Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Parties Part 3)

We have been in a super long stretch of parties over here.  You can read part 1 and part 2 if you want to catch up.

So I left off with Friday, Valentine's Day.  Daniel had his party at school that day.  All the kids made a bag for their cards, Daniel made his look like an owl.  They all exchanged cards, played games and had cupcakes & snacks.  Daniel also made some home made cards, one for the family, one for me and one for Dad.  He also made one for his friend Brady in his class.  He had a fun morning!
Friday night Adrian & I had plans to go out since we actually had a babysitter.  Then I was offered the chance to sub a Zumba class & we decided to do that & have a stay home date night instead.  Our night got kind of messed up when it started snowing at 4:00pm and totally messed up traffic.  Plus Zak had been up most of the night before so I was exhausted.  We got 5 Guys for dinner & were going to watch "We're the Millers" but I fell asleep.  So romantic.  :-)  We did finally watch the movie Saturday night.
Daniel's Valentines

Saturday was a busy, fun filled day!  I had a race (recap tomorrow), Zak had soccer and AJ and Daniel wanted to go to the Olympic event at The Chiller.  Adrian took Zak and I took the big boys.  We had a ton of fun making flags, torches and doing 2 ice skating challenges.  All 3 of us earned medals for completing all the events.  The Chiller did a great job with this event!  AJ tried hockey skates for the first time and did really well.  He will be using them again for the next 2 weeks in class and then we will decide if he's ready for hockey classes or needs one more session of skating.
Ice Skating Selfie
Our medals!  I had 2, one from ice skating & one from my race
We reconvened at home and warmed up a little before heading out to our next party...celebrating Isabelle's second birthday!  We went over to Carl & Sarah's and the boys played while the adults caught up.  We ate yummy food, delicious cake and had a great time.  Isabelle had fun playing with all her cousins.  Great way to celebrate a special Princess' Birthday!
Happy Birthday Isabelle!!
Sunday was spent recovering and trying to get the house back in order.  Thankfully it was also President's Day on Monday so we had an extra day to rest & recover.  That is the end of our super busy 2 week stretch, but things don't slow down that much.  We have more parties on the horizon and lots of other fun things planned, so stay tuned!

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