things when I menu planned last week.  First, I got a half price deal for meals for a company called Hello Fresh.  They deliver meals to your door with everything you need to cook the meals.  We got a box with 3 meals, with tons of fresh veggies & meat so we had to put those on the menu immediately.

Our box from Hello Fresh had Mahi Mahi, Balsamic Beef & Chicken Paillard.  We have made 2 of the 3 and they were both really good.  We're making the chicken tonight.  I think this is a great concept, especially if you are super busy but still want to eat fresh, healthy, good food.  For us, it was very expensive.  I can buy similar ingredients for much less.  With the half price deal it was worth it, and I would do it again with a deal like that.

Balsamic Beef & Broccoli over Polenta
I also ended up working a lot more than we were expecting, including Valentine's Day so our plans changed.  I worked early & we decided that I would pick up dinner & then we'd watch a movie.  So that bumped more meals to this week.  And we had my niece's birthday party on Saturday.  For some reason, I planned a meal that night, even though I knew my brother would have awesome food.  He did so we ate there...and came home with some leftovers.

This week the menu is all about using up the veggies I bought for last week before they go bad.  Gotta love that kind of menu planning!  At least I think with this plan we'll use everything before it goes bad.  Here's what we're eating:

Monday, 2/17 - Chicken Paillard from Hello Fresh
Tuesday, 2/18 - Spaghetti Pie - will sub out spaghetti squash for the pasta & cook on Weds so I can just heat it up
Wednesday, 2/19 - BBQ Chicken Pizza (Relish Recipe)
Thursday, 2/20 - Lentil & Greens Soup & Grilled Cheese (Relish Recipe)
Friday, 2/21 - Shrimp & Salad (Relish Recipe)
Saturday, 2/22 - Sausage Beans & Greens Soup - hoping to cook this Friday, but we'll see how it goes
Sunday, 2/23 - Saucy Asian Meatballs over cauliflower "rice"

I'm linking up with Laura at Mommy, Run Fast & Jill at Fitness, Health and Happiness.  Go check them out for some more yummy recipes!

What's on your menu this week?
Anyone else racing to use veggies before they go bad?


  1. I love the convenience of home delivery meals! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I've never ordered food but mostly because I assume it's ridiculously expensive. I should keep an eye out for those coupons, that would be really convenient!

    1. Laura, I was thinking they would be great for postpartum meals. Super easy & convenient to have everything delivered to your door.